ISU (Infinite Spongy Universe Model of Cosmology) Update 2016

Discussion in 'Alternative Theories' started by quantum_wave, Jun 23, 2016.

  1. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    Continuing to frame the Philosophy of Eternal Intent

    Take consciousness, the mind, the characteristics of ideals, the conventional wisdom about the benefits of a positive attitude vs a negative attitude; all are parts of the human being as we are acting out our lives. We humans are mysteries in many ways, and yet every aspect of life, consciousness, thought, and action must be permissible in accord with the set of invariant natural laws. Vast intricate workings among those laws still reside in the "as yet" unknown.

    My philosophy is called Eternal Intent because in order for there to be any intent in the universal set of invariant nature al laws, that intent must have always existed. It is not an invocation of the supernatural, it is the invocation of the three infinities of the Infinite Spongy Universe Model of the Cosmology of the Universe which includes Eternal Intent. When we discover what is there, it will be an explanation for what, to many, seems to be Supernatural, but what is instead, the eternally existing, built in inner workings of the invariant natural laws, and I have chosen to identify that as "Eternal Intent" for my own personal philosophical view of the universe.

    In there, as part of my philosophy, is the defeat of super determination at the human level. In the quantum realm, the mechanics that govern physical interactions at the level of particle structure, particle interactions, electromagnetic radiation, quantum gravity, and the advance of wave energy through the oscillation foundational background are the working of natural law, and yet are unaffected by (oblivious to) the living, thinking, self-aware individuals playing out their existence in the macro realm. Individuals act according to freewill that they impose upon that complex and intricate micro level backdrop.

    To be continued ...
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  3. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    Eternal Intent: Reaching out to the "as yet" unknown

    As part of the philosophy of Eternal Intent, self aware individuals can request acknowledgment from beyond the boundary of known science. They can reach out to the "as yet" unknown and to the invariant natural law that resides there, and expect a discernible response, an acknowledgement that there is some connection between the unknown aspects of consciousness and intelligence, to what ever is out there beyond the boundary.

    The idea is that there can be some form of responsiveness to our requests for acknowledgement. It would be akin to the answer to prayer perhaps, or positive thinking, or hope and faith. It might be that the infinite universe which accommodates the perpetual generation and evolution of life, our consciousness and freewill, and our many capacities such as expectation and appreciation, might also accommodate us with a discernible acknowledgement that is in accord with the invariant natural law of the universe.

    It might help if the request is well intended and thoughtful, but the laws at work might be based on completely different standards than one might expect, and might be different for each individual based on their own lives, experiences, justifications, appreciation, or expectation. You can only try it, with the attitude that the laws of acknowledgement and accommodation are there, and take care to work on what you think might make it effective for you. I find it a personal venture, and the signs of acknowledgement are personal perceptions.

    For example, you might seek an acknowledgement from beyond the body of known science, and out into the "as yet" unknown invariant natural law of the universe, that would come in the form of a return to health of a particular loved one.
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  5. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    Rather than actually posting some content right now, here is a list to remind me of things I intend to include in this update:

    Back to the Dale Hileman Effect

    How Schmelzer smooths out GWs

    Huygens and oscillations

    Gamma bursts and Big Bangs

    Thought experiments
    The role of Infinities
    Removing constraints
    Newton's Bucket
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  7. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    Response to Black Mask, who asked:
    What exactly is gravity?

    Given what has been posted in response, the consensus of the scientific community is that we don't exactly know. There is a search underway for a quantum solution to gravity, and that would be great for a lot of reasons.

    Quantum gravity would have some basic characteristics. We start with the quantum nature of particles; when talking at the quantum level, it can be said that particles would be composed of wave energy in quantum increments.

    That said, then a particle, composed of wave energy could be characterized as a complex standing wave pattern; complex because the standing wave pattern would vary depending on the type of particle; the pattern must represent the presence and mass of the particle.

