Saudi Arabia's new developmental projects

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uniquely dreadful
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Some of the projects currently under development

King Abdullah Financial District


Hail University


The Al Rajhi Tower

King Abdullah Stadium


Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) headquarters


King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

i have to agree, that first pic looks like something out of the jetsons. Im not sure if its just the photo or not but it looks like the whole district is floating in the air
Why does it look like the architects/designers are smoking crack?

Probably they are!:D

But its cool. I really liked what they did with Jeddah and I cannot wait to see how all these turn out!

The al Jawaraha in Jeddah


The TV tower in Jeddah


And the proposed Mile Tower also in Jeddah

Its a seaport so they want tall buildings
Very nice designs but are those buildings environmentally green and using solar power or other types of clean energy?
It's Saudi Arabia! Oil is nearly free. what do you think?

Not free. They pay almost one riyal a gallon.:p

But they are involved in research in alternate energy and nuclear energy ;)

Secretary Bodman also toured the King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology, which is the home of nuclear and alternative energy research for Saudi Arabia.

They'll probably turn completely to nuclear energy in a year or two

How Soon Will Saudi Arabia Turn to Nuclear Energy?
These buildings gonna burn pretty when the revolution comes...
Damn near appalling...all of it.

Architecture has become a competition to see who can most efficiently express the malaise of modernity.

Neurosis steel and stone.
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