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Well, you're right. Good suggestion. I want to say just one thing and wash my hands of the whole kerfuffle: it was not I who posted the video in question. I was merely astonished that it could be dismissed so abruptly. (soto voce: let us not speak of this ever again...)

A word of advice..

If you are going to lose your shit over someone dismissing a video, it might be best if that video was not a 9/11 truther video. Because the majority of the population actually reject those within a few minutes, when it becomes clear that it is a 9/11 truther video. Why does this happen? Because 9/11 truther's, more often then not, ignore all the obvious evidence, and instead focus on what they choose to not show. Your requests that someone show you the bodies from the Pentagon crash was as morbid as it was disturbing and frankly, you argued like a 9/11 truther. Yes, he dismissed it after 5 minutes. Why? Because it was a 9/11 truther video. Nothing more needs to be said. If someone had posted a video of a woman in a fairy dress as evidence that fairies existed, I would have stopped watching within about 15 seconds.. Sometimes, it is fairly clear right from the get go that something is not quite right. 9/11 truther videos fit that category.

So losing your shit and abusing people for pages on end, because they dismissed a 9/11 truther video 5 minutes into the video (I lasted about 2 minutes personally) and then raving about how you wanted to see dead bodies from the crash and came off sounding like a 9/11 truther yourself, was probably not the best course of action you could have taken.