Psychosis ~What is it?

I know you are here.

There are no easy ways out of the kind of situation that you are in. At some point you have to take charge of your life. I can't give you what you need online and probably not in person. You have to reach out and take it.
Gee wiz...
I don't know if you're talkin to me or not. But as assuredly as the sky exists, as assuredly that you have sent me a message, i'm going to try a path that assures i'm attempting to do that.
I know you are here.
Please do not get angry.
I hope you are gonna do well myself metakron. Be a buddhist. Pick up a book... lol... guess what... you will have it made.

how simple.
Thank you mucho Nexus.
I cant help but fall in love with you. Though I am sure I have.
You make me so happy that I can not explain it in appropriate words .

You make me feel more alive then I have felt un so very long.
I know things will better them selves with my help eventually. This I know from experience and such. But I must confess it makes it all so very hard to accept. Pisshaw… Meta, I have always found you to be a wonderful person full of many of the same fears I have.
So I believe in what you say. Very much so … You have always had good advice for me whether you recognize that or no.

BRENT… Ya punk ass *(wink)*…. Its cool enough of you have nothing to say to me. But I will hold it against you in the end.

QQ. Thank you for the support that you’ve been able to give. Some of us are sicker than we claim to be. The gash in my wrist reminds me of that. The help you’ve given has kept me from doing this much sooner and I thank you for that.

Though things are going to be hard, I am prepared to face the consequences of my actions, but the more support from everyone the more inclined I will be to continue seeking help.
existabrent said:
php i will hold your shit you throw aganist me, in the end :(
u fuckin spin me mind girley...?

welll spinning can be fine but, wasnt a rude thing from me at all.
I adore you for who and what you are ..... I would never throw shit against you because that's just nasty, and not me. Brent, I think the world of you kiddo. You're my bud. And my friend. And I'm here for you even if I'm going through my own shit. So write me whatever comes to your mind and know that I give a shit. I just don't throw it.

And make mad love to me you sexy kitten you.

Hercules Rockefeller said:
Why hasn't this thread been moved to the Cesspool? :confused:
You're pompous and arrogant and if you'd followed the thread you'd have found a friendship in the people here. But if it helps you to be an ass, I strongly suggest using lubricant for those of us who will shove the shit right back up your ass.

On another note, you're not here for friendship, you're just here for science. And if you cannot find psychosis as a science and the little ditties that go with it then I suggest you find another thread to read.

And I love you. You sexy beast.
Thank you, Platonica.

I really think you need a break from the children to get your head together. Please do not be ashamed of that. This is perfectly normal. A good mother takes breaks for very good reason, as a good worker takes breaks from work so he can catch his wind and restore his energy.

There is one thing that I really think that you need to stress. Find something that is really you and work on it. Get with other women if that is your thing and do a sewing circle, or book club, or something, or something that you like to do alone.

Additional: Decide to be kind and gentle with yourself. Stick with that through everything that life throws at you. I think you can get your husband and everyone else to give you the chance to do that. Have some chocolate now and then. Take walks. Take nice baths with bath salts. Do something that you enjoy.
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Well... Shit... I leave and look what happens to every one.
They find another thread. Ya fuckers!


So... now that I am out of the Asylum, for now, and completely Medicated, I have a whole NEW out look on Psychosis...
Crap... I do not like it, no one bit.
I do not like it, not for shit!
Psychosis Sucks as bad as Ass.
I would have been Better off smoking.... Tobacco?

But still it seems this all is so FUCT.
Nothing left to cry from this "duct?"

All right, all Right I will stop with the Rhymes,
and do it in another thread, for another Time.

So.. Yea.. I was in the Funny farm there for a bit. I slit my wrists like a bad girl... but I guess it was bad enough that they stapled me shut.. And I still have staples... real ones... and they HURT.... those bastards...

But I did suffer from some pretty intense Psychosis.

I do not know what to make of it honestly. Not any more. I know I am feeling alright for now.. but... Still... I am a bit lost. Who wouldn't be.
What and EVIL Affliction this is.