    The standing wave pattern would have two fundamental components, directionally inflowing wave energy, and spherically out flowing wave energy, and the standing wave pattern would "contain" the energy of the particle.

    The directionally inflowing wave energy would be the spherically out flowing component from surrounding particles and objects.

    Then there are two things, presence which relates to location as well as mass, and motion which is the effect of quantum gravity.

    The presence of a particle is the complex standing wave pattern, and the mass of the standing wave pattern can be quantified by the finite number of wave intersections within the pattern. Wave intersections come into play because they form momentary high energy density spots (quanta) within in the pattern as the inflowing and out flowing wave energy components intersect and overlap. (The freeze frame concept is a useful thought experiment to help with understanding the mass of a quantum particle, which is proportional to the number of high energy density intersections (spots) in the count taken during the freeze frame.)

    Motion of the particle is the result of quantum gravity, and occurs when there is a directional imbalance in the inflowing wave energy sources. Particles move in the direction of the net highest directional wave energy inflow. The reason for that is because the highest wave energy density inflow causes more high density spots to form in that direction within the complex standing wave pattern.

    The spots are momentary, and are continually refreshed by the inflow, and so the net highest directional inflow is the direction in which the preponderance of new internal high energy density spots form. The location of the particle at any instant is represented by the current configuration of high energy density spots, and that location is continually changing as the new spots are continually forming in the direction of the highest net wave energy inflow.

    All of that is speculation though, and is only mentioned because everyone agrees that the scientific community does not yet have a solution to your question, "What exactly is gravity". Beside there being outrageous layman level speculative ideas like the above, there is a lot of activity in the professional community to do much better at characterizing quantum gravity, and there are expectations that a consensus solution can be established.
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  8. black mask Registered Member

    what would be differences between magnetic and gravity field?
  9. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    I wish I knew the science and mechanics of gravity vs. magnetism for a fact. My views are not scientific, they are layman level speculations based on known scientific observations and data, with the "as yet" unknowns (at least unknown to me) filled in using a "reasonable and responsible" methodology. The methodology entails self learning of facts, coupled with contemplation of those known facts to propose my own answers to the unknowns. I call that the Big Wait, while we wait for the scientific community to reach a consensus and chip away at the unknowns.

    My bold speculation in post #79, that light is the out flowing component of the complex standing wave pattern of photons is a perfect example of my amateur speculations.

    To speculatively answer your question, light is the presence of electromagnetic radiation, which features both the electric and the magnetic fields, and which can be equated to the two components of the gravitational field produced by the process of quantum action. That ties in to gravity in my model, because quantum gravity is the product of the process of quantum action, which is one of the two main action processes of my model. Quantum action includes the two components of that standing wave pattern that establish and maintain the presence of particles, as well as producing quantum gravity between particles and objects.

    If you noted my premise that there is an oscillating foundational background to the universe, present everywhere as the lowest wave energy denominator (like a quantum foam), which serves to advance wave energy through space, both gravitational waves and light waves, then here is a point I didn't make yet. Each oscillation at the foundational level has an electric component and a magnetic component.

    Each oscillation has two stages, the build up of energy in a high energy density spot, and the spherical disbursement of that energy to feed the surrounding oscillations. The disbursement is the electric field component, and the build up of the energy in the local high energy density spot is the magnetic field component.

    I hope you know enough not to take that as the gospel, lol, but from my personal view of cosmology, it is an application of the "methodology". There is a fit with my other contemplations, and is consistent with all the speculations and hypotheses that I have invoked to bring the ISU model where it is, but I left real science at the doors step years ago. No one should take heed of anything I say when it comes to learning generally accepted science. But if you know science, and like to think about the unknowns, then enjoy, and feel free to correct and/or comment.
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  10. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

  11. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    In the opening post, I linked to my previous thread called Fleshing Out Wave-Particle Duality in the ISU ... This linked thread:

    The reason I mention that is because my speculations and hypotheses about wave particle duality put forth the mechanics that support one of the main concepts of the ISU; everything is composed of wave energy.

