Prehistoric Dinosaurs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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I thought I should take a break from working on pseudoscience, and I ordered season one of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In season one, episode three, I noticed the opening scene after the credits had a model skeleton next to a globe in the library. I noticed that the model skeleton had a rib cage that was completely open down the center. I went back to rewatch the episode, and it appears as though this scene in the show no longer exists. The model skeleton no longer appears until 35:30 in the episode in the chemistry lab.

I remember when the show aired, there was news that the set of the show had been sabotaged to remove the globe and the model skeleton. Both of these objects disappeared without a trace, and they ended up placing another model skeleton inside of the chemistry lab instead. This went noticed, because the script was written for the watcher who helps Buffy research the paranormal spun the globe during their conversation.

It appears to be a part of a cover up to hide evidence of the Mandela Effect. The model skeleton didn’t have a human rib cage. This was a known common mistake at the time. It seems to unusual that scientists would create and use a model skeleton that was obviously inaccurate in that regard. Even though the show is fake, they used a real model skeleton as a prop. I even remember being confused about this as a child, because it seemed as though the rib cage had been transformed through time itself.

What was even more startling was that the cheerleader, Amy, also visibly has a very large number of floating ribs in the following scene after the model skeleton is displayed at 35:30 minutes into the episode. When she is held up into the air raising her pom-poms up into the air, you can see her rib structure through her yellow uniform from it becoming skin tight. The lower part of her ribs which are visible do not appear to join in the middle of her rib cage.

This seems to indicate that not only was the model skeleton in the form of some type of prehistoric biology, but also an extra cast member of the show. It makes me wonder if the human gnome itself has been altered in time, and the alteration of the human gnome may have undergone several flukes which created the real possibility of the myth and legends of vampires. Vampires may in fact be living Mandela Effect residue of another timeline that predates our own timeline where the human race underwent this type of biological change through time.
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That sounds quite insane. But, of course, you're trolling. Please stop it.
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