Not Easy To Be Different


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Hi! I filmed with some friends a short documentary on a mental health subject. Maybe some of you here would be interested.

Not Easy To Be Different is a documentary short film about four young people in Latvia with psychiatric illnesses who strive to integrate into the society. It is about their success and failure, about understanding of others and, frequently, about the unapproving eye of the society. The patients themselves and the people close to them share in their challenges and experiences, and tell about their problems and how they are trying to solve them.

You are welcome to watch it:

Film's webpage & more info:
I am glad i do not fit in to society. One thing i have seen from living in london, is how govs are just as bad in the west as they where in east. I would suspect the stasi would of been proud of the level the uk gov has destroyed my life.

Being me is something they do not like, but thats there problem, i mean the majority.

Thats the way you should look at being different than the mob.
Hi, Truth Seeker!
I think you may be confusing social conformity with mental health. One is just social norms, the other is a medical condition when you are yourself looking for help because you are not able to lead a healthy life. That has nothing to do with the government.