    Part of that premise is that the intersections and overlaps of wave energy (referring to light and gravity waves), cause high energy density locations, relative to that location's surrounding wave energy density. I then parlay that concept into the mechanistic explanation of particle mass being composed of nothing but wave energy, via a pattern of standing waves that encompass and perpetuate huge numbers of wave intersections within the particle space; a space that features both inflowing and out flowing wave energy components.

    My view then, is that all is well and good with a universe of wave energy. However, a comment has come up in prior discussions, saying that if my wave energy premise is true, then my premise that the universe has always existed cannot be true. The reasoning for someone making that comment is that they think a universe composed of wave energy will expand until the energy of every wave will be so extensively disbursed that no "useful" energy will remain to produce mass. It is an argument similar to the heat death option in General Relativity, and to the energy disbursement concepts of the Big Rip theory.

    However, that reasoning led me to contemplate the Big Bang nature of our observable universe, and that contemplation caused me to ask, why would there be only one big bang? The concept of multiple big bangs removes the arguments about heat death and a final disbursement of useful energy, and opens up the contemplation of an infinite universe as opposed to a finite universe.

    In addition, the multiple big bang landscape introduces the concepts of a maximum and minimum wave energy density; limits set by the invariant natural laws of the universe. When the maximum wave energy allowed by the laws of nature occurs, as in a big crunch, a big bang occurs to disburse the standard amount of energy that a big crunch can contain. The big bang event is a collapse/bounce event that starts the process of the disbursement of the amount energy accumulated in a big crunch, but because of the multiple big bang landscape, the energy isn't disbursed forever. It is only disbursed spherically until portions of the expanding arena wave encounter other expanding big bang arena waves of energy. That encounter leads to energy from one big bang being captured and incorporated in the formation of a new big crunch.

    That is the process of arena action, and arena action is the explanation for the perpetuation of the landscape of the greater universe, which on a grand scale is isotropic and homogeneous.
  12. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    As noted, the greater universe in the ISU model has always existed, and on a grand scale appears the same as it always has, isotropic and homogeneous from any vantage point. This "sameness" and the perpetuation of the greater arena landscape exists because of nature's maximum limit on energy density. That limit causes big bangs to occur here and there, long before all of the matter and energy can fall into a final big crunch to end the universe.

    So nature's maximum limit of energy density is tested again and again, and each time it is tested, a certain "critical capacity" of energy gathers in a big crunch, triggering the crunch to collapse and bang, perpetuating the arena landscape.

    Now consider the role that nature's minimum wave energy density plays in all of that.

    My premise is that at the minimum level of wave energy density, there is also an action process, a micro level quantum counterpart to macro level arena action. Its role would be to perpetuate a foundational wave energy background that accommodates quantum action, quantum gravity, and the wave-particle duality of nature.

    The background at the lower limit will always have to have active wave energy intersections and overlaps, otherwise we would have long ago experienced the heat death predicted by General Relativity. So in the model, this foundational background of wave energy density exists everywhere, fills all space, and though it hosts the process of arena action going on everywhere, all the time, it is also characterized by the fact that wave energy density cannot fall below a certain natural limit anywhere in the greater universe.

    When a wave energy environment approaches nature's lowest allowed density, waves begin to lose their ability to be meaningful; they have little useful energy left, and when they converge with other such low energy waves, there is almost not enough energy to form a meaningful quantum of energy in that location, and that inhibits the presence of quantum particles and quantum gravity.

    Without such a limit, the energy level would approach a waveless state akin to the heat death, or the Big Rip. The waveless state is imaginary in my model, and can never be reached in reality because there is a universal average wave energy density in the ISU model, and that density is too high to allow the heat death of the universe to occur. Before the energy density can fall to that level, there are enough distant and surrounding expanding arenas of wave energy coming from all directions, that they will arrive in time to keep the energy density from falling any further.

