Is Parkinsons' and Tetanus the same?

are they x Vietnam soldiers who were soaked in DDT agent orange ?
did they serve in Iraq & get exposed to depleted uranium ammunition ?

your precise question can only be answered by someone who costs around $150,000 per year to employ
and requires a laboratory costing several million
and then funding of around $5,000 per week for a year or so

and you want it for free ?

you need to do a bit of your own research
and show you have the capacity to comprehend basic discussion around the subject
No, it’s very unlikely.

PD is a neurodegenerative disease of the central nervous system. It occurs when the neuronal architecture in certain regions of the brain start to degenerate.

Antibodies are large proteins and typically do not cross the blood brain barrier from the blood into the brain. There are some exceptions; antibodies can enter the brain via a process known as receptor mediated transport. But this typically not the case for antibodies generated in response to a vaccination. Thus, anti-tetanus toxin antibodies generated after vaccination exert their effect in the peripheral nervous systems.

Interestingly, I found this paper that describes an effort to generate anti-tetanus toxin antibodies that can enter the CNS:

“Tetanus neurotoxin reaches the CNS by axonal retrograde transport and thus becomes inaccessible to current treatments. A possible strategy to improve current therapy for tetanus disease would be the vectorization of Fab'2 fragments, allowing their delivery into the CNS.”

Transport of cationized anti-tetanus Fab'2 fragments across an in vitro blood-brain barrier model: involvement of the transcytosis pathway
Girod et al. J Neurochem 1999 Nov;73(5):2002-8.

Bear in mind that Fab2 antibody fragments are an artificially generated type of antibody; these are different to the natural antibodies made by our immune systems.
Yes, autoimmune ... That is what causes shingles thanks to Chickenpox
Rambow, what are you trying to say? That autoimmune is not the cause of shingles, a symptom you yourself brought up?
so when we break down what your referring to here RE viral DNA mutation to be causative to a neurological degenerative fatal condition

the DNA would need to be consistent to some degree

the DNA of the mutated Virus would have some type of signature variance to its outcome

like all high speed mass causes damage when it hits something

the physical variance process exchange
needs to be functionally noted

in this case the hand off is
virus DNA mutation
specific type = cause to create parkinsons or pre-condition to parkinsons

as to your "hoarding" question
most trade professionals hoard things because they have lots of parts required to fix things
more things = more money
its like a banker moves small amounts of money around
a trade professional/engineer stores/hoards things because things are not only money
but also mind/hobby/lifestyle/professional
and ability to carry out professional function

breaking that down into a anthropological level gets a bit more tricky and possibly too far from where your wanting to muse
Tetanus is a bacteria, not a virus
You seem to be talking out of the side of your àss Raindow. Viruses can be made up of DNA or RNA. They only need half the helix to reproduce.

What are you saying? I am talking about a bacterial infection and its possible immune response.
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Mercury is its own element but it is still a metal

I would not call mercury steel. Would you?
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