I've been scamed for so long.

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Thing being, I never signed up to this junk:
"TLDR; Fungerund.com is a site full of red flags such as deceptive claims to offer unlimited movies, music, books and even games, has nothing of value or quality to offer really, it is indeed some kind of scam. Most likely the classic "Oh your free trial period is over, now you're getting billed!" type of scam."

The bank is closed today, otherwise I'd make a hissy fit. My checking account only gives me for last 120 days, and hence, they could have taken away into the thousands IDK.

Is there anyway I can get my money back...
Can’t think of the name of the organization but there’s a government website or department that handles online scams. Sorry that happened :frown:
I don’t give any info out for “free trials,” unless it’s a well-known company.

Your bank should credit the money back if it’s a one time thing - just explain that you thought it was legit but realized it was a scam.
Couple emails and I'm getting 191 US$ back...

there was a lot of online discussion from pro privacy groups some years back about how these type of data collection processes were built & designed and put up as public space on the internet.
the greedy capitalists decided that the online companys did not have to make declaration to specificaly request things.
and consequently all the big scams started by taking credit card details for free trial periods and millions of dollars have been made off people who didnt read the information.

we are talking about tens of millions of dollars
and we are talking about very very big companys who will be directly bribing/lobbying politicians.

the debate in its current mode is now falsely named "net neutrality" and is a propaganda designed false debate around giving free access to the internet but in reality is about handing ownership of the internet to corporates while pretending to sell liberty and freedom to the customer.
I believe I got what was expected, minus some banking fees.

Yes, in four installments, totaling around $250 CDN (the first installment, however, was for 3 cents CDN.)
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(the first installment, however, was for 3 cents CDN.)

this is why the bank gave you money for nothing when yours had been stolen

the 3 cents was a tester transaction to see if the card is working.
banks are supposed to block these type of transactions.

this is why a minimum purchase contract has been installed as a regulation by some better quality governments.

this 1 dollar transaction is defined as a verification transaction that is also labeled as such.

if the regulator finds out about this occurrence they may ask the bank to explain what happened resulting in thousands of dollars worth of self auditing and possibly uncovering hundreds of thousands (sometimes millions)of stolen dollars which may result in regulatory action against the bank.

you agreed to check your own account transactions as a legal contract when you purchased the card and account.
had you been doing your part only 250 would have been lost

the bank is carrying your breach of contract at a cost/gift of around $300.00

money for nothing

4 instalments ...
roughly $62.50 each
less currency conversion which the card company and bank lose
on 4 transactions

pluss a liability fee ?
191 ?
= $50 liability fee less currency conversion fees lost
$9.00 in conversion fees.
it probably cost the bank around $250 in administration fees
pluss the loss of your gift of $191
$441.00 US$ gifted to you from your bank because you failed to check your account transactions and gave your Credit Card number to some dodgy company knowing(written in the terms and conditions?????) they would start charging you in 30 days.

your lucky
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Melbourne fake healers allegedly stole from victims by praying over packages of cash or jewellery


Police are investigating after reports a group of women posing as spiritual healers tricked at least two people out of cash and jewellery in Melbourne's south

https://amp-abc-net-au.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/amp.abc.net.au/article/12319200?amp_js_v=a3&amp_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQFKAGwASA=#aoh=15912754827591&referrer=https://www.google.com&amp_tf=From %1$s&ampshare=https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-06-04/police-investigating-alleged-spiritual-scam-in-melbournes-south/12319200

Just how brazen is this?