Is God good ?

And because the people who are actually engaged in cosmology and theoretical physics are wrong because they have no science papers on their personal observations?
Well, when they can present falsifiable evidence of their claims, instead of philosophy, I'll treat it as more than a philosophical issue.

Actually their belief is founded on evidence through their working papers and predictions which are subsequently proved or falsified by evidence,
Great. Are they ever going to present that evidence? (by evidence I mean 'beyond simply more unsubstantiated philosophy-talk.)

What science papers have you written on the subject that qualify you to make any judgement on the subject?
So, by that criterion, you too don't have qualifications to make any judgment on the subject.

Does that mean it will stop? I'd be perfectly happy if neither of us discussed it further.

< aside >

What you are positing is merely your belief and I haven't seen any serious science papers on it on. And, by your own words; "No papers? You're out!"
No. I have been very patient about this - discussed it at at great length with you every time it comes up (which is in virtually every thread you visit, BTW).
You haven't added any more information, you just keep repeating the same claims as if they weren't dismantled for lack of evidence.

I've treated you seriously, and I've treated you fairly, for as long as I could. You are eloquent, intelligent creative, thoughtful and a good opponent. But man you don't know when to stop beating the same horse.

You spam any thread that vaguely hints at anything you can use as a trigger word to post page after page of the same thing.
My patience has run out. I'm tired of every damn thread I'm trying to participate in being hijacked with W4U's mathematical universe, or W4U's Quorum Sensing.
Start a thread to discuss that topic of your choice.

But I am encouraged that you did check out some of the links I provided. It'll give you a better understanding where I am coming from and what my beliefs are.
Of course. As I said, I have taken you as seriously as I can manage. But you're turning into an ad-bot for your pet ideas. It's not cool.
< /aside >
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If we determine that God is good, then we are exercising our moral judgement.
But we get our moral judgement from God, because he created us.
So we haven't got an independent method of judging God.
So only God can judge himself.
In order to judge himself, he must compare himself to some standard.
Did he determine the standard ?
Well, yes, because there is no other authority.
Did he have good reasons for that standard?
Well, you might think so, but what makes them good reasons?
The reasons can't be good, because that requires a standard by which they can be judged.
I suppose he could make up reasons, but that wouldn't make them good.
Therefore he didn't have good reasons.
Therefore the standard is arbitrary.
Therefore, for God, goodness is arbitrary.
Therefore God cannot be judged to be good.
So the only logical answer is no.
I agree.
If there is a god no “he” is not good. How this being became gendered is another story.