I noticed another thing. After all the research and approaches to this illness and such... there really still little known about it... Let alone how to treat some one with it.

But the Drugs seem to get you higher then before... HA.. Sorry, I do not condone, nor condemn any of the use. I just wanted to add that the new medications are almost worth taking. The chemical benefits feel better. Of course.. I don't know how good for your system them are as apposed to say, street drugs... but it is nice to be high on something other then myself.... And it is nice to have the Psychosis at bay. any way.. I guess I will troll around like a little freak now :)
time to rhyme oh yeah beat da beat do your feet... show your what your made of, pick em up and throw em in a shade of, uumph, lay em down, the only tin man that dances with a crown, goin on a role, stupid shit on the floo, look at me, i'm a troll
I feel we should start the thread back up, and perhaps PM some former contenders to come back, maybe delete some posts, etc, the thread has some strong points, regardless to what some members will say.
Quantum Quack said:
The common definition found in a dictionary is something like this:

Is this definition sufficient?

Can one define the "boudaries of reality'?

Is the term Psychosis more one of utility than describer or explanation?

I would think that most persons on the planet are in some way psychotic by this definition at some stages in their lives, but what gives this word so much power?
Does having a halucination automatically attract the label of psychosis?
Could having a dream be considered as a psychotic episode?

How would we determine that a person is psychotic? Is it just because of his beliefs or is it because of his actions based on those belief?

Many many questions seem to come to mind about this topic and would any one care to help in the understanding of it?

Not sure how to define it, but you KNOW when a person is psychotic, and everyone is not. Everybody has some type of mental anxiety, but not psychosis. When you hear your dad tell you that the Itallians are trying to eliminate the Hungarian race, and there are operatives guarding the house, and constantly repeating: "some things have to be done," before saying something under his breath. The whole time with his eyes opened wider than you can open yours, this is the point when you know someone is psychotic. That's not an example, happens to me all the time.
Spiritual/Dimensional Reality

There are 62 pages worth on this post which is to much to read at the moment but has anyone explored the possibility that Psychosis, especially the area of hearing voices could be a spiritual matter? Check this artical out:

In my mind’s eye, I was not thinking of Avalon as a silly game using ordinary imagination or wishful thinking. I was thinking in terms of a commonly shared vision or dreamscape in which everyone literally sees the same imagery: the same clouds, the same trees, and one another just like we do in this dimension. I further thought it could be interacted on accordingly, in essence being able to step into one another’s minds in the process. Whether this mindscape is what Avalon was or not, I don’t know, but it is what I took it to mean at the time.

Taking this view, I have a few reservations regarding its authenticity because of some experiences I have had since The Family into this realm. I am familiar with the metaphysical theory involving visualization that if even one person believes something enough, it then becomes an existing reality.

I would agree: in the sense of a personal reality existing in the individual’s mind and thoughts. This “personal reality” would be one’s perception of objective or universal reality: one’s interpretation of the actual, unchanging truth in the surrounding environment. This interpretation of reality becomes the basis for one’s system of beliefs about what is true and what is not, what is important and what is not, etc. This is called a “belief-system” (also known as a “paradigm” or “world-view”).

A person’s belief-system in turn affects a person’s responses, or the way one would act and react within the surrounding environment. In other words, how one portrays oneself is directly related to what one believes about oneself and life in general. For example, if I believe that I am worthless (which would represent my belief-system), I’ll live like it. My actions will be reckless because I am trying to escape from the pain of the worthlessness I feel. (This would represent my response to my belief-system.) I am not sure how literally I take the possibility of “projected visualization” in terms of a universal or global reality, however.

