name that grave location.


ok lets play an educational game. somebody has to name a well known person from history. then the person who posts underneath has to find out where they were burried. and ontop of that then post another person for the next poster to find his resting palce. after posting the results ofcourse.


martain luther king.

Igor Sikorsky


Genghis Khan

There is a preexisting mausoleum in China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, rebuilt by the government in 1954. Most historians agree that Genghis Khan died in 1227 when going out to battle in the Liupan Mountains in today's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, but they do not agree on where he was buried.

Richard Harris
there never was a game... except google it and try to show "how much you know"

it was a research game, it doesent have to be hard to be a game does it. but people could have made it harder and tried mentioning a person that was not that well known. or where the grave was not 100% known. or gave a trick question.

I used to go to school in Towson, MD. Me and my friends used to visit the grave of "Devine" there, who used to star in John Waters movies.

i have been looking for his damn tomb for about 15 mins. what an asshole. i know he was assasinated with a knife after failing to conqour greece though.