Power of suggestion

I have to pee, anyone else have to pee?

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that is an interesting article/study, a 27% increase is quite substantial
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Ba.... ahahahahhahaha! Whoa thats funny!

I suggest an article on Natural History. I am not quite sure what the title is or when it was printed but I will check When i return home from Florida. This Astrophysist always writes articles for NH and the one was about the fear of Numbers. Very good. Later
I wonder if anyone did any work on the Chinese fortune cookies and their effect on people!

I think the Power of suggestion is really powerful. I changed my career and doubled my income based on my astrologer's forecast. I wanted his prediction to come true so much that I actually took some risk and made it happen.

I think, negetive power of suggestion is called Vodoo... (including the Vodoo Economics!) :D
That Article

Natural History
"Fear Of Numbers"
By: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Pg. 30
Issue 12/01-1/01