For the sake of an illustration, we’ll say you are sitting in a sophisticated restaurant eating fine cuisine with a friend. At the table to your immediate right sits a stately gentleman in a white suit with an attractive woman wearing a lavender dress and stiletto heels. You and your friend (being the dignified adults that you are) are discussing, of all things, the appalling color of the waitress’ apron. It is an eye-shocking yellow, and you are debating with your friend that it’s “not so bad” while your friend is making emphatic exclamations like, “You couldn’t pay me enough money to wear that awful thing!” The lively discourse between the two of you is soon, however, to be unceremoniously shattered as the white clad gentlemen suddenly springs to his feet in a frenzy, flailing his plate with his menu so forcefully it all but flies out of his hands. All the while his eyes are practically bulging out of their sockets as his female companion sits frozen motionless, horror-struck as she witnesses this mad spectacle. By now, everyone in the restaurant has taken notice.

What you don’t know as you sit and stare is that this man had taken some medication shortly before entering the restaurant. He had been to the doctor earlier that morning because he had a bad heart condition. Unfortunately, the doctor (being of stereotypical stock) had scrawled out an illegible prescription. Because the pharmacist could not read the doctor’s writing clearly, she had filled the prescription with the wrong medication, which, as fate would have it for this poor man, reacted with some other medication he was on for a kidney infection he had developed. Add to this the fact that he was deathly afraid of spiders (arachnophobia), and when the two drugs began to react and caused him to see spiders running all over his plate, he panicked and began to flail his shellfish with the nearest object at hand, which, as it were, happened to be his menu.

You see, the man clearly saw spiders scurrying all over his seafood. They were very, very real to him, which we could call his personal reality. However, did that mean that there really were spiders running all over his food? Of course not! The truth of the matter, the objective or universal reality, was that there were no spiders there at all, that they were merely a hallucination that only this poor man could see.1

With this said, let me explore this concept further and, I believe, cover the intended meaning. If this envisioned reality exists within a person’s mind, then what if other people also believe this same personal visualization? For example, if I create a landscape in my mind’s eye of an oak forest with a road stretching through the middle of it, could I share the same landscape with you and interact with you there, in a place within our minds? Could a link be established to share this reality, thereby enabling two or more people to collectively experience this fantasy dimension within their minds? Could they all share the same mindscape telepathically?

Perhaps. But because of my post-Family experiences, I have reason to believe that such a link is an exceptionally realistic and convincing illusion—a “quasi-link” if you will—that entails more than just the human psyche. I believe that it is a collision with the spiritual realm involving the participation and aid of outside spiritual entities. Having experienced a time in which I sincerely believed that I could read other people’s thoughts however (covered elsewhere), I am not unsympathetic with those who have also shared in this bizarre phenomenon, as some of you reading these pages undoubtedly have or currently are. It is certainly a reality of sorts, but I don’t think it is all it seems to be.

For those of you who have or are, I will attempt to explain myself a little better and contrast my views with those of traditional psychiatry. The common explanation psychiatry presents is that some seeming telepathic communication is purely psychological, having to do with excessive amounts of dopamine and other neurotransmitters in the brain, creating illusionary sensory information within the mind that the brain interprets as factual sensory input.

For instance, there was an episode on Star Trek: The Next Generation® in which the Klingons captured Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge’s visor, analyzed it and altered it, newly fitted to receive video information they controlled at their own disposal. Since Geordi was blind, the visor was built to input the sensory input of sight into his mind, electronically replacing his eyeballs and optical nerves. In the hands of the Klingons, however, it became a manipulation tool. Geordi’s mind was unable to separate the real sensory information from the false input of the Klingons and processed it just exactly the same as if he were receiving real sight information.

The false Klingon information would be likened to the psychoanalysts’ explanation of excessive amounts of dopamine and other neurotransmitters spoken of earlier, which could create chemical alterations that appeared to be related to the senses, but were largely illusionary.

I would even go so far as to maintain that some chemicals do indeed heighten awareness, particularly of your body and its related systems. However, such awareness is usually heightened at the expense of some other part of the mind, so it would still have some kind of debilitating effect on the subject (that is, debilitating in the sense of deviating from the parameters of “acceptable” or “normal” behavioral patterns).

