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We need to get off of this godforsaken planet, and terraform Mars. This is being slowed very much by politicians and ignorant people who do not understand the importance of the survival of the human race. We have to change that or all die in a large explosion of some sort. Please post any ideas you have to accellerate the colonization of Mars and/or informing ignorant people.

I was thinking, lead weighs a lot but is a very good radiation stopper. To defeat the cost of getting it in orbit, we could shoot it out of one of those gigantic satellite guns we used to have and just manufacture the space ship in orbit.
I think we need a space elevator or a couple then everything will be cake, plus we need to start mining the Helium ^3 which is on the moon since ion engines made from this could make a mars to earth trip a week long affair instead of a 6- month one. We Should start building the Ares!

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We need to get off of this godforsaken planet, and terraform Mars. . . .
I was thinking, lead weighs a lot but is a very good radiation stopper. To defeat the cost of getting it in orbit, we could shoot it out of one of those gigantic satellite guns we used to have and just manufacture the space ship in orbit.

I was thinking that lead is such a soft metal that we'd be crushed (along with the ship) if we tried to enter orbit or make a landing in it. I'm not sure though.

I wouldn't want to poison another planet with humans.....PLEASE! Do the solor system a favor, eh?
The problem that I know of for terraforming Mars is that the atmosphere that we make would get blown away. This is because Mars has a very weak magnetic field surrounding it. In result the upper atmosphere is ionized and blown away by the sun. Maybe if fusion becomes common place we could surround it in a huge electromagnetic field, but not for a while yet. Till than we'd be wasting our time since anything we'd do would be undone by the son.
It's a fine dream, but I gotta agree with papa_smirf. No magnetic field, no permanent terraform. One of the early martian satellites to explore Mars measured the loss of atmosphere while in orbit. A good portion was attributed to the solar winds.
hey all
if they havnt already they should send up some of those nuke powerd drilling machines and make underground caves on it to live in and use as a space port/refuiling/maintenence/whatever...

how could we find out if they have already?
how could we find out that they havnt?

groove on all :)

there are plenty of reasons to go to mars, but escaping earth for survival's sake isnt a very good one. it will always be easier to "fix" earth than to terraform mars, though even better (and easier) than that would be just to not fuck it up in the first place.
Hindsight is 20/20 for the masses. Even if a rare few have 20/20 foresight, we are still stuck in a perpetual loop of corrections; thus, us with foresight should enslave the masses :)
ok cool concept "papa"
no state your belief on the issues of death penalty and mentaly ill and child dicipline!

show how superior you are by wowing us (more specificaly me :D )

not ness on this thread :/
hells teath!=make a new one :D
maybe called qualities of a supreem race :)
or politics of the future
i dunno im try to make em up too :)

ignorant people by their very nature never understand what is good for anyone little-own themselfs :)

groove on all :)
To one of the mass

Be careful what you wish for Papa Smurf, You may be the first enslaved!
Wow. Somehow I turned a legitimate discussion about colonizing Mars into one on enslaving people (Mainly me ;)). I'll be more careful of what I start from now on.
About mars...

Getting to Mars will be costly, I think this is how it should be done. This may take a while.

To get to Mars, with even a few people or a hundred requires money. Lots of money, billions of dollars. This can be made easier by turning this into an international project between the US, ESA, Canada, Japan, and maybe a few smaller countries. Then again this will come out of taxpayers butts. A smarter way of getting money, and opening space for exploration would be to have NASA share its experience with companies in the private sector and develop limited tourism in space. Over a ten year period the investment would have been recouped and enough money would have been made to take the burden off the people.

We'd have to set up a colony of at least 100 people on Mars to set up a very basic foundation. The best and biggest would be chosen which would have experience in lots of scientific and political science fields. Someone will have to be able to run some sort of grass roots government to keep them together.

People went to the New World not because of adventure, or even real estate it was because money could be made, i.e. loads of natural resources. This will have to be true on Mars, it may be romantic to think that all we need is a pioneering spirt, but we also need to make some money off this or it will become a black hole of the nation's cash. We'd have to set up a system of transporting precious metals such as platinum, titanium, gold, silver, diamonds and maybe even uranium back to Earth. There is plenty of iron ore down here, so we wouldn't buy it from Mars until our resources run out.

Once the colony has been set up, a small economy is formed than there should be further mining operations done on Mars. A widespread terraforming is a bad idea at the start, you don't want to invest billions and have it fail. A smarter idea would be to try terraforming a two or three mile stretch of sealed off canyon which could house thousands of colonists. If this worked for a few years, and enough scientific data was collected than we could begin terraforming.

Theres a small, and relatively unthough of of problem. Mars, at the fastest, is months from Earth. It would take longer to get there than it did for 18th century Britain to get to America. In simpler terms if there was a rebellion, it would be difficult to stop. This is why there must be a fairly stern governing system on Mars. Not harsh, but firm enough to not allow independence of the colony. After decades of Mars-Earth interaction Mars could have a huge effect on our economy, we don't want them itching for independence and throwing us into the Second Great Depression.

If we colonize and I believe we should we should do it, carefully, thoughtfully, and with the intention of spreading humanities seed throughout the Solar System for all of eternity.
For the good attitude

I couldn't resist the one liner, Papa Smirf. I had hoped you would take it in stride as such. As appearently you have.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: Establish a colony on the moon first! Same sort of problems but a lot closer.

Besides, considering what an abject failure the attempt to create an enclosed ecosystem right here on Earth was a few years ago, I doubt that even a moon colony would work. Hell, we're still trying to work on the problems on Space Station Alpha (the International Space Station) which is only a couple of hundred miles above us.
I think the biggest problem with the enclosed ecosystems of the past and the ones currently under development at NASA is the size. From what I've seen we grossly underestimate the size of an ecosystem needed to easily support a single human, much less a hundred of them. Just from some estimation I figure that right now a one square mile peace of land/water on earth supports around 20 people. This includes the air/water beneath and above that area. What we're trying to do is stick 5 people or so in a room sized tin can and have it be at least semi self-supporting. This is not an easy task, even at our level of technology. It is definetely a needed skill if we are to spread throughout the solar system as we may want to do.

Maybe a nuclear powered algae cell making oxygen and filtering liquids?
hey all
at the risk of crossing frontiers on the boards i believe the ecospheres were actualy built to fail!
this can only be the rational and logical conclusion given the
knoledge at that time and the effort they made!

until the usa is ready and able to control the project and who will go in it they will not let it commence!

just take a second to think about it!
if they could calculate the physics to land on the moon then they can evalute and calculate the production and thus needs of plants to support humans!

its the old rose cloured glasses of self fulfilling lazzyness to save
brains and people from feeling responsible :)

this mentallity helps nurture the
"we are soo small and have no ability to change the world"
just the way they want it :D

groove on all :)
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