    In summary, if you think about the ISU, at the macro level, big bangs occur before all of the matter and energy of the universe can fall into a final big crunch; the crunches collapse/bang before that can happen. The corresponding language at the micro level is that inflowing arena wave energy from other expanding arenas will arrive at any low energy density environment before that location's wave energy density can fall below nature's lower limit.

    Hence, in the ISU model, the landscape of the greater universe imposes both a maximum and a minimum wave energy density limit, and without those limits, the predictions of GR, either the heat death or the final big crunch, could reasonably be expected.
  13. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    I want to explain the ISU micro level mechanics here, updated, for the record. The micro level playing field in the ISU model is more difficult to understand than the macro level landscape of the greater universe.

    At the macro level, the scenario is sort of simple, if you agree that "just one big bang" is impractical. To me it seems practical to predict multiple big bangs across the greater universe because it allows for big crunches to form and bang, and it allows for reasonable and responsible speculation about preconditions to our own observable big bang arena.

    Big crunches would form when two or more galaxy filled big bang arenas expand into each other. As that happens, there is a center of gravity established in the overlap space, and the galactic material of the converging arenas swirl into a gravitationally caused rendezvous of matter and energy that grows, through accretion, until the speculated "critical capacity" of matter/energy is reached. Then the crunch collapses and bangs into a new, expanding big bang arena, thus perpetuating the arena landscape. Like I say, simple.

    Since wave intersections and overlaps are the main events at both levels, I speculate that there is a striking sameness between the action processes at the two levels, macro and micro. Therefore, there are some clues to be found in the macro scenario that might apply at the micro level, which will be pointed out as I go.

    In the following posts, as I attempt to convey a lot of details about the micro level, I have to say that what I have come up with over the years is not exactly simple. I had to go through a lot more contemplation about reasonable and responsible ideas to get comfortable with the logic and mechanisms at the micro level; wave particles, quantum gravity, and the foundational background that accommodates the advance of wave energy through space. Both gravity waves and light waves advance through space as a result of the foundational background that oscillates alternatively between expanding waves and high density overlaps of those waves, at the tiniest possible wave energies.

    FYI, I find that questions, comments, and arguments always lead me to making the model better, and if you haven't followed the thread so far, this will be a good point to pick it up; make comments and challenge my speculations if you can.

    To be continued ...
  14. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    The three main scenarios at the micro level will therefore be about wave-particles, quantum gravity, and the foundational background which contains the mechanism to advance wave fronts through space.

    All three are connected as follows: All space is filled with wave energy, coming and going in all directions, at all times. There is a concept that the wave energy density that occupies any give space is variable, depending on the density of the source waves that fill that space. The big crunch/bang represents nature's highest density source of wave energy, and within any given big bang arena, any massive object or event is also a source of wave energy.

    1) In the model, wave-particles have their origins in the hot dense ball of energy that emerges from a big crunch as it collapse/bangs. As that energy expands and cools, the ball of energy decays through various stages of exotic, massive particles, until expansion and cooling accommodates a mix of stable particles. Those particles form atoms and molecules of matter, and accumulate to form stars and galaxies, that in turn make up the galactic structure that typifies mature, expanding, big bang arenas.

    Wave particles occupy some of that arena space, and are complex standing wave patters where huge numbers of inflowing waves are intersecting and overlapping within their space, and particles emit an out flowing wave energy component spherically from around their outer particle boundary.

    The internal wave intersections cause momentary high density locations within the particle space as they overlap. Those momentary locations are also known as high density spots for convenience; they start at a point of intersection between two or more converging energy waves, where the energy of the spot is equal to the combined energy of the wave fronts that converge to cause them, and their energy declines as they expand spherically within the particle space.

    2) Wave particles are connected to the force of gravity because particles move in the direction of the net highest inflowing wave energy source. Those inflowing waves are the out flowing energy waves from surrounding sources.

    The motion is a result of the ever changing pattern of high density spots that are continually forming and disbursing within and around the particle space, a wave/spot/wave type of action. Those spots establish the location of the partical at any instant, and the relative motion of the particle is caused by a directional imbalance in the inflowing wave energy component.

