Missing Time.....

I have one case that I found very interesting and I think you will too.
I interviewed a person over the years about her experience with missing time.
What made this case so interesting is that she was on her way home from work
one evening and saw a flash of light in the corner of her left eye.She looked to
the left and noticed a flash streak across the sky. As she turned her attention back to the road she noticed a
three car accident on the corner and all of the people were out of their cars looking up towards the flash she had seen
not paying any attention to the accident!!Then as she was traveling further down the road, She saw a very heavy fog for about one mile covering buildings and the road she was on. When she arrived at home she noticed a drive that takes 15 minutes at the most actually took one hour. The fog was unusual since this incident took place in the summer at about 6:30 PM. She did not notice any missing time until she arrive
at home and looked at her clock. She called her husband right before she left
to let him know she was leaving work.
This case is well documented by myself and there were many witnesses to what she
has told me.This women is very level headed and a professional in her community.
A very interesting account indeed! With witnesses to confirm the events it strengthens the account and makes it hard for the debunkers!! Will you be looking further into this? Has any method of extraction been contemplated to find out what happened during the missing time frame?? ( I'd use the term hypnosis but I fear a rebutal from Boris!...understandably so, after his input into that method. )
Ok, let me tell you why I prefer natural explanations in steat of aliens to explain for the so called UFO observations.

First of all it is the easy way out and doesn't really encourage further investigation in how such a phenomenon is possible. For example physicist could have claimed that little demons were responsible for eating half of the neutrino's that came from the sun to explain for their appearent lack.
Second it poses a whole new set of problems of why the aliens are doing the things that they are doing. Are they morons or something or showing of when they hover a little with their craft over some deserted plain making the most impossible manouvers just to proof that they are not mere earthlings. Of course their motives must be as alien as their crafts but that sounds just a little bit too god-works-in-mysterious-ways for me.
Third, I don't like being watched, not by a god or an alien. This watching stuff really sounds just like a divine substitute to me (again) people don't won't to believe in god but they have no problem with aliens trying to control us and watch every move we make.
Fourth, although I thing this universe is big enough to support more then one intelligent species, I still find it to big for them others ever to arrive here or stumble upon us.
Five, aliens are big business in the entertainment sector, this is such a big discrepancy : on one side they want to stay hidden but on the other everyone knows that they are there ! Some don't believe it but there are enough who do so why stay hidden ?
Six, I had a UFO experience myself, not a spectacular one but still unsettling enough. I was perhaps 12 years old and was cycling home at broad daylight, when I spotted a silvery elliptic shaped object high up in the sky. First I thought it was a plane because there are a lot of planes crossing the skies in my hometown but then I noticed it had no wings and there was no kerosine tail after it. My second thought was a UFO, I had been reading a lot about those things, it was also the time of the Revenge of the Jedi and the thought of aliens crusing through Belgian skies really appealed to me. You see this idea just popped to mind because it somehow was waiting there for something to trigger it. Now this is my case, I'm not judging other people because they may have seen really interesting stuff. Interesting in the sense that it might help us better understand the universe.
Ultimately that is what science is all about, searching anomalies to theories in order to make them better.

"If I have been able to see further, it was only because I stood on the shoulders of giants."
Isaac Newton
Yes I am doing further investigation
into this case. Currently, hypnosis
has not been used however this is something I plan on doing in the future.
I feel hypnosis will be a useful tool
in uncovering some of what happened that evening. As far as debunkers go, they really do not bother me much any more
I guess my work bothers them to much!!