New York World Trade Centre

Discussion in 'World Events' started by Red Devil, Sep 11, 2001.

  1. Red Devil Born Again Athiest Registered Senior Member

    I am so saddened, sick and shocked by the terrorist attack in New York. How many have died scares me immensely. I am watching it on TV live now. These planes hijacked in Boston and flew to NY. What to do? I can imagine that Bush's response will be bloody to say the least......... I have modified this original post (14/09/01) as the speculation contained within has been overridden by cruel heartless fact...............
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  3. Radical Registered Senior Member

    i think i might have misunderstood it by i got that the pentagon was the target of the 3rd plane (or the 2nd?!?)

    u should not belive what pals say.
    after every terror attack in Israel there are zilions of organizations saying they did it.

    we must wait till they find the identity of the hi-jackers

    i personaly think they were anti-globalization actives
    and not pals/muslems since they got nothing to gain by this only make USA have a grudge against the pals

    but again fanatic muslems/pals dont always abide and follow logic andmost of them are hunted down in thier own arabic/islamic nations (egypt,jordan,saudi arabia and such)
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  5. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    I will not jump to the conclusion that such and such did this. Nor will the US. They will have proof and will react upon that. It is no good to jump the gun and create more tragedy where it is not called for. I have all faith that whoever is responcible will not want to claim this one and those who do are wishful that they had. It will most likely be from a terrorist sponcered group. Who ,remains yet to be seen. The above is strictly speculation on my part. I wish that known.
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  7. Red Devil Born Again Athiest Registered Senior Member


    Personally I think I know, as does the President, where this attack came from. Currently the information is that up to 20,000 people are dead, thousands injured, and now, 4 hours after the attack, both towers are collapsed, the pentagon is still on fire, with a collapsed section and NY is running out of blood. A plane 80 miles south of Pittsburgh has hit something but no news of it has been mentioned on the media. A 5th plane is still "missing" according to American Airlines................ the world as we knew it has just changed........ Radical - these people are actually glad to die for their cause but only get remembered by a few, for a few minutes, then it "another terrorist died today" - they will all get a shock when they arrive on the "other side"........ it aint there! Their version I mean......
  8. BigC Registered Senior Member

    Personally, if I knew exactly who was the cause of it and was able to do something about it, that person/cult whatever who was behind it all, would be punished severely even though I would suffer a loss.

    I work for the government and I hate to see these things happen when nothing can be done about it. Revenge may not be the best answer, but I will want it.

    President Bush should, and demand responsiblity, if he gets it, we should retaliate militarily and destroy the violators.

    By the way, is the 5th plane? I haven't heard of one nor has MSNBC. I'm also looking for more reasons for a sweet revenge.
  9. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    I would say patience and caution is the word for the day. Not to be in a rush to get the wrong people. Give it time. It will be known. Jumping through the window to get someone right now can not help. Get the right one if you must have some target. Being quick to do the deed will not save anyone already dead. Do not compound the deed by getting the wrong one.
  10. kmguru Staff Member

    I would like to extend my condolences and sympathy to the victims of this horrible crime and terrorism.

    Revenge may not be sweet if there are only a handful of people resonsible out of which some are dead with the plane. I think we will find out soon, when the collected data is throughly analyzed. This type of co-ordinated attacks are easier to analyze than lone-gunman types. All all indications, it looks like a state sponsored terrorism and you probably can easily guess who was defeated by US.

    Our country will never be the same and there will be some major changes in our society for years to come.
  11. Bebelina Valued Senior Member

    I was shocked when I saw the news. It´s so sad, and not only will America never be the same, the rest of the world will not either.

    I send my love to you.

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  12. Porfiry Nomad Registered Senior Member

    It's more fundamental than religion. The moment two humans laid eyes upon each other and conceived of a society -- or just some sort of collective self-interest -- things started going wrong.

    ...but that's just my cynicism. It's hard not to be cynical and depressive on a day like today.
  13. Ankit The Angel Registered Senior Member

    Got to have my say...

    Firstly, allow me to offer my condolences and support for those residing in USA...this tragedy is a vehement reminder of the barbaric and eventually unsophisticated world we live in.

    This attack is truly shocking (if strategically very shrewd by the villains) Only a sick and demented (if brilliant) mind could have committed this heinous catastrophical crime; of staggering magnitude.

    My, how the mighty have fallen. I must remark, that I believe that there was something going on in that part of the Pentagon, which is why the terrorists targeted just that point on the building.The President has accepted that while the security on international flights is tight, domestics are relatively loose.

    The World Trade Centre's obliteration means that most economic systems will go haywire.

    All pause for the +/-20,000 deaths in total.

    Thank you.
  14. Ankit The Angel Registered Senior Member

    Just one more...

