RealityCheck: moderators are trolling and treating me unfairly

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by Quantum Quack, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

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  3. prometheus viva voce! Registered Senior Member

    This forum and the way it is run has not turned realitycheck into an attacker - he was like that before he registered here (he was previously banned from another forum for exactly this behaviour by his own admission). The problem he is having with the physics and maths forum stems from his belief that everyone's opinion is equally valid. Maybe that is true in some places, but it is certainly not the case in physics and hard science in general. For example, the opinions of a person who has never really studied physics since leaving school, has spent time and money publishing a book that he couldn't get published in any physics journals, and has continually shown he does not understand the simplest aspects of GR cannot be given the same weight as someone's who has studied physics and maths at university level for 5+ years, and now works in physics research (there are a number of people who meet this criteria in the membership here).

    Of course, prior achievements really mean nothing here so take a look at what people have said. AN, pryzk, ben the man, rpenner and others have shown in their postings that they are thoughtful, intelligent and well informed in many aspects of science and physics in particular. Look at the posts of farsight on the other hand and you will see vague, vacuous and downright incorrect statements about incredibly simple physics. I'm not going to apologise for pointing this out.

    Crackpots will always complain about being told they are wrong. If they can't keep up with the science then this type of outrage us usually next on the list.
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  5. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    I do not disagree with you nor am I privy to the details as you have stated, however if the posts were handled in an unemotional and somewhat arbitary manner by the mods with the request for reinstatement justification [ that the post obeys the forum rules] then the likely hood of flaming the poster in to becoming a forum terrorist will diminsh IMO.
    The whole point that I am attempting to make is to recommend a way in which posters maintain their dignity even if deluded and are requested to comply with the rules.
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  7. prometheus viva voce! Registered Senior Member

    I don't see how realitychecks most recent thread could have been dealt with any differently. RC posted the OP and then in every one of his subsequent posts complained about various people trolling, which then instigated people pointing out that realitycheck was trolling and evading which of course led to the total breakdown of the thread. At no point did I get emotional about it, and I seriously doubt that AN did either. We both have pretty busy lives - for my part I am busy with work and preparing to move house in a few weeks so any activity on an internet forum is really not that high up my priority list I'm sorry to say...
  8. RealityCheck Banned Banned

    How self-serving can a supposed scientist get?

    What "admission"?

    The only 'admission' was pointing out that the usual Troll-Mod combination tactic for closing threads and banning people is what happened over there as well as over here. That straight now?

    The only 'admission' was that the problem lay with just exactly what YOU have just done with that post of yours which is biased and self-serving rationalization and characterization according to YOUR totally personally-motivated face-saving attempt at blaming the injured party and making all sorts of 'generalizations' and 'associations' aimed at 'framing' while avoiding actually facing the truth of the facts HERE.

    Face it, prom, you are HUMAN and so come with all the human foibles and proclivities for ego and power-hunger over others at any cost. Resist it. You are supposed to be a MODERATOR and SCIENTIST not a common run-of-the-mill self-deluding and fact-twisting 'personal politics' exponent of the lowest order.

    Everyone, please take with a grain of salt anything these self-serving so-called moderators are telling you about me. They are 'incestuously inter-connected' in a 'clique' who act in concert with their troll sockpuppets and 'friends' to 'personalize' and avoid the scientific questions put by me.

    They CLOSE THREADS using the mods-trolls combination tactics which you have witnessed for yourselves more than once already....and then they have the gall to blame me and cast me as the bad guy.

    How self-serving can they get?

    prometheus, I have lost all respect for you as a scientist, moderator and human being. You are self-seving and do not have regard and respect for the facts of the matter concerned. Else you would not have posted such mendacious and twisted version of what is what in this matter.

    I was right to question your and other mods' genuineness and impartiality. You have demonstrated with your behaviour and self-serving 'versions' exactly the point I was making about untrustworthy moderation on the internet forums. It seems to be a disease which afflicts humans when they get a whiff of mod-power over their victims. No self-restraint at all. Just raw abuse of tin-pot tyrant power at its most shameful for a supposed scientist and science site.

