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I really like what I have seen so far at Sciforums. Really good posts on occassion. Some of the posts are awesome. I also like the tee shirt, coffee mug ideas, ect.. too. I'm gonna get one real soon!

This is a wild collection of people that you have here. I've been a member on many other discussion forums, but they are nothing compared to this collection of mis-fitted, ill mannered, and generally crazy group of party animals that are at Sciforums. I mean that in a good way, because the best ideas always come from the very same people that you have here. They are wild and I love it!

<b>What I want to suggest is a <i>Sciforums competition.</i></b>
I see that there are many different forums and that alot of the different members tend to post in specific areas that they are particularly interested in, or feel comfortable with.

So what if a contest were to be held on a quarterly basis (every 3 months) so as to award a Sciforums prize to the best poster?

It would seem that the best way to judge such a competition would be to have the moderators to <b>choose</b> the best posts in their respective forums, during each three month period (quarter). These (moderators) would submit their choices in an email to the administrator. <b>(Note: Moderators cannot be contestants).</b>

From this, the Administrator could review these few selected posts and announce a winner. This would seem appropriate, since it is the Administrator who set up the various forums initially. By that, I mean to say that the administrator has a good background in the various forums, since he is the one who decided which one's to put on his discussion forum to begin with.

<b>Awarding of a prize</b>
Email (or PM) from the Administrator to Sciforums Winner. Winner could supply necessary mailing information, and (or) postage if necessary.

Personally, I would like to have a <i>Sciforums coffee mug</i> ;)

I think that such a competition would have a very positive effect.

<font size="2">Thanks porfiry, for being the host of a truly great discussion forum, which is Unparalleled by all others. I'm sure that all the members at Sciforums will agree with this statement that I have made and they ought to post on this thread and say so!:mad: (You probably already know that the members are grateful, but it wouldn't hurt to hear it from them, on occassion)</font size>
Welcome to Sciforums

Hello Riddler,

And again, welcome. I'm volunteering to be your first reply so here goes:

If you look at the thread headed Life, Free Thoughts, there is a thread started by Shrike headed "Sciforums is so cool". I think all the enthusiasm for this forum has been mentioned there.

As for the competition idea, I'm not sure about that. I like this forum for the exchange of ideas, the wit, the opinions and the information that can be viewed or asked at any time. Others may not agree with me but I don't think I would like to be judged on what I say; replies are forthcoming very soon after whether they think I'm right or wrong and that's cool because everyone is different. I have my good days and bad days and the people here accept both (well, I hope they do). What would be considered the "best" post would be subjective and, I imagine, very hard to judge.

I don't want to dampen your enthusiasm, because as I said, others might think it's a great idea. This is just my opinion.

Keep on writing; that's the way we get to know you.
Keep smiling,
I don't think we should turn this in competiton.

Being a moderator I think it should just stay as a non-competitve, fairly anonmous way of expressing any idea.

This site gives me the release and freedom to say things that I couldn't say in everyday life, because of the density of most people and the restraints on free expresion. Especailly being young, which has its disadvantages.

P.S. Welcome Riddler, on behalf of all the staff.
I would add my thoughts here also. I have been thinking on this and I believe that to turn the forums into a contest would ruin the easy exchange of ideas that flow here. I also believe that in the long run it would change the tone of Sciforums. Honestly I could care less about a prize.

I like that new and old members alike are welcome to come into a discussion. That the new are treated the same as the old with no stigma for being new. In most places they are not going to talk to you till you have proven yourself and sometimes not then. Further I like that Porfiry has good sense and an easy hand if you will. By that I mean that he is fairly forgiving. If you show that you are not a disruption, as in the flamers that have shown from time to time, he pretty much lets things go. About the only other thing you hear from him is in misplaced posts. Not all forums are so lucky. I would tell you that for one I appreciate this quality in him. It is one of the reasons that everyone can come together and say what they would like. As one last note, Porfiry is a student and as such has to spend time doing his studies to make the grade and pass his classes, that takes time and money. I am always amazed that he has the time and money to keep this site up. My respects to him for the above mentioned items. What I am getting to is that I do not think we who enjoy these forums should load him down and interfer with the obtaining of that education which will be more important throughout his life and career.

I would make the last thought one of welcome to the Riddler.
I would tend to agree with Teri2, thecurly1 and wet1 (...what's with all the #s? :)).


P.S. I agree with everyone else.
What peaceful forums we have.
Everybody agrees with one another...
Oh, peace, man...
Be happy at sci forums Mr. Riddler...
Talk about being surprised ...

Searching for something using Google and came up with a Sciforums thread that had one of my posts!

How long has this been going on?

Google is finally indexing some of sciforums. Unfortunately, the index is far from complete. But it'll at least help bring people in to the site. I think they've been doing this for a month or so.

Can some one please explain to me what a google is?
I don't have a clue.
Tell me please.
Thank you
Google is a search engine that you use to find things on the Internet. Without a search engine, you will find that the internet is a fantastically large place that is hard to find your way around in.

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But I never use search engines on the Internet.
I found the Sci Forums also by accident.
Most of the sites I have under 'favorites' I found myself, by coincidence...
I do not believe in coincidence, so that is another thread I think.
Thank you for telling me what google is...
just a question-but how many search engines is sciforums listed under? I know of a website that would add 'us' on to almost every site out there, called addme.com. I'm not sure if it still works but I tried it before and it's free. Too bad the website I put up sucked.

Anyway I always kind've thought of sciforums as a toned-down contest. I'm always trying to think of a post that'll get a lot of people's attention and get people involved. And yes, bowser, I know quality not quantity, but sciforums doesn't need an OFFICIAL contest. By the way, r u guys still selling the coffee mugs and t-shirts and stuff? I have the moolah, if you have the, er, um, address. Yeah.
just a question-but how many search engines is sciforums listed under?

I'm not sure (probably most). I don't think anyone uses anything but Google these days for serious research. None of the others fairly represent sites and their content.

Anyway I always kind've thought of sciforums as a toned-down contest. I'm always trying to think of a post that'll get a lot of people's attention and get people involved.

That's excellent. :)

By the way, r u guys still selling the coffee mugs and t-shirts and stuff? I have the moolah, if you have the, er, um, address. Yeah.

What a nice site.
All things from the Sci forums, very nice.
And do you sell a lot of these things?
Just wondering.

How long does the Sci forums exist then.
Guess I can look for it...
Tell me, that is more easy..
I am so lazy today, it is the Sunday, lazy day.
And do you sell a lot of these things?
Just wondering.

No, not really :)

How long does the Sci forums exist then.

sciforums.com as been around since March or April (can't remember exactly). However, sciforums is the successor to a previous board (for the exosci.com science site -- now defunct) that dates back 2 or 3 years.
Thank you for answering my questions.
I am glad I found Sci forums.
Just on my own, I really walked into it.
Thank you for this forum, I like it a lot.
I hope it will be here for a long time.
It is nice to write here, you can always say what is on your mind.
And people from all over the world are coming here...
You did a great job Porfiry.
Keep the Sci forums up, it is good...

And no, forum-people I am not a slime, I just say it as it is...
So, shut up!