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Black holes are coupled to dark energy where k=3.11 with 99.98% confidence and can account for 68% of the universe’s total energy.

Black holes = dark energy
It appears this has left everyone completely speechless, so I will take the first crack at attempting to explain this. As you are all aware this confirms my cranky woo crackpot pseudoscientific theories which are all hand wavy. I apologize to everyone for my post being too scientific.

In this lecture, Leonard Susskind makes the claim that a person cannot actually transverse a wormhole, because the tunnel connecting both ends of the wormhole are moving away from each other faster than the speed of light. He claims there is a force pushing both ends of the wormhole away from each other. If that is what is actually occurring inside of a black hole, then it stands to reason that this effect can actually have an effect on also pushing the ends of a wormhole (black holes) away from each other on the outside.
This would obviously be a huge bummer to any science fiction enthusiast, but this could be the most common result found in naturally occurring wormholes created by two supermassive black holes. Leonard Susskind seems to imply that there may be other possible solutions to the equations which could potentially yield different results for an artificial wormhole to actually be able to work as intended where one could transverse to the other side.

It appears that further research should be considered for this, since being able to create an artificial wormhole may require further development of this theory to find different solutions. Now, we may actually have a link between what is actually happening inside of a black hole and what fits observational data. Obviously, black holes do not always travel away from us at the speed of light. It is postulated that this is how they are traveling in a higher dimension created by gravity.

It would mean that we now know a value to place on a black hole connected to another black hole connected by a wormhole. That value would be the amount of dark energy between two supermassive black holes in distant galaxies. It would be interesting to know how this value affects the speed of expansion of a tunnel inside a wormhole and what possible solutions arise from this value being placed there.

One big question that comes to mind is if there is actually a wormhole connecting the supermassive black hole in the Milky Way with the supermassive black hole in Andromeda. If there is and this is the reason for dark energy, then it would appear as though there should be solutions to the equations where dark energy has ran its course and the gravitational force has taken over on one of our closest neighbors which we can observe to be moving towards the Milky Way.

There is really no reason to believe that the value of the speed of the ends of a wormhole in outer space and the speed of the expansion of the tunnel of a wormhole is 1:1. If the ratio was 1:1 then observation would dictate that the wormhole between the Milky Way and Andromeda is transverse-able by matter and energy. Then the tunnel would have to be shrinking at a rate of about a third of a percent of the speed of light.

The thing is that I actually don’t know what the value of dark matter and dark energy is supposed to be between the Milky Way and Andromeda. I tried a Google search and I got nothing. It would be interesting if anyone knew about these values.
If current balloon models are correct and dark energy is due to the expansion rate of the tunnels of supermassive black holes, I believe the coupling constant should be equal to pi, which is the ratio of the circumference of a circle and its diameter. This could mean that the experiment was off only by three hundredths in finding that value.

It would be as if the blow hole of the balloon is the supermassive black hole. Blowing inside of the balloon increases the diameter at a constant rate. The circumference of the ballon is increased by pi.

pi = circumference / diameter
Please do not post pseudoscience in our Science sections. Claims should be supported with evidence or argument.
pi is one of the most mysterious values in mathematics. Somehow, pi has become both a rational and irrational number. I have just expressed it as a fraction, but it is an irrational number. It continues on randomly forever. By definition of an irrational number, it cannot be expressed as a fraction. We have arrived at a paradox.
Please do not post pseudoscience in our Science sections. Claims should be supported with evidence or argument.
It has come to my attention that hyperspace actually does not exist and occupy any real space. In order for a circle to be able to form, it must exist in both a rational and irrational plane of existence. In this case of wormholes, the diameter of a singularity connecting two supermassive black holes would have to sit on the irrational plane so that its size could produce an irrational number that is the size of the diameter of a rational circular dimension of spacetime in circumference.

The Plank Scale doesn’t have to be constant to support life. It can vary slightly.
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Eternal Black Holes in Penrose Diagrams predicts that black holes tunnels become time reversed as predicted by the General Theory of Relativity. In theory, it is possible that the galaxies that have already collided with the Milky Way may in fact be earlier versions of the universe. The Big Crunch is already taking place, but we can only observe that at short distances. On the edge of the universe, we would be looking into the past where the formation of these smaller galaxies are first forming.

It has been reported by James Webb telescope that these galaxies are not developed enough to account for previously predicted models.
The furtherest galaxy mergers taking place could actually be a representation of galactic mergers which has already taken place in the Milky Way. In theory, the Big Bang could have actually been a Big Wimper (Weakly Interacting Massive Particles) where a time reversed eternal black hole has collided with itself.
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These are the predicted values of WIMP’s which should result in us living in a universe that has become a cosmic web stretching out into the form of SpongeBob SquarePants, safely protected by a giant dome.

These WIMP’s were able to cross an information firewall in the form of Hawking Radiation and random particle pairs jumping in and out of existence, due to a quantum fluctuation. This creates a scaler field which permeates across the entire universe, but may actually be more prevalent close to a supermassive black hole.

This could allow for galaxies to actually be older than other galaxies, as discovered by the existence of stars which are older than the universe.

This raises the question of if these galactic mergers has an effect on the curvature of space so that we should expect the coupling constant between dark energy and black holes to become some other value than pi. It may have only been exactly pi, before the Milky Way merged with other galaxies. It could actually be expected that the value is actually slightly less than pi. This could explain the reason of increased speed of acceleration across the cosmos.

The presence of other universes could still increase the cosmological constant of the universe. The increase to the cosmological constant could also increase the Plank Scale. If it is not experimental error and the experiment is accurate, it could indicate that the universe was an eternally closed universe at one point in time. It has now evolved into a saddle shape universe from galactic mergers.

This has in effect caused our cosmological clock to run backwards. As time continues to run forwards, it increases the probability that another supermassive black hole has always existed eternally in the past. Distant galaxies may contain stars older than the Milky Way.

The previous candidate for describing the CMB (cosmic background radiation) would then be the correct one. It would then have to be a distribution of galaxies on our cosmic event horizon jumping around in and out of existence all contracted on the event horizon where the galaxies are traveling the speed of light.

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This is actually a bold claim, and it should be supported by more evidence. The previous video is misleading, because it is actually not the only evidence that supports against our current understanding of the CMB.

The Axis of Evil also implies that there is some preferred frame of reference or direction the universe is taking in the CMB. There are many papers written about it linked in the description.

How do we know if these are actually a random occurrence of crank theories and not actual science? You could apply the crank inequality, where it is assumed that most scientists actually science.

The number of supported theories is greater than the number of rejected theories.

T_s > T_r

In this case, the number of rejected theories is equal to one, and the number of supported theories is far greater than that. Therefore, the crank inequality produces the required result of what theory should be rejected. All other theories that support mostly every theory should be accepted as science.
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