Just finished reading a book...


Beyond Top Secret by Timothy Good.

And damn... it was a long read. First of all, I know Timothy is a downright believer, but unlike many authors of the UFO phenomenon he does offer a lot of facts in this book and keeps the line separating speculation and facts quite visible. The information in his book... let's just say, overwhelming, you actually do come back to reality feeling like you have just taken a massive journey and you are somehow smarter after it.

Unusually, his book is overwhelming with simply, the straight up facts, which is what you want from a UFO book. If you had ever a negative opinion about the UFO phenomenon, I am almost sure this book will sew the seed of doubt. One thing you notice immediately is the photographic copies of previously secret documents... a collection of mostly air force secret reports or occasionally other departments such as NASA. And if you ever wanted to create a worldwide belief that there was nothing to the UFO phenomenon, they'd be the kind of documents you would want to hide. They seemingly prove the existence of these objects and that they have been taken seriously by sober officials for many many years.

I'd say there is plenty evidence in the book to prove that the UFO phenomenon is real... which in itself can be a hurdle for one person alone to come about to. Of course my brain was blown away reading the many mass sighting reports as well which the book described often, but the whole Military side of things interested me more.

Not only does the Military have programs which intend to make aircraft which probably would appear like a UFO in modern standards, but they have engaged in several, possibly more targets believed to be UFO's sometimes with orders to shoot them down. As far as we know there are no successful attacks against UFO's. ... they either have unmatchable speeds or they pose a danger enough to disengage.

if you ever get a chance to read it, you should. Don't let the size of the book put you off either! :)