    More high density spots form within and around the particle space in the locations where the directional inflowing wave energy component is the highest, and in that sense, the location of the wave-particle moves directionally toward the net highest wave energy source; that is gravity.

    3) The waves that are traversing the space between particles and objects are connected to the surrounding particles and objects since they are the out flowing energy wave component emitted by those objects. Those waves advance through space assisted by a wave/spot/wave oscillating action that typifies the internal composition of particles, but in space they have an extremely low wave energy density relative to the internal energy density of the particles.

    Thus, wave-particles are the decay products of big bangs, and are connected to gravity by their inflowing and out flowing wave energy components. The directional imbalance of the inflowing wave energy component causes gravity. The advance of gravity and light waves through open space displays the connection between particles, and they advanced through space by the same oscillating wave/spot/wave action taking place within particle spaces, but at lower wave energy densities.

    Look at the Huygens Principle, because the advance of a wave front through space in the ISU is similar.
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  15. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    There is one universe, and of course the micro and macro levels exist together as one. For purposes of conveying the complex nature of that one universe, I discuss action processes that occur in and around the most massive events, and in and and around the least massive events, ie., arena action and quantum action.

    That one universe is composed of a sole commodity, energy, and the entire infinite volume of energy is continually in motion via waves traversing space relative to each other; wave energy is all there is. The action processes perpetuate those waves, and in that sense, wave energy is directed and redirected by the processes, and cannot be created or destroyed. Energy is either in motion via waves between particles and objects, or is contained within particles and objects. When contained in wave-particles, it is still in motion within the particle space, but the distance waves travel in any given period within the particle space is substantially shorter than the distance waves travel during that same period when traversing space between particles and objects. The energy density is much higher within the particle-space.

    Thus, from that description of energy in constant motion, it should be noted that wave energy density varies substantially between energy that is traversing open-space, and energy that is traversing the particle-space.

    The hypothesis that governs the variable speed of wave energy is the "wave energy density hypothesis". Simply stated, it says that the more wave energy there is in a given volume of space, the slower the waves travel when traversing that space.

    The energy density hypothesis brings to our attention the concept of a "time delay". A time delay is associated with the convergence of wave fronts. It is really a slowing of the wave front at the point of convergence with other wave fronts, allowing for the emission of a tiny pinhole wave at each point of convergence.

    That time delay accommodates the redirection of the wave energy from a broadened and curved plane wave that naturally develops as a tiny pinhole wave expands spherically. The time delay separates each new spherical pinhole wave along the converging wave front of the more meaningful waves of light and gravity. Each new spherical pinhole wave is a separate event in space and time.

    There is also a "time" hypothesis in the ISU model, related to the "energy density" hypothesis and the "time delay" hypothesis. The "time" hypothesis can be stated as follows: time simply passes, but the rate that time passes, when measured by any clock, is variable relative to the wave energy density at the location of the clock.

    When applying the time hypothesis to the convergence of two advancing wave fronts, the time delay as measured by a clock, accounts for the separation of each pinhole event along the advance of the wave front. It is obvious that you cannot place a clock at a pinhole location, but instead, the rate of advance of the meaningful wave front becomes the "clock" by displaying a measurable change in relative velocity as the energy density of the environment changes.

    Thus, when wave energy leaves "open-space" and enters a "particle-space", the relative velocity of the wave front decreases substantially.
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  16. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    My contemplations leading to the evolution of the model continue:

    The recent posts about the advance of the energy wave front through space highlight the model's most basic premise. That premise is that the energy wave front advance through space always occurs at the local speed of light, but one must appreciate that the local wave energy density governs the local speed of light, and can vary greatly from one point to another. Thus in the model, the concept of an invariant speed of light, though factual, is overshadowed by the concept of the variability of the wave energy density of the local "foundational background".

