Oil Shortage


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I worked on this all night. It shows that Canada, the USA, and basically the whole world is heading for an energy catastrophe, i.e. we are going to run out of oil soon, and we're going to start having serious problems in about 8-12 years. My analysis on the depletion of world oil supplies can be found in the "Discussion" section at the bottom of the website:

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I'd worry not about Oil. Oil can be extracted from Tree barks and even plants (i.e. Rape Seed oil)

Okay so it's not the dark fossil fuel, but it can be used. (Along with Destilling alcohol) For a fact we don't need to burrow into the ground when we could just be growing crops.
Demand will exceed supply

The solutions you propose will not provide enough oil to meet demand. Expect airplanes to be grounded, cars permanently parked in garages along with lawn mowers, city buses jam-packed with passengers, high utility rates and blackouts. Only farm tractors that run on ethanol derived from their own corn crops will still be running.

So the upside is that we might be able to plant and harvest sufficient food supplies. But getting these products to market may prove expensive.
do we have to?

we have gone through so many things...i dun think this is something to be worried...even if it happens to be out of stock we still manage to find the alternatives...and we are actually finding something to reduce our dependant on oil don't we? just feel free to enjoy everyday life and for the time being...make sure your mercedes is not running out of oil first...haha