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I am an adult with ADHD(attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). I take an anti-depressant and Ritalin(methlphenidate) to help alleviate the symptoms. I find it very effective and it helps me a great deal. It surprises me that there is such a heated debate concerning its effectiveness. There are more than a few people(laypeople and medical proffesionals) who adamantly claim that ADHD is a bogus disorder that Novartis(Ritalin makers) simply created the disorder to create a market for their drug. This is simply not true. I know because I suffer from the disorder(although there are SOME positive aspects to having it). If anyone can provide some opinions and personal insight on the pros and cons, please feel free. I would appreciate it. It is almost a smack in the face to have someone tell you that Ritalin is scam when you suffer from ADHD and Ritalin helps improve the quality of your life and your ability to interact with people in a more normal fashion. Ritalin does have a high potential for abuse among those who do not have ADHD or narcolepsy. But I don't think that is a good reason to berate those who have a legitimate medical need for the drug. Anyway this is a free thought forum and I welcome any input regardless of whether or not one agrees with me or not.
PS. Novartis may indeed be trying to pressure doctors to prescibe Ritalin and practice some unsound ethical procedures, but that is their problem and does not in itself make ADHD an illegitimate disorder.
where i come from, ritilin is looked down upon quite a bit, for the reason that teachers in my area... most of the district... and from what i understand this habit is quite widespread...when they cannot handle a student in their class.. they diagnose them with ADHD or ADD.. put them on meds.. and then blame it on that, so they dont have to deal with them. where i am from, thats how it works... i was told by my teachers i had ADD all my childhood, but ive never been diagnosed, never been put on meds. and really dont understand what the problem was. the only thing i ever did was not pay attention.. i was usually reading, or day dreaming, and instead of them keeping on me about it, they found it easie to just say... you have a problem.. get it fixed.. now i do know that ritalin for some people does work.. i do know ppl who take it, and for good reason... but i also believe that ADHD and ADD are both very commonly over diagnosed.......
As long as the chemical works on you, that is great. The problem is that certain disorders are little understood and hence do not have a real cure (99% effective). Take the example of Asthma. I have a friend who had it for 25 years and used normal inhalers and medicines. He got cured two years ago with some type of Reiki procedure. So, was it real or psychosomatic. You be the judge...