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hello, i was just courious if anyone had anything on the new gigabyte mother board, the 7dx. from what i hear it seems pretty nice, they fixed the bugs from a earlier version. the reason i am asking is becaseu i am in the market for a new motherboard, AMD or course, able to hold 1 ghz athalon.

also, if you know of any other good motherboards, that are below 250 (mabe evan 200) please tell me.

If you're willing to wait a few months, I think the dual-processor AMD boards will be available. I'm holding off upgrading untill then (dual-GHz thunderbirds! sweet!).

If not, the Abit KT7 is pretty cheap (only $215 Canadian which is ... ~$140 US)
dual 1ghz thunderbird, arrrgghhh...... that would be sweet, but i am on a budget, since i do not have the money, and am fixing computers for my dad to pay for it, i think i can only get 1 procesor for now. mabe in a few years or months i will replace the m/b and get another procesor?
I own an Abit KT7 and it is preety Sweet. Aslo you might look into Asus or MSI boards.

Ive owned them all one time or another and you cant go wrong with them.
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