    Any wonder and surprise why we are all having this discussion? No. If the mods were actually impartial and fair, they would fix THEIR PROBLEMS before blaming their victims of gross dereliction of both mod and scientific exemplified by your and other mod recent ineptitude in dealing with those trolls who are the problem....and without whom you would have no 'excuse' to victimize me by closing threads etc which YOU and they conspired to derail and get closed. Obviously for all to see.

    Mate, look to your own motives and failings before twisting and contorting self-servingly to point the finger at the victim.

    What are the odds you will do this? We live in hope!

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Everyone: Don't fall for the lie promulgated by the 'incestuous circle' of troll-mod combinations to snow you. They are human and have faults which are all too obvious by now. They lie and twist things to excuse their own faults and blame the victim as a distraction from the need to correct their own behaviour and faults.

    Believe nothing they say unless you have actually got all the facts and not just their 'version' of them.


    The very fact that you DON'T see that you could have handled it differently is quite telling of either your motives or your incompetent/presumptious way of 'doing moderation'.

    I more than once piinted out the troll INTENT and TACTIC but YOU just took the 'excuse' to close the thread and blame ME instead of getting rid of the trolls/spoilers and their posts.

    How pathetic is your admission that you didn't see any other way than what you did there!

    The mod-troll combination is evident to all now. You have nowhere to hide and make pathetic excuses for YOUR dereliction of duty.

    Perhaps if you and AN had LESS 'busy' lives you would have MORE TIME to take GREATER CARE over your mod duties/actions?

    Obviously if you weren't TOO BUSY to take all the facts into evidence, and so perforce merely skim through with BIASED and PRECONCEIVED views, you would NOTICE the pattern of troll-mod tactics which get a thread closed by manipulating you and the system because YOU DON'T HAVE the time to spare to do a PROPER MOD JOB instead of a slapdash and destructive 'PUT UP JOB' which satisfies YOUR purposes but does nothing but damage to the science and the site and the posters who are the victims of tyour dereliction of duty BECAUSE YOU ARE TOO BUSY to do the mod job properly and fairly. BY YOUR OWN ADMISSION ABOVE, hey?

    Mate, if you don't have the time to spend doing something PROPERLY and with due diligence, then DON'T PUT YOURSELF FORWARD as if you are doing it properly. You are not doing it properly because you don't have the time and inclination to do it properly. You just effectively admitted that above. So you just kneejerk and bias FOR trolls AGAINST genuine posters/discussion threads. Hence the closure instead of doing your job properly and getting rid of the trolls who are the problem in the first instance.

    Do your job properly or give up the position which you are 'too busy' to give proper attention and fairness of mind to doing. Not an unreasonable view is it?

    None of this would have arisen here or elsewhere if the mod-troll combination tactic for closing threads and banning questions/people was not RIFE at certain internet forums supposedly standing for science and fair discourse. It is YOU and your kind of mod-troll combined actions which create the problems, not me. If you had left the thread alone and just got rid of the troll posts (in one case YOUR OWN 'intimidatory' attempts to prevent free response to my OP as stated), then we wouldn't be having this conversation and we wouldn't need to see your pathetic attempt at blaming and framing the victim while you let the real trolls get away scot free with manipulating you into closing the thread (as usual) instead of triggering you to do your job properly and fairly. Good luck with that in the future, mate!

    Last edited: Jul 29, 2012
  9. rpenner Fully Wired Valued Senior Member

    That would be the common reading of the following exchange from less than 17 hours ago:
  10. RealityCheck Banned Banned


    And that folks, is a perfect example of how a 'mod' reads WITH BIAS instead of fairly.

    I simply corrected what others mendaciously put as their version.