    That declaration makes it appropriate to reemphasize here the phrase "medium of space". Throughout my many updates, I have used the phrase "foundational background" interchangeably with the "medium of space". Perhaps subconsciously my emphasis was to shift toward using the phrase "foundational background" to differentiate that aspect of my model from what other models refer to as the "aether".

    However, the local wave energy density can be better understood if put in the context of the "medium of space". There is no aether in this model if you think of an aether as some undetectable commodity that occupies all space, and through which electromagnetic and gravitational energy waves travel. Instead, the commodity that occupies all space is energy, and waves that traverse the energy "commodity" carry energy by changing the local wave energy density. Any difference, point to point, in energy density is the result of wave energy traversing the local medium of space.
  17. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    Light does not Self-Propagate in the ISU

    The refraction of light, as it transitions from one medium to another, is explained differently in the ISU model, than in the standard model. In the ISU, light doesn't self propagate, it advances with the assist of the oscillating wave energy of the local background, similar to Huygens effect (discussed earlier). In the standard model, EM waves are self-propagating, and their velocity is governed by the permittivity and permeability of the local medium.

    In both models, the atomic characteristics of the various mediums causes the change in the velocity of light and the observed refraction, but in the ISU the explanation is that the change is due to differences in the local wave energy density that govern the rate of oscillation that those mediums produce. Therefore, the advance of light waves and the change in velocity of light, through various substances, is a natural consequences of oscillating action produced by quantum action at the level of the tiniest energy waves within those mediums.
  18. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    When I can post the above without being corrected, I assuming that if there was obvious evidence against that premise, then someone would try to help me understand.

    The advance of light waves via the oscillating action of a given medium replaces the self-propagating nature of light which Maxwell has eloquently defined mathematically as an oscillating transverse wave (Wiki).

    The above link is to an excellent Wiki, written at a level that a layman like myself can begin to comprehend. It is one source that someone arguing against my premise might have referred to, but I can't find where a careful read of it falsifies my premise. The Wiki points out many instances of compatibility with the ISU model.

    The ISU utilizes the oscillating action produced by any medium to eliminate the need for self-propagation, so self-propagation is not necessary in the ISU. A read of the Wiki points out, at least between the lines, that self-propagation is consistent with the standard model, but it is not necessary for the advance of light waves. Further, since the rate of oscillation in any medium in the ISU varies with the wave energy density of the medium, it is reasonable to predict that the velocity of light through different mediums would be different, as is observed.

    Any enthusiastic objections to these statements are welcome for discussion, because I do want to properly understand the science behind it if I have it wrong.
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  19. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    Here are some posts from another thread that I want to save here:
  20. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    You seem to have run out of puff.
    How does your model work with dark matter.
  21. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    I don't think so; I have added some material over the last month or so in regard to details of the oscillating background that assists the advance of light (and gravity) wave energy, instead of self propagation. I don't expect anyone to accept, or even understand how all these things are connected since I am way down the road of speculation upon speculation, lol. I don't care since I get satisfaction and fun from working on the ISU, and the philosophy (Eternal Intent).
    Well, this is a question that has been getting some play in the alternative papers; some saying there are models where dark matter is eliminated. Pretty far out stuff though, and that coming from me, lol.

    Dark matter is real in my model. If you recall, each big bang is from a big crunch, and the formation of each of those crunches involves an inswirling accretion of galactic matter and energy form converging parent big bang arenas. The resulting crunch reaches critical capacity, and collapse/bangs into a rapidly expanding ball of hot dense wave energy.

    Now think about what is in the space into which that new arena is expanding into. It is filled with the inflowing accretion of material from the parent arenas that didn't make it into the crunch before the big bang event. In my model, it is that old, cold, galactic material that forms the dark matter that gets attracted to the galaxies that eventually form as the expanding arena cools, forms particles, gases, stars, and galaxies.
  22. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    I am happy to hear that.
    There is more I wanted to say but I must leave shortly.
  23. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    I will miss you. Thanks for participating.

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