Me and My Childhood Hero


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It's impossible to overstate what ENDER'S GAME has meant to me, both as a young boy, a teen, and now as someone who can see the crest of that proverbial "hill." I always rate it as my favorite book when asked. It is timeless and ageless. So when my short story, WOOL, (which many of you gave excellent feedback on and supported long before sales took off) passed this venerable classic on Amazon's list of top science fiction, my jaw nearly fell off.

I may have to frame this picture. I doubt my writing will ever climb to a height greater than this.

Oh, and the offer stands for SF members. WOOL is selling like crazy now, but if any of you longtime folk (1,000 posts or more), want a gander, message me and I'll send you a PDF. Also, the second book in the series is out, and I'd be glad to send that to people who read and enjoyed the first one. All I ask is that you not send the PDF to everyone you know, but ask them to buy a copy and read it themselves!

Thanks again for all the kudos and support! I don't think I would have started writing without SF. Seriously.

I read Ender's Game or school in Grade 8, I thought it looked retarded at first, but I was wrong, it was amazing!