Islam for dummies!

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Username, May 28, 2013.

  1. Yazata Valued Senior Member

    That's pretty dumb, in my opinion.

    For one thing, I have never seen cars and semis fucking, and I don't believe that those kind of human artifacts can have sex. He's confusing them with biological organisms. (I'd like to see car and truck sex. It must look like the Transformers movies.)

    A more serious criticism is that he is turning whatever his target is (non-atheists I guess) into a caricature. What's more, he's doing it intentionally. (He certainly isn't an idiot, he knows precisely what he's saying. My guess is that he was playing to an audience of atheists, for laughs.)

    I don't know of anyone, theist or atheist, who completely ignores the natural order. What the theists assert, and the atheists deny, is that the natural order is the work of God. Some theists even go further and imagine that natural laws exist as Platonic-style forms in the mind of God, as God's eternal ideas so to speak.

    In other words, if God created the natural order complete with the regularities that govern it, and created human beings as part of that order, then God presumably intended human beings to pay attention to the rules of creation. I don't know of any theists who would interpret their doing so as a denial of God.

    If atheists believe that they are totally different from theists because they count on logic as opposed to faith, perhaps they would be willing to explain to everyone else what logic is and where it comes from. I don't think that they can. (Of course, I don't think that the theists can either, since saying that it is the will of God just exchanges one mystery for an even bigger mystery.) But whatever logic is, atheists certainly have faith in it.
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  3. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    This thread should not even exist as the opening post is so blatantly rude any moderator with a hint of class would have buried it deep into the cesspool.

    as far as ......
    Reminds me of a Joke..

    Mans boat capsized in the ocean and he was treading water. He prayed to god to save him. Shortly after a tiny sailboat approached and the woman asked if the man needed help, and he replied he was okay and that he trusted god to save him. Another few hours go by and a tiny dingy floated up with a man on board and the man asked if he wanted help? The man said "No Thanks, I am waiting for god to save me." A few hours later a friendly dolphin arrived wanting to pull the man to shore but the man ignored the dolphin and waited. Finally a lifejacket floated past which the man also ignored. He then drowned.

    When he got to heaven he asked god "Why didn't you save me"?

    God answered, "I sent a sailboat, a Dingy, a dolphin, and a lifejacket, and you let them all pass you by".
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  5. Rav Valued Senior Member

    Yet here you are rudely characterizing at least one of our moderators as someone who lacks even a hint of class.

    Way to take the ethical high ground there kwhilborn.
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  7. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    @ Rav,
    I moderate on website 1000 times larger than Sciforums. The Opening post would earn an immediate 1 day ban on that website with escalating penalties. Yes. I was certainly not complimenting the moderation for allowing such an blatantly abusive thread to an entire culture. I am not Islamic, nor do I like it, but I also think discussions do not need to be so blatant in their rudeness.

    Obviously there are some (or one) moderators here who feel the OP poster is not following guidelines as the member is banned.

    is pretty over the top. It is not the first time I have different views than Sciforum moderators.
  8. Balerion Banned Banned

    E-Peen: Super Large!

    Escalating penalties for one post? How very Gestapo of you.

    So they should be more indirect about it? Sort of like how you indirectly said the moderators here at Sciforums are classless? (Simply for disagreeing with you, if in fact that's what they did; it's entirely possible mods just haven't seen the thread yet, or have and are discussing what to do about it)

    So he's been banned and you're still sniping mods?

    Obviously, since they're so beneath you.
  9. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    @ Ballerion,

    You cannot get escalating penalties for 1 post. Escalating means increasing the penalties for each offence. The "Gestapo" you refer to is a website with over 50 million members and they are actually very lenient in many cases as there is often money involved. There are rules that must be followed by the moderators and all penalties are outlined.

    Swearing for example is called "unaimed swearing/bypass" if they swear at someone then it is "aimed swearing/bypass". Swearing only gets registered if they bypass the filters as many swearwords are automatically filtered. If someone types in "PhU" and continues with lettering making that a swear then it is a bypass of the filter.

    The "gestapo" has nothing to do with me and even the moderators on that website are subject to reviews. It is the rules. I said the OP would get an immediate 1 day ban that escalates should they repeat the offense after returning. After 1 day comes 1 week and then a month, etc.

    Making fun of race/religion is not just insulting to one person, and I could care less about your approval as I know it is uncalled for. Supporting "slurs" or any kind of racisms is beneath me personally, and if you choose to partake in it then It would only serve to make me think less of you.

    The OP said...

    That is in no way part of a discussion. I originally did take the high road by ignoring this thread, and thought it would work its own way to the cesspool, but there must be enough ignorant people here for a post like this to garner support. I myself will stay away from Slurs/Racism. Although I do sometimes indulge in making fun of Americans for allowing such "redneck views", and that is not a compliment.
  10. Cheezle Hab SoSlI' Quch! Registered Senior Member

    Last edited: Jun 1, 2013
  11. Rav Valued Senior Member

    Yes, and that is precisely how I knew that at least one of own moderators was on the receiving end of your own insulting commentary. Action was taken, but not the sort of action that would be necessary in order to avoid being characterized by you as someone who lacked even a hint of class.

    Own your hypocrisy like a man.
  12. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    @ Rav,
    I hate explaining basic things in a science forum where people shoud have a basic understanding, but you obviously need this explained in a more basic manner.

    a) The Person banned in OP only received a temporary ban and is now back yet this Racist Thread still exists.
    b) We do not know why the OP was banned and it could have been someone moderating a different section of Sciforums and completely unrelated to this thread.
    How would you know?

    Your reasoning lacks reason. Do you understand?


