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May i express much hate for Netscape..................
Espiecially on my current redhat linux box. Omfg it sucks so bad, it freezes constantly, java script errors galore, i almost feel like im back on windows while using it.....

Netscape.... Dexter has also had similar problems and has had to turn off java script. He told me he tried Mozzila also it also had problems....

We just need a Microsoft Internet Explorer clone for Linux!!...... lol
Well, part of the Javascript problem is that Netscape and IE support has always been incompatible. I imagine that most authors don't bother with Netscape compatibility now that their market share is insignificant. However, Netscape is hardly to blame -- they're following the spec. It's Microsoft who is doing things in a non-standard way.

Have you tried running IE under WINE? Apparently it <A HREF="">works</A>.
netscape isnt that bad, its just the java script thing. so ic ant check my hotmail account... who cares??? its better thana microsoft prodduct. and shane, i never tested mozilla out. i just wanted too, but got too lazy when it took too long to d'load.

dave, do u know if mozilla worx very well? i have getten some good reviews on it.

i just want a new ver. of netscape.and i wish they would put more towards the linux community.
I like Mozilla. But after years getting used to IE, I think I prefer IE. Still, I'd use Mozilla over Netscape Navigator any day. I have no idea how well Mozilla runs on Linux.
hmmm... takes to long to d'laod. i ahve it on a cd. but the cd is corrupt.

have u heard abnything about the linux ver. ? in maximun linux it tends to be the number one.
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