Life soul purpose

Damn, I never thought I'd do it ...


Be gentle with Sir.Lonne.

I used to feel the same way until I realized he's well meaning and harmless and got into reading his posts to see just which wall he's coming off now.

Besides, if it weren't for him ... how would I have had the chance to contribute my esoteric bit of monkey lore?
imprisoned birds

Talking of birds being imprisoned. I have recently aquired a couple of budgies and built an aviary for them, big enough for my daughter to stand in and play with them. It still bothers me that they are not completely free. So to get off the very well trodden path of religion and all that let's talk about some other stuff,
In Thailand there's a way of gaining merit that I find a bit strange. When you go to a temple you might find someone with little cages full up with live sparrows. You pay the person and they let you set a bird free. More money, more birds. This apparently gives merit to you for freeing an animal. which, by the way never get very far because they are stonned from ganja and just end up back in the cage again once you're around the corner.

Or how about this? All Thais claim to be Bhuddist. but most of them eat meat which is not really condoned in Bhudda's teachings. But it's alright because they didn't kill it themselves.

What about you guys in the states, paying loads of insurance just to be able to drive a car, then getting stopped for minor offences and your insurance going up even more, but they're still churning out cars that can go 2 or 3 times the speed limit.
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That's it ...

Life's sole purpose: To drive 120+ whenever you can!

Thank you, Novice ...

And your budgies too!
Ah the continuance of the feeding of the economic machine.
Refering to the speed limit:
Here's a car that goes real fast! says the industry
Yippee! says us.
But you can't drive it that fast unless were not around. says the police.
Okay, we say, where are you going to be?
Oh around, somewhere and you must now live with the ever present threat that we MAY be close by at any moment setting traps just to catch you.
Hmm, say us, okay.
And the police merrily go off the coffee house safe in the knowledge that our own paranoia will restrain our behavior.
Don't forget ... Hypnogog

Just a few years back Montana tried doing away with speed limits and ended up reinstating a 90 mph rather than 'reasonable and appropriate speed' - Too many out-of-staters coming to Montana to wail at 160+!

Seems the highway patrol got a little upset when they couldn't always justify 180 + being unreasonable or unsafe when the car was a F-40 Ferarri or Lambo or Porsche Twin Turbo.
Have purpose and meaning to life!

I still say that we humans do have a higher purpose to our lives and meaning, then just a mad thrill ride!:D It is to the Glory of GOD our Creator in Heaven! And He will let the wheat grow up with the weeds (tires), and boy oh boy what a harvest it is going to be!:eek: :) Have meaning and purpose to your life!
Sorry ...

Sir. Loone

But I'm going to have to nick you on that one
I still say that we humans do have a higher purpose to our lives and meaning, then just a mad thrill ride!
That, the mad thrill ride, is part of what makes us human, for whatever reason.

Just try and remember the first time you ran free as the breeze just for the hell of it and the feeling of satisfaction it gave you. The same goes for any other mode of 'running' free and fast.
<i>"I still say that we humans do have a higher purpose to our lives and meaning...</i>

Both of you are wrong and right: <b>We give both purpose and meaning to life.</b>

Is 10,000 mine?

My thoughts on the life soul purpose (sorry for bad english):

I think that every creature on earth is a composite being consisting of material and etheric bodies. The consciousness is focused mostly on material aspect, but when you shift it to perceive in more higher (another) dimensions, it's not hard to notice the "higher-self" part of yourself standing behind any matter or consciousness.

Every action of higher-self is connected to every action in lower dimensions, such as material, as 3D objects create 2D shadows on lower-dimensional planes. While going higher and higher in dimensional planes, I started to understand that I am going towards the infinity, something unconditional, something that I can't perceive or understand with current level of my consciousness. And when I can't perceive it, I can't interact with it, leaving it to the consciousless (unconditional) part of myself. I think that these unconditional actions are the subject of one scenario (one matrix). The purpose of composite being is to donate energy to this matrix, doesn't matter how, but the result will be an integration of individual particles from chaos.