    The PROPER and fair 'common reading' of ALL the context is:

    I was banned at ONLY ONE site (not 'sites' plural as AlexG claimed falsely); and that it was ONLY BECAUSE of the SAME troll-mod combination tactics used here as well to close threads and ban people.

    There was no admission' that it had anything to do with my actions being at fault; it was the statement that the mod-troll combination tactic used by the very same person now professing to present a 'common reading' which is BIASED BY HIS OWN 'reading' in order to convey the opposite of what is actually said.

    How is that for a biased 'presentation/interpretation' by a supposed 'mod' standard of behaviour/reading by rpenner?

    Just makes my point even stronger WHEN MODS GO BAD.

    And so the mod types become the trolls and liars etc. Perfect.

    Thanks for demonstrating your own grievous fault there, rpenner!

    You surpassed yourself in making my case for me!

    Well folks, that should just about put paid to any further pretense to fair dealing/reading by certain mods here and elsewhere.

    I repeat: How self-serving can they get in their attempts to save face while lamely denying their own faults in all this? Where is the duty to truth; sense of stewardship of the facts; care and fostering of fairness and ethical treatment of all irrespective of 'personality'? Once these unconscionable types get a whiff of 'power', it goes to their heads and they themselves become the monsters whom they previously professed to deplore. Human foibles are alive and well on the internet forums, folks. And failed mods and their pathetic troll mates are not immune.


    I wonder if rpenner is also going to claim a 'too busy life' as an excuse for not doing the job properly with the care and attention it deserves and not just the 'hit-and-run' ill-informed part-time stabs at 'doing moderation'? That seems to be the excuse of the moment for mods not doing their jobs fairly and properly while blaming their victims and everyone else but themselves!


  11. Gustav Banned Banned


    rc is not the one trolling
    his "behavior" protests the trolling

    do you really want to go down this road again? To head off a long and messy thread where farsight shows repeatedly that he doesn't understand GR, here is version 1. (link)

    what is that?
    prom promises to hijack the thread?

    you physics goons cannot save your shit covered faces thru a ridiculous and transparent escalation of commitment
    best slink away
  12. prometheus viva voce! Registered Senior Member

    Actually, I was attempting to stop farsight hijacking the thread with his own brand of pseudoscience. My post was a single line pointing out the prior form farsight had. RC on the other hand went on to post 10 times after the OP complaining about trolling when no such trolling had happened.

    Since there really was no trolling before RC started whining about it, That behaviour is in itself trolling.
  13. Gustav Banned Banned

    farsight's repeat 2 countered by prom's version 2
    farsight's repeat 3 countered by prom's version 3
    farsight's repeat 4 countered by prom's version 4

    while digressions are part and parcel of the sciforums experience (an attractive one imo

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    ) one can protest the distraction
    your one liner was countered by one post. you aggravate with a reply to that post....

    Let me be completely clear - if you continue to behave like a spoilt child then I will close this thread and consider whether your behaviour is worth additional action.

    james r acknowledges.....

    I think you've got your point across, RealityCheck.

    do the same, prom
    no overt action is required
    silence would be tacit acknowledgment
  14. prometheus viva voce! Registered Senior Member

    Let me only say I think you are wrong and trolling.
  15. Mazulu Banned Banned

    I bet forum participation would improve if we treated each other with more respect. FQXI has disagreements, but people their respect each other. It is repulsive to see bloggers tear each other down. It is ugly to watch.
  16. RealityCheck Banned Banned

    Hi prometheus.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    I said I liked you, but, really.....

    I wanted to get as many UNINHIBITED ON-TOPIC responses as possible from anyone interested in responding to MY OP BEFORE the full discussion commenced. As I had indicated. Yes?

    You came into my thread uninvited and started to intimidate other posters who were/might be responding to MY OP. Yes?

    I do not take kindly to anyone (mod or member) telling ME what I will or will not HEAR from others on-topic regarding MY OP. OK?

    When I strongly pointed that out to you, you proceeded to TROLL and so encouraged other (usual suspect) trolls to come in and further spoil building on your initial spoil. OK?

