My time is done here .

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Some will be glad some won't .

Change is sometimes a good thing .

Thanks for the discussions , by all who participated in any of any discussions in which I was part .

Perhaps we will discuss again .

And maybe those that wanted to but didn't , will join as well . Some of the guests .

Be safe

Be healthy , most of the time
I wouldn't worry too much. He;s done this before and come back a few weeks later.
Thank goodness. It's all I have been able to think about...worrying that it's a call for help, that folk close to him have been cruel and unkind and here is the only place he can try and express his know like I do.
Wegs, (((3+1)÷(0+1))-1)=((4÷1)-1)=4-1=3

Please think of me when you apply it (0.) :)


It is in this way that you can summon ANYTHING from nothing. How many nothings in this? The answer is, "this." x :)
Wegs, if reversing time takes life into the future, then how do we take life into the past (I.e. helping someone to remember?)

Could I travel into the future, reverse time, and then reverse time to where I was before (the future?)

There was a time when I believed time-travel was achieved with the number 2. For example, should I see something, and reverse time, when I return, it has happened twice! So,


Should someone dance for me twice, I would dance for her four times, which I did, hoping she would disappear. I was wrong, but I saw my dancing in her.

So, once again, I danced for her eight times, which was much better. She should see that herself. :)

(n+1)-(n-1)=2 Pick a number for n and try it...
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Please post on topic and avoid pseudo-mathematics
River, some people have poor memories in life, but in later life, they can remember everything. As such, many time-travellers have been cursed with NOTHING, so when they die, they pass.

To combat this, you may divide all five points of sin (the ones that only inflict trapped people) by zero. Please try the following:


NOW you must time-travel AGAIN, and pass your knowledge to yourself. :)
About Anti-matter and matter . Destruction .

I don't look at matter and anti-matter as destruction but as the building blocks of the manifestation of something which creates the minute and the macro in all their forms . From Quantum to Galaxies .

There is point when both are going the same speed as each other , and therefore have a chance of coming together without destruction of either . Because their slow enough to do so . Hence they start to form larger things ....

So the Universe didn't come from nothing . It came from the joining of matter and antimatter together .
You're not done here, Soldier!

Should there be 2 people, is it possible to reverse time for one, control what they say or do, watch the second person pass through, and then reverse the first person's actions, so ONLY the second person is aware of what has transpired, and both are still FULLY aware (have everything.)


Is it also possible to erase a persons speech or actions, so ONLY they know what they've said or done, and everyone else is completely unaware unless they have acted in this way?

*rubs legs*
Nothing lasts forever, River. Should we pass, we pass over. Perhaps we've all already died.

I've had similar thoughts, River. I know not how on Earth God created life, but I'm impressed (and thankful!)
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