Microsoft illegal msn ploy.

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not sure if its illegal, but its still evil.

Ever notice that microsoft IE (when going to a bad link) does a 1 sec search on msn? Im pretty sure that doesnt really search, but it sitll counts as a hit on the msn page, driving up their add revenue?

Anyone else think this is whats going on?

It may be more than just a hit on MSN. Must Internet sites today use cookies. They insert and also report information. If Microsoft wanted to find out how many people are using pirated versions of Windows or some of their other popular software what better way? You don’t see it happen, there's just that blink or pause. Oh, I’m not someone who sees conspiracy around every corner, but it is a fine opportunity to find out where you go on the internet, what your interests are, and who knows, maybe even financial info on how able you are to purchase impulse items and what they would be. The gambling casinos use something similar. They have a card, like a credit card, that if you use in say the slot machine, they will offer so many free games. It identifies you. How often you use their establishment. How much money you spend. What your probable playing habits are. Now, they are not going to get up on the podium and scream, “Hey folks, we need to know about your personnel habits so we can get a bit more profit”. And they sure as heck ain’t gonna own up to it. (Other than to say it’s for our private use.) With large corporations there are a lot of people trying to figure out how to get in your pocket book and if they can get paid by someone else at the same time for doing it they are not going to turn it down.
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