    You were out of order. The trolls YOU so encouraged by your continuing trolls were also out of order.

    It was my own thread/OP. My telling you and other trolls off was not trolling. Only a biased member/mod could have 'read' it otherwise. OK?

    Are you a biased member/mod?

    See? Right there. You immediately pick on those whom YOU are biased against to accuse THEM of trolling, while you LET OFF those who WERE trolling (including yourself in MY thread!).

    Gustav was NOT trolling in that instance you responded to him about in your above quoted post. He merely and legitimately made his views known WITH SUPPORTING QUOTES from your own intimidation/troll posts.

    You can take the trouble to FALSELY accuse/attribute trolling on those who are NOT doing so, but you will EXCUSE yourself and your 'friends' when YOU/THEY ARE trolling and spoiling. Why is that, do you think? Can it be you are biased and/or not in possession of the facts.

    You admitted that you and AN had a busy life elsewhere and could not spare too much time for your duties here.

    Is that a basis for being so CERTAIN of your judgements and actions in any case where you haven't taken time and care to get the facts straight before going for the "troll/closure' trigger in total disregard for the damage your own actions would do to the genuine poster while you hand the TROLLS and SPOILERS yet another 'victory' for manipulation of mods/process?

    No matter how busy you are elsewhere, I suggest that if you don't have time or care properly for 'doing moderation', then you shouldn't be doing it. If it's not done properly it is WORSE than if it is not done at all.....simply because it SKEWS and DAMAGES rather than enlighten the discussion....and it ENCOURAGES OTHER TROLLS and spoilers to take advantage of your dereliction of duty because you are 'too busy' elsewhere to do a proper job and so will hand them a 'victory' every time because you favour them over the facts of the matter.

    Take a moment or two to examine your faults and unfair/biased actions in this. See that you contributed to the problems rather than 'handled' them in any proper manner at all.

    Next time take care to IDENTIFY and TAKE NOTE of who is, and who is not, doing the 'trolling', and just remove them and their disruptive/malicious posts from the thread. End of story. No drama.

    Then you would not have to be dragged into your own nightmare of your own badly executed duties because you are 'too busy' elsewhere.

    That is a suggestion made more than once, and by more than just myself. How about just getting on with the job of actually tackling and deleting the REAL TROLLS etc and not picking on those whom you just dislike for whatever reason? Just because your 'friends' may be the trolls doesn't make it any more right for them to troll and for you to let them get away with it while picking on those who are not your friends. NOT evenhanded moderating equals NOT good moderating. OK?

    And will you and the other mods please drop that 'whining' and 'whinger' label when talking of people who may have LEGITIMATE complaints about you or anything else which is contrary to good, free and fair debate in a supposed science forum? You sound like PREJUDICED people who SHOULD NOT BE MODS if you immediately characterize in such derogatory terms and labels those people/arguments which are 'inconvenient' to you personally. This is a science site, not a personal blog for schoolchildren to call each other names.

    Like I said before, I like you, prometheus.....but there is a limit to personal considerations when it comes to free and open science discourse and the reputation of that supposed science discourse site. There is not 'friend or foe' in science, just discoursers of ideas/science.

    Let's get the 'personal animosities' out of it. Else it will only encourage more 'personal retaliation' which always escalates to the point where everyone is the loser, free science discourse and ideas included. OK?

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!




    PS: See what I mean, prometheus/everyone?

    Last edited: Jul 30, 2012
  17. Gustav Banned Banned



    git yer noodle outta mah face, boy!
  18. AlphaNumeric Fully ionized Registered Senior Member

    Wow, where to start.

