? Physical challenges


Life isn't a question.
Challengeing conditions affect the young and youngelder(older).

It saddens me greatly to know of family's that would like better services for conditions especially of young people, the elder young and victims of war or accident.

it seems this is a big country the U.S.A, I know good things do take time.

I'm silly I just wish government would get directly involved with healthcare, obviously there has been much good progress. Yet I just think that healthcare would improve if it was formalized perhaps with wholestic trust by government interest.

Maybe I am silly to think that most physical (as mental is of physical :) challenges are mendable, I just think so..maybe it's my sobriety.

And it is that good breeds good, just mention of the fact that I really do love the U.S.A

just a thread for anywhat ideas for people whom know and care of the ideas above would like to reply.

I guess opportune does arise.

:p like those free of physical challenge say life works if you make it work :)