linear a, linear b


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It seems that many of the same symbols are used in linear a and linear b.
It is assumed that linear a was written in the language of the people of the island of Crete.
It is fairly certain that the Mycenaeans took over power on Crete circa 1450 bc(after the Santorini eruption and ensuing tsunami had led to the decline of the "Minoan" civilization--)--as/re Homer, 80 ships from Crete to Troy)
It seems that after the flood, no writing in linear a for about 50 years,
Then writing in linear b in the language of Mycenae(Michael Ventris and John Chadwick), with many of the same symbols and few more.

A young researcher, Dr Ester Salgarella has come up with a new approach to deciphering linear a.
She calls it her rosetta stone of the internet.
and 117a/

and much more through the links

Now the question(s)
Is anyone aware of recent progress in deciphering linear a?
Do you think that her approach will bear fruit.
Have you a guess as to the language family of the pre-Mycenean Cretans?
I'm interested, but I'll wait until there is significant progress.
in part
"Composite signs fall into ‘configurational categories’. “I could see that there is some kind of rationale on how to put them together,” said Dr Salgarella. By examining the patterns, she was able to come to a better understanding of how to read the composite signs, and make sense of some of the combinations."
By examining the patterns
seems (to me)to be a mathematical/probabilistic approach