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What would it eat? Wouldn't a pod of killer whales have ripped to shreds already? Would it make sushi awesomeness? How old is it? Why hasn't MR posted this?

I had a Gold Fish once. Had the bowl covered with a porous metal lid. But one day I woke up to find the lid on the floor - the fish had escaped! Or, I could blame my cat... I'm kinda' scared that a Kraken is a precedent to a Godzilla sized cat ready to eat it. Don't tell me this doesn't make sense.

Kraken shmaken! That's the FSM taking a bath, and every one knows it! The evidence is clear to those that have studied such things! Prove to me it's something else if you disagree with me!

Krakens are an interesting cryptozoological creature.

The name apparently originates with the Vikings, for whom it was a legendary giant fish, bigger than a whale.

But in the legends of seafaring, it gradually took on the description of a giant octopus, able to grab sailing ships in its tentacles and sink them.

Linnaeus at first thought that they were real and classified them as cephalopods, giving them the scientific name Microcosmus marinus in his first edition of his Systema Naturae (1735), but he apparently changed his mind about krakens and this animal wasn't included in subsequent editions.

The thing is, giant squid aren't quite that big (nor are they octopuses) but observing their bodies on the surface or washed up on beaches might have fed the legend.

Here's a large and impressive one that washed up in New Zealand:

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The Kraken in that pic is impressively - and suspiciously - three-dimensional for what is allegedly a 10 ton boneless bag on a beach.

They more usually look like this:

Well, it seems that the photo Yazata posted is indeed a fake...
This is the original photo:

It's of a beached whale in Vancouver.

Seems the fake even found its way onto youtube...

Sorry, Yazata. :)

That said, they do often turn up somewhat more solid-looking, but not much more.
Guys! Hello!

You can't tell me this is faked.


I DID mention a monster cat, remember? Cats like sea food, you know, and a Kraken or two (maybe ten...) would make a fitting meal.