    Firstly, you have a problem with Prometheus, not everyone. As I've explained and which my mod action record will verify, I use my powers sparingly. I've let people like Farsight, Magneto, even you, slip by without giving warnings where I'm perfectly within my rights under the rules to do so. I even offered to allow you to restart a conversation. This "The mods are power mad!" thing is demonstrable hyperbola. Even if Prometheus were 'doing a Gaddafi' that wouldn't mean others are. None of us are claiming infallibility either. Furthermore I find it laughable that someone like yourself says "What about the stewardship of facts!" when this whole episode comes from the fact Prometheus pointed out Farsight's assertions were not fact but mistaken opinion. Besides, I don't hold anyone here to a standard I wouldn't hold myself to when it comes to scientific discussion. When I ask people to provide justification for their claims I do so because it's part of a healthy scientific discourse.

    There's no kind of 'oh I feel threatened' when someone disagrees with me. Personally I find a good 'intellectual hoe down' very enjoyable. Challenging people's ideas and having them challenge mine is part and parcel of my job. Coming up with a perfect counter to someone's challenge of your work is a nice feeling. No, that isn't "Shut your face you ****" but rather "Your criticism is mistaken because....". This is actually part of the reason I ask people to justify their claims, it is in the hopes some people here, including you, Farsight, Martillo etc, realise that vapid assertions and randomly making things up isn't making your case and it, quite frankly, is a waste of people's time to read. The back and fore Prometheus and Farsight had about space-time curvature is about as good a contribution Farsight has ever made to science, in that he managed to prompt an interesting discussion on the forum, even if he didn't provide anything but more assertions to counter. If Prom hadn't challenged him on it he'd have made a vapid and false assertion and others would have read it and perhaps thought "Sounds decent". More interesting and more correct discussion came about because someone challenged him. If Farsight could have retorted (or attempt to retort) something Prom said with more than "Because I say so" then he'd have produced even more interesting discussion. The least interesting 'debates' are when everyone agrees with one another. I say that for both a forum and science in general.

    You need to realise that neither you nor Farsight nor any other of a long list of ..... to be blunt, hacks, do not insight fear or make us question what we've done and what we're doing with our lives. If anything you make me damn glad I did put in the effort to learn something properly. A good back and fore, challenge-response discussion, is something more scientists relish because if you're confident in your knowledge and your results you can stand your ground and in places where you can't you learn something.

    Personally I don't want to wield absolute power on this forum. Why would I? What would it get me? Being able to close nonsense threads, move inappropriate ones and slap the occasional problem poster with a sanction is enough. I don't want to silence you or Farsight, I just want you to provide honest, informed discussion. You both are always banging on about people considering new things but you don't seem to practice what you preach. If you could just do that then there's be much less of an issue all round.

    Oh please! This 'job' is not something we get paid to do. Real world stuff comes first. I left the house this morning at 8am and I got back from work at 8pm, having spent 5 of those hours doing an interview for a potential employee. And although it's 10.40pm now I'm probably going to work another 2 hours and then I have to be in the office at 8am tomorrow for a conference call. It's August and my company just banned my team from taking any holidays for the whole month because we must finish the current project by the end of the month. If that involves weekends and evenings as the deadline approaches then so be it. And I do that because if I don't, instead spending time I might not have reading posts as they are made, then that aforementioned house isn't going to get its mortgage paid.

    Having the time to read through various threads and perhaps type posts like this one to explain pretty simple things to people like yourself is somewhat of a luxury at the moment. But fortunately I love my job and I'm damn ****ing good at it. Trying to make out that moderators having higher priority things in their lives than this forum just smacks of you being either out of touch with the real world or you're just being deliberately obtuse.

    And as for blaming others, once again you don't practice what you preach because you never seem to consider the common denominator in all of this is you. Did Prom or I get you banned from the other forum? No. Take some damn responsibility.
  19. RealityCheck Banned Banned


    Wow, "where to start" indeed.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Let's get things straight.

    My problem is not with the person, but with the JOB they are doing in certain instances. Get it?

    Whether paid or not, THERE IS NO EXCUSE for doing a job BADLY such that it actually makes things worse and is counter-productive to free and fair science discourse. Get it?

