New Trend in Post-Secondary Education


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In todays rapidly evolving world spending 4-6 years in university can be risky: what if you flunk out? All that wasted time & money... consider the money you could have made if you'd had a job all that time?

Many businesses in the United States & Canada are springing up and taking in people that are smarter than that - they want to be in & out of school as fast as possible and to start earning a real paycheque. Did you know that you can get the skills of a university graduate in 4 days, even if you don't have the piece of paper?

This is what they are doing: small businesses are offering a broken university curriculum - many short courses 3-4 days long in any subject imaginable, right up to masters & phd level. One course in CAD for example will replace 16 months of design courses in a typical university. Four days and $1000, in & out, and you can start making money. You save 16 months of your life tied up in school, thousands more in tuition, and you can taylor your own curriculum. This is a much more efficient education system.

Here are a couple examples of schools offering these short courses - there are many others I am sure as it is a relatively new industry:

"A little experience goes a looooong way." quote from Some guy.
To learn.. never a waste of time. The money you "lose" is gained in knowledge instead. :)
Knowledge sucks when you can't benefit from it.

Money is all-important. It determines quality of life, stress-level, what you can do on vacation.... What good is it to know of a place called Hawaii if you can't afford the plane ticket.

Knowledge is no good if you don't benefit from it.