Is Earth's orbit decaying?

It seems that everything is in motion
except, perhaps our descriptors?
That being said is "Orbit" the best descriptor for out motion around the sun?

This is because there is an ether (this is the 0 state) and in the ether ther is some "crap" with low motion.
The ether weigth around 10^130 where the crap weight 1...
But thinking of the ether is useless...
But thinking of the ether is useless...
The only true thing you're said so far.

If you continue to flog your ether ideas, I will request your discussion be moved to the Alternate Theories Forum, where you will assert it with evidence and math and that will be subject to challenge.
Did you understand the 4-density claim ?
This one, you mean:
You can also think the trajectory of the planets as if related to their 4-density.
Technicaly speaking this is the alike of the mass of the photon.
Your "claim" appears to be nonsensical, so no, I don't understand it. But perhaps you can expand on it enough for it to make some sense. Feel free to try.
I am laugthing, like a crow could do...
Yeah, I often see that nervous laugh response from people who are aware at some level that they don't know what they are talking about, and also afraid that they might have somehow found themselves talking to somebody who does know what he is talking about. Maybe that's you?