James R: The S.A.M Issue

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I may go out of my way to point out the hypocrisy of a cult, but that in no way has anything to do with you or any other theist. The fact that theists make it their own personal issue is not my problem, yet to them I've become a person basher instead of an ideology basher.

Poor Q. So little self awareness. I searched under Q and used various insulting nouns in the word search. Lo and behold I found a wealth of posts aimed at theists, but also at atheists who questioned Q's posts or ideas and also anyone else whose ideas seemed to bother him enough.

Note 1) these are all PERSON bashing, not idea bashing.
2) I got tired and only tried a few insult words. I also tried not to go to far back in time. There is no doubt much more in there.
3) In some cases there was an exchange of insults and Q was also on the receiving end.
4) There were many posts that I chose not to include because the Person bashing was done through insinuation.

But Mr. Innocence attacks only ideas not the persons needs some time in front of the mirror.

Q said
Yet, somehow, perfectly logical to the insane. Curious...

One thing truly amazing with the insane is that nothing magical or mystical is ever doubted as not being real. The amount of fantasies conjured from them appears to be endless. From ghosts and goblins to alien visitations, the insane will surely tell you it's as real as the nose on your face.

Then, the insane will tell you that you're insane for not believing in their fantasies.

One can only pity the insane, especially when they refuse to seek treatment and are in denial.
There is no insult, Lori, only facts. You are either lying or are insane. Take your pick.

I'm only offering facts while you only offer lies. What is the point of that, Lori?

Your lies contradict your other lies about your god and your religion. Of course, being insane, you aren't able to keep track of your delusions.

You're that stupid?
You beg to be called stupid. Your conspiracy theories are offensive and insulting to the intellect. Calling you stupid is mild in comparison.

Fucking hilarious. The queen of stupidity strikes again.

Unfortunately, Sciforums has become a haven for the stupid and hateful, tipping the scales overwhelmingly to that side. So much for balance.

Are you actually so stupid as to equate Valentines day to birthdays?

And, you're a liar and a fraud, so you can now move on to try and make others look like fools. Good luck with that.

Fuck you, asshole.
Up yours asshole. One of the biggest mistake I ever made here was defending a prick like you. Piss off.

You are a selfish asshole with no regard to anyone but yourself?

Hey asshole, I'm getting a little fed up with your bullshit. If you want to take the gloves off and have it out, tell me to my face instead of sneaking around and dropping little pieces of shit everywhere like some cretinous rat.

I understand that you couldn't argue your way out of a used tampon, and your thinking level is one-dimensional, but there's no reason for this type of crap.

Do you get it, pal?

Idiot. They are one and the same.

There are no qualms about your freedom to look the idiot, the question is why do you want to look the idiot and continue to expand your idiocy?

Great, another indoctrinated Muslim idiot claiming his cult made everything including sliced bread. :mad:
I find ( Q ) very disrespectful, rude and also he or she knows nothing about anything . It is time to kick his or her ass and be banned for life . I am sure that the members here need more respect from such a loser .
I think we're pretty much done with this thread.

S.A.M.'s account has been suspended for 14 days, along with those of a number of other posters.

S.A.M.'s suspension is for trolling.

Troll (n.): someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional or disciplinary response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

S.A.M. has herself stated that she posts to provoke other people. She reposts the same or similar topics over and over in an attempt to dominate the forum. She plays dumb and pretends not to know facts that she clearly knows, or else pretends not to understand points that are clearly explained to her. She is disingenuous and evasive. When directly challenged, she either backs down, ignores the challenge, or tries to change the subject. All of these things are classic trolling behaviour and will no longer be tolerated on sciforums.

I hope that S.A.M. uses this 14 day time out to rethink her reasons for coming to sciforums.
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