My new Dyson vacuum cleaner -- woo hoo!

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If you are ever interested in buying Dyson Dual drum washing machines - dont bother. They suck. The Dyson Air Multiplier is pretty cool though. It blows.
Relax, we're just kidding. It was just funny that you jumped on and accused cosmic of being a spammer after you went on about the new improved-amazing-wonder thats is the Dyson.
I didn't exactly "jump" on him. In fact my point was, precisely, that his post actually looked like an advertisement!
I just saw a commercial that said the Dyson auto adjust to the floor type it's being used on. So you shouldn't have needed to adjust it yourself. I kind of like not having to adjust it myself, but that's just me.
The larger models do that. My mini does not adjust at all, automatically or manually. If I had any deep-pile carpeting it might be a problem. As I said, it's perfect for my basement studio with bare floors and cheap carpeting and dogs who drag in ten pounds of outdoors every day. The thing is so light that I actually don't mind whipping it out to just do the area in front of the door.

It does have a rather short cord and that can be annoying. But appliance cord is pretty bulky; if it was any longer it would make the whole thing heavier and defeat the purpose.
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