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Does any one keep fit and if so how, do you eat wisely or are you a couch potato,do you go to the gym, or just stay at home and think you are fit,do you want to get fit or is it you dont care, do you have any hobbies or can you not be bothered, are you just letting live pass you by or are you doing something about it lets find out who has a zest for life.:cool:
To enjoy sweets while staying moderately thin I recommend having one soda on monday and one on friday. With food you should just start a habit of saying "I've had enough." I find that V8 Splash is a tasty drink that I PRESUME is healthy. Slim fast is alright but only satisfies your appetite for about 3 hrs, and only the chocolate tastes good.

Start swimming for excersize. I swear to GOD I love swimming and it counts as some form of excersize so that's my lil trick.
I work out 4+ times a week. I mainly lift and but I usually run a couple miles afterwards on the tread mill (I like being able to stop whenever I want without being stuck far from home).

I used to hate lifting and generally would prefer to play sports, but with 1.5 hrs 4+ times a week I can stay in pretty good shape and living in NYC it's hard to even get to somewhere to play sports in 1hr round trip. Not to mention the added expense. Also after you get into lifting it is an amazingly relaxing thing to do and makes your body feel good (exercise in general is pretty relaxing). I love stretching too it makes the body feel happy.

I think it's important even for mental activities to stay fit. When I let up on working out my memory isn't as sharp and I don't think as fast.

In terms of nutrition I could eat better, but I'm pretty about it. Eating is a harder thing to be good about than working out, lot's of yummy foods aren't great for you like ice cream. I love ice cream ... mmmm coconut almond chunk. If you keep up your muscle mass though it's amazing how much your metabolism is boosted so it's easier to keep trim, although without taking dietary measures you will most likely never have a 6 pack/washboard abs or whatever.
Hamsters run on wheels. Usually a minimum of one hour every day. The type of wheel varies from day to day. Changing seasons lead to changing wheels. This hamster stretches after wheeling. This hamster adds a short, intense strength routine twice each week. This hamster avoids supporting a car and walks or bikes for transportation.

Other than a variety of mentally satisfying seeds this hamster’s diet is severe. Little to no refined sugars or starches, fish for protein and oils, beans, fruits and vegetables, high fiber cereals and bread, vitamin and mineral supplements. Hunger is the best spice.

This regimen has been moderately successful at maintaining health and fitness. Time takes its toll. (Would love to see gradual deterioration become gradual improvement. Sigh.) This hamster is going down kicking.
Hey golfing doesn't keep you fit (especially if you use a cart and almost everyone I know uses a cart). Hockey on the other hand is fun and provides a great leg workout. I prefer lacrosse myself, if it was only convenient to play after you're out of school. I think a wheel sounds more fun than a treadmill, but they aren't offered anywhere I work out.

I also was playing some tennis before it got cold. I forgot to list my year round exercises ... I suppose dancing too - good break beats, house, D&B, or 2Step definitely makes me sweat.

Sorry guys but i can not hit that bloody ball,i can fish how everand i do martial art.and chi kung,farming keeps me fit to.;)
oh man....

Hmm, well, I USED to be physically I'm just unfit (ha-ha).:D

I used to have 13% body fat....I'd be able to do one of those squats (like you are sitting but not on anything) for over 6 minutes....and my body was "sculpted" but not muscular...weighed 95 pounds (those were the days....booohooooo).....until I turned 22 when I got sick and went down to 85 pounds, lost a lot of muscle mass and became a couch-potato -- I wasn't used to being in pain for a week after exercising...and now I'm up to 125 pounds.....all fat because I never rebuilt that muscle (ooops, I overdid the Ensure...LOL!)

Now I'm 27 and I'm in the process of becoming a reformed couch-potato......I workout 3x a week, reduced my caloric intake (I miss fudge the most), eat Oatbran muffins to help lower my cholesterol (yes, I have high cholesterol....damned genes!) and hoping to go back to playing drums and biking when we settle into our new house.
When I was in the navy I was ridiculously fit. We used to get up early, run all day with backpack, rifle, and canteen, then stop for lunch, then run back in again with the same load. After the navy I became deliberately lazy, I suppose as a stupid bit of weenie rebellion against my old life. I packed on some pounds. Now I'm getting back into it, running nearly every day, lifting weights all the time, et cetera.
What are YOU doing about your pet’s fitness?

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Hi everyone! I've been worried about how thin and unmuscular my hamster has been looking, so I've decided to start him on some weight training. I've already dissolved some creatine into his water supply, can anyone suggest any other supplements to try?

Also, I don't know what weights to start him on. Can anyone with previous experience tell me what would be considered a normal weight? If it helps, I think he weighs about 10 oz.
Taekwon-Do and full-day biking during spring and summer keep me fit enough and I also don't eat hamburgers and drink soft-drinks. I weight 53 kg, am 18 years old and ~1.74m. high.
Never did any diets though.

It feels good:) Especially after long physical training, seeing all your friends allready whorn out:D

I don't consider a diet as an option to keep you fit.
1) if you latter turn back to your old habits
2) if it makes you feel bad and miserable.

Physical training is way better!
Also, I don't know what weights to start him on. Can anyone with previous experience tell me what would be considered a normal weight? If it helps, I think he weighs about 10 oz.

Advice from the UNexperienced:

Every morning and evening, strap a small, used pencil eraser to each hind "ankle" for weights. (Can't imagine these would taste good enough to nibble on for long and might stay put longer. Use non-sticky, lightweight bandage tape as a "strap." Also let the little guy gnaw on a fatty nut or two every day. Cashew, perhaps?Providing hamsters eat nuts, of course. (know some who obviously ARE nuts anyway.)

hulk-hamster... guys are craazyyyy!

Anyway, has anyone else wondered why hamsters get on their wheel and just keep going? I mean, do they somehow "know" that they need exercise??? I know that sounds "nuts" but I mean, you don't give them treats for it and there isn't anything dangling in front of them to keep them going....and it certainly doesn't get them keeps them going back for more? Fun? :p
Taking off erasers and spandex and putting on glasses…

Wheels are pathways. A hamster cage covers a very large territory. By running a couple minutes, jumping off, wandering a little bit, and then running some more a hamster arrives at favorite places. Interesting to ponder a hamster’s mental map of its territory.

(Ana, hamster running seems controlled by a small section of hamster brain. Transplanting this section between strains with different running habits also transferred the running pattern. Removal of the section results in erratic running habits. Seem to remember people studying this stuff to understand sleep patterns and how they mess up.)
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The key to exercise is motivation. Take your hamster attach some heavy body armor (general weight and running should hit all muscle groups), buy a cat and put them in the same room for a half hour each day. You will see results immediately (side effects may be lack of trust, extreme stress, and a very dirty little suit of body armor.).

So we're giving measurements now, huh? I'm 195 lbs & 6' (One of my doctors once measure me as being 6' 1.75", but either I've shrunk or he flunked measuring in med school. I think that makes me about 88 kg and 1.98m ... converted based on memory of 2.2kg on 5lbs weights and 33cm on a foot long ruler). My likes include sciforums, ben and jerry's ice cream, the word incredulous and long walks off short piers. My dislikes include flippant sarcastic comments and gratuitous posting [whoops].