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ok, my computer is being stupid,
i write something on word, and save it to disk ( both pcs are windows 95's) and i take the disk to another pc , and it says the files arn't there, and if i write something on any onther pc and try to bring in on disk to my pc , it says it aint their , and i think its the same stupid format , i mean its word, its win 95 , what the hell, and both are ibm compat..
iced_earth ...

Possible: read/write head missalignment. Will read and write okay to
a disk, but another drive won't read the disk.

Also possible: different format ex. 750 k. drive vs. 1.2 m.

Other than that, no idea.
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Another thought on the subject...

Do you use the uninstall wizards? It could be that you have deleted a shared file in the registery or in one of the programs. Try reinstalling the program on both machines.
along the same lines a chagur, two different floppy drives can write to a disk and not read in the other due to slight differences in the alignment of the heads..

that scenario usually will be that your disk can be read in one computer, but in the other, it will not even recognize it as a formatted disk..

so I would look towards the software you are using as the source of the problem rather than the hardware..
Reign_of_Error may well have something there. I have seen the same thing he describes in dealing with floppies and multiple computers. Irritating is it not?

While tolerances are close, you would think by now there would be a standard between makers to resolve this problem.
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