Mystery tunnel!

It was only a few weeks or months old so I doubt your take on what it was going to be used for.They have tools and machinery so they could get fingerprints off of them. Until they know more it isn't to easy to figure what this was going to be used for.
Tried watching the vid, but all I got was ads for the new Nissan. #Conquer all conditions!
It is a reputable news site, however.

Ads happen though. Or, maybe the ads themselves are part of the alien conspiracy to hide the truth?
Well, I spent 5 minutes trying to watch it, but after the third Nissan commercial I decided 'nuff lol. I have no reason to doubt it's a legitimate news site, just didn't have the patience after 3 repeats.
Oh yeah!

The police have ruled out mole people I believe.

But these were found in the "bunker" it's now being called.


Religious aliens who fought in WWI is my guess.
That (unfortunately) makes more sense than other stuff I've read here today, Beer w/Straw.
Might be because I live in Denmark and they need ad revenue if you're from outside America? I dunno.
I'm from the Netherlands myself, so I don't think that's it.
It may be my adblocker, didn't realize it could block ads mid-video...
which adblocker are you using than?

as for tunnel, could be terrorists. Could be a continuation of Toronto 18 al-Queda plans
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It's real. It's not very near the site of some bloody upcoming games or other, so I doubt terrorism, and the rosary and poppy don't fit at all with the conventional terrorism meme. One of those urban mysteries that will never be solved. What was the point of it, I wonder?