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This is a new forum for the discussion of computer science related topics.
Need more detail

Are you meaning to say that this is a place for the discussion of computer problems, ect.. or a place for the future outlook of computer advancements?
This is for more theoretical discussion. Any discussion of computer problems (software/hardware) should be under Nerd Culture (should probably be renamed).
You better reconsider ......

Well man, "you have opened up a can of worms now!" There is probably no end to the number of questions that I have.

Who's going to be the moderator? dExTer?
Hi Porf,

please elaboate the topics that are relatied to this forum.also there is no sub-heading to computer science...why?

I think I understand what Porfiry has planned, This forum is for Data mining individuals to bring out of the woodwork the new HARDWARE releases. Something like mentioning a new CPU and what it can do, or mentioning a new CD Burner ROM.

As the Nerds section is a bit like "Dear Abby" in the Free thoughts, but instead of being about social troubles and quibbles, it's about asking how to fix your hard-drive and telling someone the best Software you've found for filling the job.

*Rubs hands together... and thinks*

I think I'm going to have a little surf now and report back some curiously new cutting edge info, just to get this forum on a roll.
Not open for further replies.