    The examples are THERE. You just do not pay attention because you are either biased or too busy elsewhere to actually get it straight before reaching for the close thread trigger and punishing the injured party instead of getting rid of the trolls which spoil and sabotage a thread just so you can reward them with the 'thread closed' action.

    And the proof that you DO NOT PAY ATTENTION (as any mod should do if they are even half-decent) is in that you failed to read where I clearly pointed out the INTERNET PATTERN of trolls and mods combining (wittingly or unwittingly) to spoil, frame and eventually ban a poster.

    That is what happened 'over there'. And that is what happened HERE more than once. Whether you or prometheus or any other member/mod contributed to that 'pattern' which led to my UNJUSTIFIABLE ban/suspension here or over there is for YOU to search your conscience about.

    I merely point out THE FACTS that you and prom HERE just 'closed thread' while IGNORING MY PLEAS for YOU or he or any other mod to act against the trolls and spoilers.

    BUT INSTEAD, what do you and prom do? You accuse ME of trolling my own thread and then close the thread and so REWARD those who WERE THE OBVIOUS TROLLS!

    How can you possibly excuse YOUR behaviour and dare to blame me THE VICTIM of such obvious internet PATTERN for victimizing and closing threads with the WITTING? or UNWITTING? COMPLICITY of the mods responsible who just PRESUME that their 'friends' are not the trolls and so I must be?

    Look to your self and prom in this instance. Don't try to shift the blame on the victim (again) of YOUR INCOMPETENCE and/or BIASED approach to 'doing moderation' PART TIME and perforce SLAP-DASHEDLY because you are 'too busy' and 'are not being paid' for it.

    In science there is NO EXCUSE for slap-dash and careless INattention to the facts while carrying on as if you are 'justified' when you are patently NOT SO when closing my thread because YOU and YOUR FRIENDS THE TROLLS just follow the pattern for victimizing and closing a thread irrespective of the facts/merits 'just because you don't have the time to get it right' or 'just because you are not being paid to do a proper job' etc etc.

    Prom tried to INTIMIDATE potential respondents to MY OP. He then TROLLED. He thus encouraged other trolls. You then come along with your 'part time unpaid' BIASED and 'no time' UNIFORMED attitudes and finger on the trigger. Thread closed!

    Get real AN, prom. Either PAY ATTENTION BEFORE MAKING SUCH DECISIONS or don't make such decisions at all. Get rid of the trolls/posts and all will be well and you won't have to hear from me about such things again. Just because the 'other place' was ALSO AFFECTED by the MOD-TROLL COMBINATION tactics/pattern highlighted here in this instance, does not make ME at fault, now does it? It just means I was the victim THERE as I was HERE. The bans were UNJUSTIFIABLE, and we all know it. It was the 'process' and the 'pattern' which was the problem. not the victim of it.

    When you finally look at your own competence and motives etc, you might realize that things aren't as you paint thm with your partial/biased information/attitudes and preconceived 'judgements' irrespective of the patent facts under your nose which I tried to pint out but got 'closed thread' as the lame response from supposed mods.

    Do your job properly or not at all. The excuses of 'too busy elswhere' and 'not paid' is NOT acceptable by VICTIMS of your disastrous 'hit-and-run' stabs at doing moderation which only CONTRIBUTE TO THE PROBLEM of the trolls and spoilers doing SABOTAGE to people, threads and the site itself.

    I repeat: I don't have 'personal problems' with either you or prom. I DO however have problems WITH YOUR INCOMPETENT and COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE slapdash actions as supposed 'mods' who should know when to do the job properly or stay out of it altogether. The last thing you should be doing is witting/unwittingly adding to the problem and encouraging the other trolls because they know you won't do your job properly and get rid of THEM who are the trolls!

    In short, AN/Prom: Get real or get out of the way. Take responsibility and stop making excuses and blaming others. Your 'half-baked' stabs at playing mod are disastrous, as patently highlighted here in this instance.

