Poll, Evlution ? Yes, No ?

Do you beavlive in EVLUTION???

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Poll, Evolution ? Yes, No ?

Hey i just wannted to see what percent of a smart comunity believe in evlution and who dose not and WHY so please talek the pool and post you reasion :) (bad spelling lol) :bugeye:

if u view it poll it !!!!!
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For the love of all that is good and holy please learn how to type...please

What is the purpose of this poll? A school project? Inherent curiosity?

I believe in evolution now explain to me why you asked.
I do not believe in evolution… instead I only note that evidence (a lot of it!) supports it and there is little valid contradiction, there for Darwinian evolution is the most valid theory we have at describing the history and process of biological design.

Believing is for fools: one can only consider things probable or improbable. Evolution is very probable, especially over creationism, which has little to no evidence and is more easily explained as the result of made up stories of mythology.
After reading that my beliefs have been futher engraved in me......

Ok so believe is the wrong word but lets just say I am inclined in favor of evolution instead of the opposing theory.
Because other theories do not have as much evidence or have to much contradicting evidence?
I just like how just about the only thing that was spelled correctly was "(bad spelling lol)".

And yes dag, I do "bleave in evlution".

Although I think spurious is right, I can't bring myself to vote for the same reason... LOL..

This was the first time I had to re-read a line that many times to be able to understand it.. heh. Dag, maybe you should type your responses in Microsoft Word (or something similar) and then do a spell check? It might help lol.
come on now, dagr8n8 short post was not that hard to understand, and this is comming from someone whose first language is not english and whos typing is missing letters, endings of words or is just damn incorrect on a regular basis.

i voted evulotoin, becuase i think things need to improve and adapt or risk being killed off by something better
I dont believe in evolution. Why? because the only thing you guys study about is evolution. Otherwise you would not call the Bible mythology. There are over 100 prophecies that have been fufilled throughout the Bible and more to come. Archeological evidence has been found all over the world supporting the Bible yet few of you supposed missing links have been found. The Flood theory is much more acceptable if you would acctually take the time to study it. You guys think that the Bible is full of stories and not fact then you really have not studied it. There are many christians that are not well educated, but then there are many that are well educated yet refuse to believe in evolution. I wanted to ask you guys something who caused the big bang? Spontaneos Generation?