    Is this a transgression of demarcations set by democracy? In which case, this would point towards Osama Bin Lader...thoughts? I think the US should not reply tit for tat...but (and, to enter my dark side) I would understand if Bush bombed an Israeli city.

    Americans have vowed to hunt down and destroy the perp...when Bush said that, I felt very well for done good, Bush. As a writer, this event has particular connotation...thoughts?
  15. Red Devil Born Again Athiest Registered Senior Member

    Kabul Hit

    Just been watching live pics of Kabul being hit by "something" - White house denys involvement but anti aircraft guns firing and missiles landing - so not sure who is doing what....... addition: the Northern Alliance (Rebel Group) are claiming responsibility for Kabul attacks.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2001
  16. some_guy01 Registered Senior Member

    (views from a teen)

    ITS A VERY SAD DAY. i live on the other side of the country and still malls, some schools, all airports, and many businesses were shutdown. Also many of my friends and i out here can't actually beleive this happened we are not used to hearing about this kind of events happening in our own country. I belive that these attacks should be viewed as crimes against humanity. And to those Palestineines who think this is such a glorius day have you no remorse. I know you have been fighting for years and years and are used to bloodshed and carnage but look at what were able to accomplish a world in which any belief is accepted. We have learned to co-exist with eachother and you can't even look at eachother as a human being. well any ways Personally i think that the president is doing a lusy job. He wants revenge and thats all. Not that im saying that whoever did this shouldn't be punished but he has already jumped to conclusions and needs to slow down and look at the whole situation.
  17. 20 thousand dead??? OK guys, now we find out if the US means business?!? It's too bad that for some people the only answer is violence!?! As a superpower, we may start doing stuff just like the Israelis, undercover guards on all flights. Maybe start with no carry-on luggage, etc. I heard that the weapons used were easily passed. I have a conspiracy-buff friend that is sure that the US has a DNA sniffing satellite( he says some guy he knows was killed after they developed the technology, I find it hard to believe, no evidence of its use earlier against Osama bin Laden), well if its true now is the time to use it!?! Let's see what happens now?!?

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  18. Tony H2o Registered Senior Member

    Firstly, my heart is broken within me over the suffering, pain and loss being experrienced in the lives of all involved.

    Now are you ready?

    "In the City of God there will be a great thunder, Two brothers torn apart by Chaos, while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb" , "The third big war will begin when the big city is burning"

    - Nostradamus 1654

    Could this be the begining of global catastrophic events as described in The Book of Revelation?


    Tony H2o
  19. some_guy01 Registered Senior Member

    thats very interesting however that can be taken many ways and beside nostradomos said the world was going to end in oct of 99 or was it 2000 i don't remember but anyways he has predicted many hundreds things and only a handful have come true
  20. Porfiry Nomad Registered Senior Member

    Who is the great leader?
  21. Tony H2o Registered Senior Member

    I'm not saying I subscribe to the predictions of ND, in actuality I doubt him more than believe him.

    I posted that statement as it was passed to me, to essentially make people think and understand that if the darkest side of human nature is allowed to rule in each of us then this could be the final outcome.

    If we allow anger and hatred to fuel the fires of vengence then it may well come to pass, however if we allow tollerance, love and justice to work then we control the outcome. the future is not a fixed result, we can determin the course of future history through our actions.

    So I am simply asking each and every person to stop, consider with deep wisdom and decide what outcome we want?

    Eye for Eye, Tooth for Tooth, Hate for Hate, Violence for Violence?

    Or to show loving tollerance that calls acts of violence into account through the correct paths?

    Our choice, each and every one of us. let us choose wisely as it is our collective voices that the leaders of our nations should be responding to.

    Let us take comfort and find solace in knowing that we have risen above them, their methods and crimes and not stooped to their level.

    With all my heart - Allcare

    Tony H2o
  22. Hypnogog Registered Member

    Oh man this is bad

    Okay this is just my take and none of it is justified in an way shape or form but...
    As thing stand right now the first ever Peace Time attack on US soil has been (mostly?) succesfully pulled of. No one claimed response. and no further actions have been taken by the antagonist, yet... according to the mass media a CULPRIT has been named (whassisname: aven binLaidin aWhile? ) and now the US is saying they will not only attack the terrorist but whoever harbours them, which is a cry for WORLD war.
    I want to get alll conspiratorial, but won't.
    What I really don't understand is how the planes could have been taken over by KNIFE-wielding maniacs? I mean Knives? Jeez.
    Will wait to see how events unfold.
  23. KalvinB Publicity Whore Registered Senior Member

    That Nostradamus quote was MADE UP to show people just how gullible they are in believing such foolishness.

    Unfortunatly it worked as we see here. It will probably make it's way swiftly around the internet as the next big urban legand.


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