    I was suspended/banned because of such inept and perhaps conniving mod-troll combination tactics patent here. Whether you and/or prom were part of it is for you to look out for depending on what transpired in each case.

    That is enough of a response for you on that score I trust?

    Nothing personal. Just the facts in evidence. Still no hard feelings personally towards anyone, irrespective.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!


  20. quadraphonics Bloodthirsty Barbarian Valued Senior Member

    What in THE hell HAPPENED to THIS thread?
  21. prometheus viva voce! Registered Senior Member

    No it's not ok. When you posted your topic in a public forum you essentially have no rights whatsoever to dictate how people respond to it (unless it's in the formal debates forum). As a moderator, it actually is my job (a voluntary and largely thankless one as AN has said) to enforce the forum rules and in effect to govern what is permitted in threads in the forums in which I have mod privileges. I'm afraid you simply have to accept that you lose control of threads when you post on a public forum like this, and where you have agreed to a set of rules you must abide by. Every user including the mods have to accept this. If you don't like it then get a blog.

    I have been a little less restrained in my moderation than AN has, and that is probably because I'm not as patient as he is. I have made mistakes as a moderator and have subsequently apologised for my errors, but this is not one of those times. As I have said before, I think the way your thread was handled was about the only way it could have been under the circumstances. If you'd have actually waited for peoples responses like you claim you were doing, rather than posting 10 times telling people off in no uncertain terms then the thread would probably still be open.

    Also, I don't quite know why you are gunning for me. I didn't close the thread and I can hardly be accused of shutting down the discussion with farsight since the thread I linked to on the topic he was talking about is still open. Have you got sour grapes because I gave you a ban for reposting another thread that got closed or something?

    I'm not biased against gustav. I don't think I've ever responded to a post of his before now. Apparently you are the one who is biased because anyone that disagrees with you has opinions while anyone that agrees with you is in possession of the facts.
    If you think any actual science comes out of forums like this then I am afraid you are sorely mistaken. As AN said, it's a good place for scientists to flex the intellectual muscles, but I haven't seen a single example of new science coming out a forum collaboration (lots of minor but complicated questions have been asked and answered, and politely people with a keen interest in science, if not the talent steer well clear of those threads. If you have a problem with my moderation feel free to take it up with an admin or super mod. James R, Stryder and Tiassa are some that are online reasonably regularly. I'm not going to apologise because I wouldn't change the way this has been dealt with.
  22. RealityCheck Banned Banned

    Sometimes it is necessary to 'capitalize' things because it seems otherwise people who should be paying attention MISS THINGS which are under their noses if it is not MADE OBVIOUS to them.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Funnt though. I had a ggod laugh. Thanks, mate!

  23. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    Oh but there is and has been on a number of occasions. But new science itself is not allowed to be discussed properly here at sciforums in a way that is not adversarial, so those witmesses lurking in the background reap great benefit. [at sciforums cost]

    It is always amazing to me for example how you science guys can not even address a simple when t=0 duration what is distance question. You may wish to flame a thread like that to oblivion with calls to authority or the failure to know science, but the question still remain unsolved except by those who manage to take it to another foum and work with it as scientist should.
    you only have to research responses to any new idea topic in this forum and you can see a set pattern of action and it doesn't look good at all as for all intents and purposes it is made certain that no new science emmerges from this forum by the actions and atttemps at blocking discussion.
    Maybe I should try again in the physics forum?
    • What is energy?
    • If t = zero duration how can you justify distance as greater than zero?
    • Can we prove the existance of a photon other than by it's effect? [$500 usd reward was offered for 3 years - no takers]
    • Relative zero and the Lorentz transform "prior and subsequent"
    • Possible paradox discovered : "To avoid escape velocity [therefore acceleration] when velocity is steady away from a source of attraction what counter forces to the source of attraction are required?"

    What would happen if I posted these topics in the Physics and Math forum here at sciforums do you think?
    What would happen if I posted them at another forum that had an actual interest in doing science?
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