Name all the car parts

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Can you name all the car parts in the picture?

that isn't all of the parts though.
the windshield is installed which requires a rubber gasket which i assume is also installed.
the side windows are installed which requires additional parts.
I don't see the hooves...

Are the airhooks in the picture? Don't forget the headlight fluid, either...
I can only name the car parts in english not Japanese so I wouldn't know anything about what they have named car parts there.:shrug:
I think our game would be less interesting and far more tedious than reading a parts catalog. Nice image though, draq. I did exactly that to one of my planes- laying everything out all across the Hangar floor while playing music like The Wall and Ugly Like Me. Sadly, I didn't take a picture of the crime, before the resurrection. I did take one shot of the plane de-skinned, with a human skeleton in the pilot's seat. If I can find it, I'll post it here and we could play :yawn: Name-the-Plane-Parts, too.
I know every single one of those. Circle any section and I'll list the names of each part. ;p
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I bet when they put it back together they'll have a screw left over.
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