    Hypocrisy involves being a hypocrite. This usually means the person you are discussing is guilty of what he is complaining about. I have the view that this thread is Racist and is technically against forum rules, but for whatever reasons was allowed to continue by whatever moderation (if any) exists in this area of Sciforums. I do not see how this makes me a hypocrite as I am not being racist. I also have inferred that I think competent moderation would not allow such a thread to continue shortly after the OP was posted, either from neglect or in support of the racist viewpoints. I stand by my views and would not support a thread like this. That also does not make me a Hypocrite.

    I hope this helps you understand, as I do not wish to dumb it down further, and if you want to start throwing big words like "hypocrisy" around at least be careful to check the meaning in a dictionary beforehand.

    I stand behind my post (#42) and was a jab at this thread and its moderation. I think you are emphasizing this more than is needed, but thanks, it is sometimes nicer to get the message across over a multitude of postings.

    NOTE: I apologize for most of this if English is your second language.

  13. Rav Valued Senior Member

    It's perfectly clear to anyone who has followed this thread why the OP was banned, and who banned him, because the moderator in question actually made a post about it.

    Hypocrisy is in play whenever you assume the moral high ground on the topic of potentially offending others while potentially offending others.
  14. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    @ Rav,
    There should not be need for anyone to police threads for infractions when there is supposed to be moderation, and I bit my tongue on the issue until the third page.

    Sciforums actually has guidelines... such as.
    Once again the OP was pretty much pure Hate/Goading/Flaming/Trolling (all of these)

    Now I do not understand why anyone would defend this OP. Maybe you think it is fun to laugh at Muslims? I do not care. I also find the religion has problems and would never endorse it, but I also won't condone such ridicule as the Moderator has either through neglect or choice, or in your own attempts to defend this stance.

    @ rav, continued...

    My opinion is this.

    a) This thread is based upon an OP that is Goading, flaming and trolling, and racist with slurs. This thread likely should have gone to cesspool. This thread is without class or redemption. (Sciforums is in search engines and many people can find this drivel now).

    b) Since Moderation is the only policing method here then I also think we are in need of more or better moderators.

    Now let's go back to my comment that made you drag this thread off topic. I had said.
    I stand behind that. I did not read every comment all the way through and perhaps the Moderators did not have time to review the OP here. It is very possible they are just shorthanded moderators and missed the OP entirely. I do think many moderators here would recognize the OP as cesspool material and thought I would add some comments about it to emphasize it to them should they wander back here and read it finally.

    I have agreed and disagreed with the Super-mods here like James R over religious issues and have also had some run ins with a few mods over the decade I have been here and I was only banned once for spamming and it was not even spam by our rules it was pasting a link 3 times to someone who is elderly.

    I honestly do not think this thread has been moderated fully or effectively because as I have said, "any moderator with a hint of class would relegate this thread to the cesspool".

    It appears James R thought a 2 day ban was good enough. I think it should be deleted entirely. Islam has over a billion followers and hate speech is hate speech. If this were a discussion on hate speech (which it is turning into) then it is mislabeled and deserves a new OP.
  15. Rav Valued Senior Member

    What a ridiculous assumption. I haven't defended the stance of the OP at all. For the record, I think he went too far with his comment about severe mental disabilities.

    Did you miss the part where I stated that the moderator who took action against the OP made a post about it?

    And here you are again charging the moderator who did review this thread, and did take action against the OP for his nasty characterizations, as someone who lacks even a hint of class.
  16. GeoffP Caput gerat lupinum Valued Senior Member

    Angry big man, little man.

    Huh. So then:

    So should these alternative lifestyles - homosexuality? feminism? Judaism? - defend themselves also? What is the limit of their allowable defense? Criticism? Propaganda? Shoe bombing? Basically, I see your view as being that you don't want your truth turning the other cheek to what you define as evil. But you strongly disapprove of the OP, which is pushback against what the poster calls evil. And what should one do about these abominations and crimes in other cultures? Well, punish them, apparently. And you call me close-minded?

    Oh, and al-Awlaki can blow me. Or wait, he can't, cause he's dead, and good riddance.

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  17. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    @ Rav,

    Yes . We finally agree about something. lol

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  18. Username Registered Senior Member

    Maybe I should have posted my comments in the joke section? Although I must say, I have enjoyed the positive feedback and great discussions thus far. It has been great. :yay:

    My opinions haven’t changed about this topic since I last posted. I know enough about Islam to know it’s not a religion I would ever consider credible, along with many others.
    I feel no need to apologize to anyone if they were offended by my post either, because it is my opinion and Islam is a religion I don’t agree with and will never have any respect for along with many others.

    I don’t feel sorry for people who choose to follow any religion, because that is their choice and that is the choice they have decided to make even if it is a very poor one, but it is up to them to make the right choices.

    I think people who follow Islam and have any human decency should speak out and against violent extremist instead of being lured into their retarded crap and propaganda. Telling women they don’t have the right to an education is ridiculous. Telling people they don’t and shouldn’t have any freedom of choice or live life the way they want is just as ridiculous.

    Until I see changes being made within and among the Islamic (or Muslim) community I will have very little faith in it.
  19. spidergoat pubic diorama Valued Senior Member

    I don't like it either, but some Muslims give it up and become atheists. Were they also idiots? Some just follow it because they will be killed if they don't. Others are indoctrinated since birth and never got to learn about the world through any other lens. I feel sorry for them.
  20. Username Registered Senior Member

    IDK... I'm not an atheist. I don't think anyone who views it differently will be killed. That is just a small sum or people who think they are right when they are ignorantly wrong.

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