Krishna, Mahabharat and Pyramid

Bhagavath Githa refers to the material world as one which is in the form of an inverted pyramid.

ūrdhva-mūlam adhaḥ-śākham (bottom on top and branches going down).

Similar to human brain and the rest of the central nervous system.

Sri Chakra, which is supposed to be the theoretical (geometrical) representation of a life form, is also depicted as an inverted pyramid in it’s three dimensional (meru) form.

Hopefully reasoning the two triangles (facing each other - like ✡) to form the union of both meta-physical and physical aspect of life forms.

Per eastern philosophy the two triangles (outer large ones) in Sri Chakra also represents the Goddess, mother nature herself, within which the rest of the triangles are illustrated.

Don’t miss the inverted one.
Krishna, Mahabharat and Pyramid

Just learned from an Indian source is that Krishna came from another galaxy by mistake due to crash landing of their ship here. Then they set up the Pyramid. That is 12000 years ago. At that time, humans were using bows and arrows. Since then they stopped coming to show them selves due to prime directive.

That means our galaxy is too young to have people with great start ships but that days will come about fast, may be in 500 years?.

Whether it is true...I do not know. But nice to think about it...

Update: Forget the Pyramid....the whole process was a peace activity after the war with everything like Norse Mythologies....thank you.

I don't know what to say about the balance of that source.
I don't know what to say about the balance of that source.

Just ignore the source...It took me sometime to get the correct them I do not know everything. I have no idea about Pyramid...there were people that came from outside long ago, but I do not know the years.

But what I know so far is that Lord Rama was here 100,000 years ago. At that time Lord Krishna was there too with a different name. That was another story. But the Fight during Rama time was real. It was with an external group with Red skin color. There was serious war and Rama group decided to leave Earth since we did not have other major civilizations near by. They did have Space Ships...the details will be found in Antarctica one of these days in a Library. They moved to Mizar Star System including Hanuman group to another planet. The reason we have Ramayana is because material was moved from person to person and then added with developed connection to the spirit/soul world. We would not know any of this until we get to that library and ...perhaps... Moon to find dead space ships, if available. So, may be we can wait for it...

As to Mahabharata it is same as Norse Mythology. While Lord Krishna was here due to space ship damage, we had the same Red people and another group that came and fought. This time our Rama Group and several others came here to fight. I am connected to Lord Krishna and hence get some ideas but very little about the past...just enough to connect the dots. I was a Holy Person back in year 12,350 but still can not remember those activities because that is how Soul Universe manages the humans.

Except next time when Lord Krishna show up in about ~300 years, we will know the whole story. It is not really important. What is important is this...

1. The Red Skin people fought with us because they never believed in spirit going to the Spirit/Soul Universe and that we all are one life forms etc. While it is bad for them because we had strong capabilities, the issue is the lack of understanding of the Spirit Universe that makes people fight with other people. There is a worry that we are heading the same way...and hence Lord Krishna coming in to talk to us. By the way, there is an agreement that these Red Skin people will not come back to fight back that they did 12,350 years ago. But in case they do, there are some arrangements ready to go...I do not know these...just a guess...

2. Our climate has changed such that in 200 years Florida will be under the Sea. The situation will be bad and to change it may require 600 years of management. So the idea is to move out to another planet for which the planet has been sourced (I do not know where). That way, we may leave a few people here. At this time we will have serious space fairing structure. I dod not know who will be involved but I am sure India will be a part in it. After all, Lord Krishna liked Indians, including me.

By the way, During Lord Rama time, White, Brown (they were brown), Black and Chinese all worked at that time. I know a little bit about the systems theory in space ships then....It is OK to move technology in rebirth but not personal stuff....I am sure it is like going to a space ship and in a month you can understand everything....from ground zero. That is why I am good in Systems Theory now.

So, there you have more people get mad on everything....

EDIT: Added item from Google:

"Charles Hapgood, an American professor of history, became convinced in 1989 that a civilisation, ‘with high levels of science’, had existed at least 100,000 years ago."
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I still hold that the balance of that source dangerous. So I am ignore your fresh source too.

You were taken in once, but it has happened a second time.
will go for it....About the Climate will find out very till 20, we can start talking. Everything else is not material now...

I am wondering, I may have bad information, but there are so many rishis or yogis or whatever out there in India, can they give us some guidelines of actual stories of the past (both Ramayana and Mahabharata) and tell us about 300 years to the future? Thank you....
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