MJ12 Documents on Confirmation.net


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A short time ago photographs of purported MJ12 documents appeared on a site at www.confirmation.net. The documents certainly looked authenic. The dialogue certainly had a government document rhythem, etc. Shortly after the site appeared, it disappeared.

1) I wonder what happend to it? (Why it dissappeared?)
2) I wonder if anyone copied the content and whether or not I may be able to secure a copy?
3) Whether there was any connection with its dissappearnance and the dissappearance of another site, www.majestic12.org at about the same time?
They probably disappeared as part of a gigantic galatic new world order policy. The original poster is probably 6 feet under by now. It is simple, they are fakes. THe owner probably removed them due to extreme boredom and old age.

Why dwell on this nonsense? MJ-12 is a myth generated by second rate video merchants and book suplliers because they know second rate human beings will lap it all up as gospel truth.
There's too much evidence proving that MJ12 did indeed exist. So don't go off dismissing it altogether.

On the other hand, one has to wonder just how far the investigations reached, and whether they actually achieved any significant results. For all we know, the MJ12 were only a secretive government-funded analogue to the modern 'ufologists', who were eventually shut down because they couldn't make any reasonable progress.

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