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Just thought someone might be interested:

DELHI - India's Zoroastrians, or Parsees, have added solar reflectors to their Towers of Silence in Bombay to help dispose of their dead after a decline in the number of vultures who scavenge their corpses in keeping with tradition.

The idea is that raising the temperature will make the bodies decompose more quickly.
With an average of three Parsees dying every day, the few remaining vultures are overfed. Experts claim 100 to 120 birds would be needed to deal with the daily intake of bodies.
Such poetry has never been heard by these ears
the deaths of those birds that eat dead things
are near.

In an ocean of feathered corpses, and two suns to light the earth.
Will be the reality of Delhi's hearth.
Hate to be the janitor of that place
rather be a meteor traveling forever through dead space

That is very sickening. I think I'll go violently vomit until the juices of my stomach are exhausted, then I'll go unconscious from the lack of oxygen getting to my brain, because of the dry-vomiting. Excuse me...

And whts so wrong with birds eating bodies? Id rather a bird ate my body after I died than rotting underground... feed someone at least :)
Pennysong ...

You might want to read 'Stranger in A Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein ('61) for a different twist on the advantages of partaking of the dead. Also, the best description of what is considered humorous that I have come across. Neat book.
Here's wondering if the deceasing can specify rare, medium-rare or well-done?
Gee, Mr. G ...

I think a 'living will' might be required.

Take care, and have a good one ;)

you kidding....

yuck.... is that possible. would the corpse become mummified...
anyways its still awfull.
if they do this kind of stuff.. why not chop their remains to powder size then scatter it in air so that other small animals could just eat them..or better yet become fertilizers.
The image of overfed and bloated vultures reluctantly feeding on an endless supply of human dead is strangely amusing to me at this time.

I'm sure we could render some useful industrial products from the dead.