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So I listened to you guys and finally DL'd Opera and have decided to use it instead of IE for a while... only, you have to purchase it to get rid of the damned ad banner! AN AD BANNER... Come on... Netscape and IE are free and don't have a friggin Ad Banner. I did not expect this... Is there a way I can remove it with shelling out $$$...
You are pissed off becasue of that banner
?? I don´t think that it is that disturbing....
I hate banners... and the Google ads are showing up again... my Ppop-up blocker in IE hid them

DAMN it's fast though... SO FAST.
sevenblu said:
Oh, and now I need a good popup blocker that'll work with opera

Press Alt P, that should get you to "preferences", there, go to "windows" and enable "block unwanted pop-ups".
Or just press F12 and click 'Block Unrequested Pop-Ups'

Opera is worth having the banner. You can even put your most visited links at the top of the page above the tabs. Makes browsing so much faster and crashes less then IE.

And some of the skins are wicked sick.
Is there a way I can transfer all my favorites over... and stop that pop-up window that asks me what type of advertising I want every time I start-up.
sevenblu said:
Is there a way I can transfer all my favorites over... and stop that pop-up window that asks me what type of advertising I want every time I start-up.

Yes, just go "File" -> "Import" -> "Import Internet Explorer Favorites"

And my Opera doesn´t ask me about the ads... :confused:
I figured out the ad thing... but the goolge ads on sciforums are still showing up... it's only a bitch cause my IE popup blocker stopped em.
Program support sucks... My spybot/adaware doesn't automatically stop adware from downloading... Now that is a dissapointment.

Waht's the best way to keep Opera free of spyware... is there a product that supports the blocking of Downloads like doubleclick?

Also, what is a good cookie setting. I don't know too much about cookies, but I'm pretty sure some are "unsafe." Please help me so that I can have the securest safest browsing available using this program with as little interference to my regular routine...

Thanks :)
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7.51 with Java

My Tools menu has the history and cookies settings too, but I don't know which options to choose to be safe. Like, what is a third party cookie? I don't even know.

And I was wondering where these cookies are stored on my PC. I checked all the opera folders and there was no place for'em... or else I missed them. Or else opera just stores them in the same place as IE... in the cookies folder... but this seems unlikely.
Its a bit bloated...

Another one I like is called 'k-meleon' but that was before firefox...
Not sure about where Opera stores it's cookies. They are readily available to edit or delete in tools, though.

Are you that worried about your security settings on your browser? I have been surfing the net for 5 years and never have been infected with a virus. Adaware, sure but they are not very difficult to get rid of.

I've been using Opera since version 5 something. Tried Mozilla but it worked better on Linux than windows for me. I say, try them all! Worst case scenario, you don't like them and remove them. In any event any one of them have got to be better than IE.

I just use my firewall program to block ads in my browser and use the "block unwanted popups" in Opera. No problems here.
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