I agree that some of the phenomenon is not what it seems to be, but hesitate to pass it off with such simplistic physiological explanations. Humans form a unique gateway between the physical and spiritual realms because their being is a composite of both dimensions. Outwardly we are sophisticated animals, but inwardly we are spiritual beings. Though a growing number admit the possibility, many psychoanalysts never examine the aspect of a spiritual dimension, I suppose in part because it is not readily tangible or measurable.2

Spiritual Impostors

More than anything I think that those who “hear voices” or the like have heightened spiritual awareness, entailing the involvement of very real spiritual entities and beings outside the scope of humanity: beyond the physical world. They would be represented as the Klingons in the above example, intentionally inputting false (or factual, as the case might be) telepathic information.

Another factor such phenomenon always entails is an altered frame of consciousness brought about by some form of mental overload. Think of how much harder it is to concentrate when you are really tired and worn out. This kind of mental fatigue makes you more vulnerable, and this is expressed with increased irritability and inability to handle stress. Suffice it to say that drug and alcohol abuse, emotional and physical trauma, learned techniques such as mantras and self-hypnosis from the arcane arts (as in witchcraft and some forms of mysticism), and similar experiences would be much more “permanent” states of mental fatigue.3 These leave the person numbed, in a trance-like state.

These vulnerable frames of consciousness make you hypersensitive in your spiritual awareness. I have my own theory which might explain why this is true. The spiritual aspect of humanity is often referred to as the soul. Most people agree that the soul is immortal. Therefore, we can conclude that it never requires sleep, and it never dies. It would not be affected by overloading the mortal body. Knock the physical “grey matter” and body temporarily out of commission, and the soul, being immortal, is still very alive and very aware, only now it would be “sitting closer to the surface,” so to speak.4 That in turn would make interaction with the spiritual plane much easier.5 The entities that exist on such a plane are purely spiritual beings, at least in the sense that they function on a higher dimension than the standard three-dimensional, physical reality with which we are so familiar.

There is a common theory that gives a greater understanding to dimensional reality, which incidentally, if I understand correctly, is also involved in the concept6 of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. In geometry, we speak of imaginary figures to explain mathematical concepts. The theory goes that if you take a line (the imaginary figure that symbolizes one dimension, theoretically extending into infinity in either direction), and square it, you arrive at the second geometric dimension: the plane. The plane contains the line, but goes beyond it. Its surface contains, if you will, a myriad of lines, theoretically extending into infinity on all points of its flat surface. When you square the plane, you arrive at the cube, which contains both the line and the plane but goes beyond that, symbolizing three-dimensional space, or height, depth, and width. The theory does not end there, however. If you take the cube and square it again you come up with the dimension of time and as some metaphysical gurus propose, the spiritual dimension.7 This dimension contains the cube (which contains the plane, which contains the line . . .) and so the dimensions climb.

David Allen Lewis and Robert Schreckhise capture the essence of where I am taking this well in their brilliant book UFO: End-Time Delusion.8 In it they state:

“Edwin Abbot wrote Flatland in 1884. The theme of this book is an examination of how a three-dimensional being would relate to people in a two-dimensional world. If we were to step into such a world, only a small portion of our body could interact with it at any one time. As we moved in their world, our appearance to the “Flatlanders” would constantly change in shape and size. We could disappear merely by stepping out of the plane of their world. We could just as suddenly reappear. If we were to pass a ball through this world, it would appear at first as a small circle, getting larger, then smaller, then disappearing. A cube on edge or other less uniform objects would also change shape and size as they passed through.

“Using this analogy, let us suppose that spiritual beings are on another, higher dimension from humankind. They would have similar effects upon our world as we would have on Flatland. If they are able to manipulate energy, to give it a concentration, then they could cause this energy concentration to take different shapes and sizes to generate an appearance of solid objects.” [They then go on to give an analogy of a Jacob’s Ladder in a darkened room.]

It only follows that spiritual beings could manifest as purely physical beings with ease, mimicking the dead if need be. If these beings are not bound by the same rules of time and space that we, as three-dimensional human beings, are forced to observe, they would obviously be quite capable of interacting and interfering with life as we know it. They could easily plant a thought within a mortal mind. It would be nothing but a thing for them to tamper with our heads or boggle even the most scientific of minds. They would even have the perfect cover.

