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You really should make a scientific philosophy/ethics/politics message board or something of the sort; this stuff is going to be huge in the coming decade with so many discoveries in feilds like cloning, nuclear power, augmentation, genetic engineering, and with genetic engineering the possibility of an 2000 year life expectancy.
A Poetry message board or an Arts message board would be interesting.

It's all very large.
These are good suggestions. I am going to be installing new software sometime soon (don't worry, user names and the threads will be transferred over), so I'll be restructuring the forum topics at the same time. If you have a suggestion for a new forum, now's the time to ask!

Arts message board. So much can be conveyed through art, Dave. Ideas and thoughts and emotions are found in art where they can find no expression in simple text.

As title suggestions... Creative Soul, Imagery, Beyond Words, Expressions, Passion's Fire...

I don't think I can make a personal contribution beyond a few links and comments; however, I love art and the reaction it can produce.

It's all very large.