Retrocausality in action

When I started reading and posting to these forums, there was some discussion about this 2014 discovery:

from which this is excerpted:

"The new work shows that how much you can learn about the wave versus the particle behaviour of a system is constrained in exactly the same <as if> the more precisely you know the position of an atom, the less precisely you can know the speed with which it's moving. It's a limit on the fundamental knowability of nature, not a statement on measurement skill."

To this determination I would also add that because we also cannot know whether a particle in question, inside of an atom or otherwise, is entangled with another particle somewhere (ANYwhere) else, that this is the wavelike part of a pair that is capable of an instantaneous transfer of entanglement state as soon as something about it is measured. So in a way, the uncertainty principle AND wave-particle duality are both supportive of the hidden variable in Bell's theorem.

Atomic structure implies the Higgs mechanism is going on continuously in atomic structure. The coupling to provide inertia is different for different subatomic particles, but in all cases is much more likely, due to the energies involved, to be a confounding factor in the simultaneous measurement of velocity and position than any interactions involving photons. Electrons, quarks, electroweak bosons, neutrinos, and their antiparticles don't have inertia without the Higgs mechanism, and if they have no inertia, their wavefunction collapses the same as if they were no longer moving. This would destroy atomic structure along with all of the forces that are holding it together. Since this doesn't happen just because of a measurement... draw your own conclusion.

There is power in understanding what inertia is. If something is predicted effect, it doesn't go away just because a theoretician is gullible enough to believe, there is no concrete or fundamental basis for reality operating at the quantum scale.

Either something provides inertia as predicted or it doesn't. There are theoreticians who originally treated the neutrino with the same level of disbelief as the Higgs mechanism has in some circles today, yet thanks to the persistence of those few experimentalists who did, we now understand with some precision how old our Sun is. This could not happen if neutrinos did not exist to the extent that they can be physically counted by various means.

The EPR paradox, which holds that wave function may not provide a complete description of physical reality would be correct. The hidden variable would be an entanglement state of the wave function with its entangled twin, which could literally be anywhere local or far removed, and for that matter, could even be in a bound or an unbound energy state. The only place in the universe where that behavior would be excluded would be for an entangled particle pair to reside both inside and outside of the event horizon of a black hole.

Some of the gravitational wave energy that is radiated into space when a pair of black holes merge is undoubtedly quantum entanglement energy. This idea is highly speculative, but the reason I think it may be true is that there is no other prediction I know of which closely matches the total acoustic energy output of the detected chirp masses so far. It would also be the only form of energy that was even marginally fast enough to escape the merging of the two event horizons, even in small measure. Until the first ones were detected, no one knew they would be so feeble or hard to detect.
My assertion in the previous post that the only place in the universe where quantum entanglement would be excluded would be for an entangled particle pair to reside both inside and outside of the event horizon of a black hole is based on the idea that anything falling into the event horizon of a black hole from the outside is red shifted until the wave function for the particle completely collapses. After that event, no entanglement with another particle or wave function on the inside of the black hole is possible.