Who is going to believe the “crazies” who maintain they were conversing with demons or angels: or maybe dear old dead Aunt Edna? Maybe they even believe that they are Jesus, God, the devil, or some other supreme figure. Who gave them such preposterous ideas? Are they just delusions of grandeur? Did they manufacture them by themselves? Are they merely hallucinating or suffering from delusions? Are they deluded by their own self-talk, which they do not recognize as such? Then why are such similar manifestations present in virtually all cases of schizophrenia? Why the often religious overtone? Is it just because the subjects can’t find natural explanations, inventing fanciful tales to explain it all? Is that all religion is anyway, merely superstitions to explain the ignorant’s lack of knowledge? Or is it something deeper: something the doctors and psychoanalysts are overlooking, dismissing with an educated whisk of the hand the “delusional” patient’s protests?

So if it is really true that the person is talking to spiritual beings, why would such beings bother tampering with pathetic little mortal human beings? What would they have to prove? If the Christian teaching is true, a lot.
The Christian view states that at one time God created an order of spiritual beings called angels. Apparently, they were given a choice as to whether they would choose to follow God or not, much as the choice the Bible clearly states has been given to humanity. The Bible states that some of these angels rebelled, choosing not to follow God and that the being commonly known as the devil or Satan is the leader of this rebel band of angels, better known as demons. These beings sold their souls and sealed their fates. It was too late to say “I’m sorry.” They could never go back. As a result, they hate God.

But the Bible claims that God is more powerful than these beings (after all, He created them before they went bad). Because He is stronger and more powerful, they have no hope of winning, but they hate that, and they hate Him. So what could they possibly do to God?

Well, the Bible says that God loves everybody. It also says that while this is true, just like the angels apparently had to make their own choice, so do we. It says that God loved us so much He sent His Son to pay the ransom to buy back our souls. According to the Bible, the problem is that unless we choose to acknowledge the debt that was paid, just like failing to turn in the winning lottery ticket, it’s not going to do us an ounce of good. If we fail to cash in we have forfeited by default. Our lack of choosing is our choice.

So imagine for a minute if you will, a case scenario. You are a man (sorry ladies). I hate you. I hate you so badly that I spend all my time thinking about it. I have tried many times to beat you up, but you always win, leaving me black and blue and bloodied, and I hate you all the more for it.

Now imagine that you have a girlfriend that you care very much about. She is a delicate, graceful creature, and she does not even begin to have the amount of muscle and bulk that you do. I don’t care about her one way or another. But you do. And I hate you.

I can’t physically overpower you, but I can overpower her. And I will. I will catch her alone one day, and in my sick and twisted hate I will rape her, mutilate her, and string her body from a tree where you will be sure to see it. At long last. I will have finally succeeded in hurting you! You may take my life, but it was well worth it. And what if I knew that I was as good as dead anyway, that my demise was inevitable? I will at least get the satisfaction of seeing you suffer before I die.

This is the same thing that Christianity maintains that Satan and his demons are trying to do to God. God loves the human creatures He created very much. Demons may not understand why, but they know good and well that He does. They know their fate is sealed. They also understand that each person has to make up his or her own mind. And if they can overpower that person, they will, and in so doing, hurt God, whom they hate. They know they cannot, however, directly overpower God. The very mention of His name still strikes fear in their hearts.

Conversely, the good angels that have remained loyal to God are dispatched by Him to ensure that the demons don’t succeed (though of course, the final choice is ultimately up to each human). Hence, there is a continual spiritual war going on for human souls.9 Those individuals experiencing altered frames of consciousness just happen to be more in tune with the conscious reality of this battle, though they probably do not fully understand what it is that is happening to them. What makes you think demons are going to explain their motives? Does a con artist explain his con game to the latest “sucker?”

