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I know what you're thinking, no, I don't want to be a cracker. I would not enjoy destroying other people's computers. However, yesterday I read that experienced hackers are actually making very good money working for government organizations or starting their own digital security companies. I'd like to look into that because I enjoy working with computers, and while I don't have any programming experience I can always learn.

I picked up a book at Chapters today, "SAMS Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days" and I'll work my way through that. My question is, what would be the best way to learn how to breach firewalls and things like that? My dad knows of two people who own local companies here that have been hacked, so the demand for security testing is quite high. Also, the way I figure it as computers become more and more important security will also become more important. The first step to defeating a threat is to know your enemy, which is what I'm trying to learn.

Anyway, if anyone can give me some good links (or any information) about beginner's hacking, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
Read A.S Tanenbaum's Computer Networks, provides nice info on TCP/IP suite.
check out:


a site with great tutorials.be sure not to leave Ankit Fadia tuts,he's an enigmatic 15 yr old on net.knows a hell lot.mail him to learn more.

but CAUTION! never use ready made flooders and nukers,that way you"ll become a lame script kiddo.
Also remember,securing a system from any hacking attacks is far more complicated and challenging then actually cracking it.as i progressed towards the maturity i learned this.I used to Break in regularly in Cisco Routers for high speeds,T1s.But found other great challenges like making trace programs designing firewall through C-socket programming.i designed a software router through the same Csocket programming.

you"ll find that there are loads of material available on net for newbies for hacking.And hackers are nothing but the shit legal Crackers,thats what i dislike.
Today nothing is completely secured,the concept of total security is illusion far from being accomplished.as many of the socket programmers might agree with me that it all depends on Bunch of guy's intellect who are designing the softwares.for security.
Personally the way I see it is not to become a Hacker or Cracker, it's not necessary. There's already enough people out there with malicious coding skills, The real money as you said is in the ability to patch and Defend.

Even the ability to revive data back from the dead like a pheonix rising. Too much malicious coding and you get things like Code Red, a Hackers smoke screen. Which slows down and crashes the very networks that your transpire to use.

Be as stealthy as you like, but just remember every footprint is still a trace of where you walked. Not to forget new tracing techniques that triangulate you with more information than you get on your mark.

Don't believe your are ever anonymous. Even when the computer is Off.
I am in agreement.Xe,i hold the same opinion as i had expressed earlier.If you really wanna earn a living by becoming a hacker ha,sorry but its not so Kool as you"d expect.you sometimes get busted,sometimes not,its like living in Hell.
anyway if you want any help regarding hacking check out,
www.crosswinds.net/hackingtruths.html ;)

I just called it hacking for lack of a better word. I'm not sure what you would call people that trace hackers and bring them to justice, anti-hackers maybe?

In the mean time, I seem to have pressed some button that I shouldn't have and now all my text in IE is a couple points smaller than it was a minute ago. Any ideas? :eek:
Don't, Xelios ...

Took me a couple of days to figure out what Avatar told you.

Too embarassed to ask for help. :rolleyes:

Take care. ;)
Asking for help isn't bad

Asking for help and the sharing of knowlege is basically the unspoken truth of the underground. To outsiders we keep our mouths shut but on the inside it's all hell to rise and any information anyone gets, in any way, shape, or form--Is passed to others within 24 hours.

Think about it. Hacking is to learn but not destroy. If we are learning we need to share...
May be giving thread another name like security wouldnt have helped so much as it is now,the attractiveness part of it...isnt it?

i wanted to mention the site's name but its(Telnet ) not working as it was earlier.,anyway i have done a lot of that in past, kinda fun isnt it?;)

but happy hacker is a great site.
also check out these sites:

Thanks Zion. I've actually found a new hobby for now, computer generated graphics. My dad bought Photoshop 6 last week for work purposes, I've been learning to use it since then. I also found this great art-type site, www.deviantart.com, which I'm a member of. Some company is offering $500 US to whoever can make them the best logo, I'm trying for that. I have until April 15 to learn how to work this stuff :p
ok I'd like to interject some of my experiences with the underground world of hacking, now I dont claim to be a hacker. My point of view is that you can never call yourself a hacker, although be it in some cases you can. All that is debtable. I will tell you that the worst question in the world is "How do I hack?". In my personal oppionion being a security advisor has got to be one of the worst security related jobs out there. why? one small team of advisors with very good skills going up against a whole generation is just asking for trouble, in other words, your screw up once and your fired. No system on earth is completey secure, all be it that its never been broken into doesnt mean its 100% safe. Now if you want to learn how to "hack" then you have to decide if your really into it on that level. I personally have given it my all because its something that I love to do. It will require alot of time, dont expect to become a "uberhacker" next friday, next month of next year. Ive been learning for about 2 years and I have a very very long way to go. Yes programming is a very much needed skill, understanding the logic and understanding what makes and OS tick. ANY hacker out there will tell you this, and I will tell you. READ READ READ! READ every single text file you can get your hands on, you may not understand everything but late you might. some good sites are textfiles.com , neworder.box.sk , code.box.sk blacksun.box.sk , tlsecurity.net and there are a ton of others. You cat become a hacker just for the fame, actually there is no fame. If you do get fame, then you've been caught, and so called "hackers" that get caught and usually newbie or script kiddies that just want to say they did it. If you've never programmed I dont suggest you start with C++ , beacuase its just a pain in the ass if you've never programmed before. I would reccommend python of php, or even perl to start with. NOT VB! dont start with something that isnt portable, or made by microsoft, vb teaches bad habbits and just sucks. I saw someone reccommended war games, I highly agree. so if you've got a few years to the rest of your life to make the commitment, then have fun!

p.s. learn everything about your own system (if it be windows) before you go trailing off into unix, after all windows is the most widely used servers on the net, and also the most hacked. http://www.alldas.de they archive defaced websites and windows is by far the mose insecure, see for yourself. so a very good understanding of windows first will be a good start, then get into the nitty gritty.
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oh yea one more thing. NEVER PAY FOR EXPENSIVE SOFTWARE. I saw you say that your father paid for photoshop 6. yes yes i know warez are illegal, but whose gonna stop me? pesonally im setting up a huge warez site (http://kickme.to/packratwarez) but hey i can practically get anything for free. Why pay $600 for photoshop 6 when you can get that and thousands of dollars worth of software for free. Microsoft XP Pro, FREE! 3D studio max, price tag $1500, FREE! Now does that sound good or what?
Actually, another big reason I want to learn more about hacking is the challenge it presents. I'm the kind of guy who loves challenges, and hacking seems like a pretty big one. It's also a neverending challenge, there's always more to do, always new things to find out.

Thanks for the info everyone, I see I'll be busy for the next 4 weeks reading all this stuff ;)

P.S. is the picture in my siggy working? All I see is an X, but when I put the link into my URL box, go to it, then come back it's there. :bugeye:
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