Need help with poll's....


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Need a little help. Ive been here for a couple of months now, and, to tell you the truth i have never posted a poll. Now that i want to, i dont know how. I select post a poll but then i dont know what to do......(boy i feel stupid).....someone want to tell me what to do next?:p

-Guyute veiws and no help.....i must really be hated:p but seriously....can anyone help me?
After you check the "post a poll" box and write your opening post, push the "submit" button. You'll then be given a new page to construct the poll. When you're finished, hit the "submit poll" button, and that's it. Easy!
A hint: few people here participate. Polls are nice, but when you only have 3-4 votes, it doesn't really show general opinion on something.