There is a book that explains it all. It is sitting under billions of people’s noses, and they are totally unaware that it contains the answers. Nearly everyone has access to it. It is the number one best seller of all time, but oddly enough it is also the least read book of all time. But if you do not believe it (as some of you undoubtedly do not) you are forced to counter such phenomenon with other explanations.

I, for one, am personally convinced that many cases of schizophrenia are experiencing real encounters with the spiritual plane, regardless of how incongruent the information supplied by the voices or presences may (or may not) be. I mean, I can tell you a lie. Just because it isn’t true doesn’t change the fact that I spoke it: the untrue words are themselves a reality. In the same way, not all the voices, premonitions, etc. square with factual reality. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the “schizophrenics” (or their brains) manufactured them, nor does that exclude the possibility that a spiritual entity telepathically communicated false information in an attempt to confuse, mislead, or harm them. (For that matter, entities may also present factual information to serve as an ulterior motive or to convey genuine benevolence.)

Most, including myself, who have ever accurately foretold things to others that only they would know did not do it totally of our own “brilliance.” We were in league, knowingly or unknowingly, with familiar spirits who told us what to say, in my case in the form of a telepathic communication through voices in my mind. That is why those who do so formally are called spiritualists, mediums, and channelers.

I am absolutely convinced of the reality of a spiritual realm beyond our own. I have had first-hand experiences in this regard that have left me with no other conclusion. I have personally come into contact with foreign entities on numerous occasions throughout my life, which parallel the reports of others, even if certain others define them somewhat differently.10 Whether a schizophrenic person is indeed in contact with such spiritual entities, however, is the question. Is that the real explanation behind such a bizarre psychological phenomenon? I believe that in many instances, though perhaps not all, that it is.11

I am not saying that there may not also be genuine delusions and hallucinations that accompany such a phenomenon, but I believe that even these have plausible explanations.12 What I am saying is that most professionals do not look deeply enough into the problem. It is much easier to merely pass it off as a medical condition. Besides, examining evidence in support of the validity of a supernatural dimension could create some conflicts with which many of them would probably rather not deal.

So why doesn’t medication cure all the schizophrenics and other mental patients out there? Restore the proper chemical balance, close the gateway and presto: all problems are melted. That is a bit unrealistic, to say the least.

There are no quick fixes. Restoring a person to total health requires a considerable amount of time, patience, and effort. Any gateway that has been opened in the mind—any pattern of functioning or thinking—can be closed, but the person will never forget there is a door there. Once a door has been found and opened, it is always more susceptible to re-entry. And in the case of those who have opened a spiritual gateway, closing the door does not eliminate the spiritual entities outside, it just lessens their amount of immediate influence and control.

In some instances the person is permanently damaged physiologically. Medication would never cure this. For those who do not have permanent alterations, there are spiritual aspects that have to be dealt with. A spiritual awakening is the first step.

God rarely waves a magic wand, but He will help the individual recover one step at a time. And since He is in charge of the spiritual realm, that aspect is best left in His care. God always has our best interests in mind: always. That is more than can be said for some of the spiritual entities you will encounter on the spiritual plane. Thankfully, they are also subject to God’s authority. Otherwise, there would be no one left to tell about it.

Throughout the years, the person’s thought process has been altered, reflecting denial and irrational thinking. No chemical can restore that. Restoring a person to healthy patterns of thinking requires several things.

First, it requires willingness on their part. Then they must be educated with the truth. This involves learning to be objective and gradually eliminating the layers of denial. They have to learn to identify and detach from or deal with situations that trigger the unhealthy patterns. And it takes a lot of time and effort to rebuild.

I am not suggesting that there is no place for medication, though I would urge extreme caution and use it only as a last resort.13 It is not a cure-all and schizophrenics and other mental patients are often drugged so that others don’t have to deal with them. A heavily sedated person can be shoved into a dark corner and forgotten about; he or she is “less dangerous” that way. That does not, however, cure the individual’s affliction, it just makes it more convenient for those who don’t want to take the time to truly help the patient out. I wouldn’t send my loved one to the average mental institution if given the choice!