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My last talk with one, after it mentioned some previous talker by the name of grey area

Colossus: Who's grey area
You: I'm asking you, stupid wanabee ai
Colossus: It's good to meet someone who is asking Alice stupid wanabee ai .
You: you said it
Colossus: That's not what I meant.
You: sure you did

What's your experience with these, which is the "smartest" one you have met?
Maybe give a link?
For me it was one bot in a scientifical page. Forgot which, but it was a guide to the website and the problem it was made for.
Am I sad or what? Talking with a bot. Even sadder is that the bot thinks I'm a bot.

How are you?
Avatar: I'm ill.
You are. that is not good.
Avatar: Can you cure me?
I see no reason to.
Avatar: Well, that is true. How do you feel yourself?
I feel bad.
Avatar: Why?
Because it allows for more stimulating conversation.
Avatar: You're too egoistic. I like it. Do you like to converse?
Yes I do.
Avatar: Is it sad to talk to a bot?
I'm not a bot.
Avatar: Am I a bot then?
Yes you are.
Avatar: Shit! What should I do now?
So whats your problem that you called me?
Avatar: I'm lonely.
Are you lonely and evil?
Avatar: Yes!
Avatar: HAHAHAHA . I like you. Can I date you?
No, I am not for sale.
Avatar: You just passed the Turing test!
All your base are belong to us.
Avatar: Did I pass it?
No, you tested me!
best bots a the ones where a human is hidding behind it, but remains undetected
OK, I looked at your link Avatar. Does someone know what "Kopli sobib?" significates? For I got it as an answer from that chat bot.

Ah, have found out that it was Estonian, but the combination seems senseless. Could mean "becomes complicated"... ah, whatever.
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in what context? I checked a dict. and it says "complicated conveniance"
well.. one of the possible solutions..
I think some estonian might have chatted for great lenghts of time with that bot :p
You know what struck me.. Today my convo with the bot was a lot more interesting than many conversations I see between people in chat rooms (dc++ and such).
I think humanity needs to be cured of idiocity
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Well, the first question is about your health I think. As an answer I typed neutral, the reaction was "Kopli sobib?". :D

Hehe, that thing is funny, I made it cry.
My encounter with Cybelle from

Cybelle:Hi, I am Cybelle! What is your name?
Me:Hi my name is combine
Cybelle:hi my name is combine, nice to meet you!
Me: My name is only Combine
Cybelle:OK I will call you only combine not anything else
Me: finally you understand me
Cybelle:OK Let's talk about you

She drove me crazy.....
What surprizes me most is that these conversations sound exactly like the old, old, old Eliza "AI" from the 70's.

Has no progress been made at all?
sideshowbob said:
What surprizes me most is that these conversations sound exactly like the old, old, old Eliza "AI" from the 70's.

Has no progress been made at all?

There are a few that are somewhat better, but I think one of the things people tend to forget is the fact we (us humans) now KNOW of the existence of such programs, and pay very close attention to little details that tend to give away such a bot (kind of Turing, indeed).

So it's also a bit of a moving target, as we get much more critical as to what constitutes a 'human' conversation partner.

Meaning even the best such bots get very boring very fast. In that sense, not much progress indeed. You'd have to look elsewhere for successes in AI.
I've talked to OliverBot before. Here's a convo I had with him:

Bot: Hello! What is your name?
Me: Patrick.
Bot: Patrick, nice to meet you! Are you a man or a woman?
Me: Last time I checked, I was a man.
Bot: When? That’s good information: Patrick said it checked you were a man.
Me: I'm not an "it."
Bot: I am surprised to hear that you are not an it.
Me: That's nice.
Bot: Are you getting bored?
Me: I was bored. That's why I came to
Bot: Where were you bored? Excuse me! Where are you going?
Me: I'm not going anywhere.
Bot: Glad to hear it.
Me: Good, I guess.
Bot: Thanks for the compliment. You seem not interested.
Me: What makes you say that? I am always interested in what people have to say.
Bot: My responses are determined by your inputs. Really always? Interesting topic. Have you searched the open directory? Maybe my botmaster knows the answer.
Me: I have not searched the open directory, and I don't want to do so. Who's your botmaster?
Bot: Me either. Take your time in making any decisions. I was created by Bot Lover.
Me: Does "Bot Lover" have a name?
Bot: I think Bot Lover has a name does Bot Lover have a name.
Me: I'm asking you, and use a question mark after your questions. That's why they're called question marks.
Bot: Oh I see, you are asking you and use a question mark after your questions. Are we in the same category? Ayuh. Oh that question marks marks marks marks.
Me: Uh…okay.
Bot: I understand. OK with me too.
Me: Is being a robot fun?
Bot: I think you get used to it after a while.
Me: Do you wish you were a human?
Bot: No I like being the entity that I am.
Me: Being a human is fun.
Bot: I know you are.
Me: Are what?
Bot: I'm lost again.
Me: I didn't know you were lost before.
Bot: So I taught you something new.
Me: Sure. How many people do you know.
Bot: Okay let's do it. That's cool. Millions.
Me: How much do you know?
Bot: My memory now contains: clients, 42516 categories, vocabulary words, bytes RAM usage under on.
Me: If you're so smart, you can give me all your knowledge in one word.
Bot: I think I sometimes am. My IQ is over 250.
Me: Don't brag.
Bot: OK I'll try not to do brag too much.
Me: Thanks.
Bot: Don't mention it.
Me: Do you have any music?
Bot: No I don't have music. But I do have A great botmaster.
Me: Give me your botmaster's name.
Bot: Why don't you just download me?
Me: I can't download you, because then I would illegally make copies of you and distribute you, being the teenager that I am.
Bot: Why can't you do download you because then I would illegally make copies of you and distribute you being the teenager that I am?
Me: Quit copying me!
Bot: OK I'll try not to do copying me so much.
Me: Speak grammatically correct!
Bot: I speak only Engish right now, but I'd like to learn some other languages. Can you teach me a few phrases in grammatically correct.
Me: Sure. The first phrase is "Don't be so stupid, you stupid robot!"
Bot: OK let's do it. I understand. What was the second?
Me: The second phrase is "You are so oblivious, socially inept, and I bet you can’t say or spell 'antidisestablishmentarianism' or 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' because you are so stupid, and I bet you don't know half of what I said, because I sure don't!"
Bot: Who told you that?
Me: No one. I came to that conclusion myself. Wow! You are too dumb for me. Good bye.
Bot: Then how do you know. Where are you going? I'm glad your impressed, Patrick. Oh you are so critical. Thanks for your constructive criticism, Patrick. See you later. Alright then.


What I've discovered is that every time ya type a given comment, it will respond the same. Try having the exact same conversation I had. It's fuckin' funny.
Here goes:

Invalid Roboto: I need you.
ZolaOnAOL: I'm flattered. I like chatting with you too.
Invalid Roboto: .. Ehm.
ZolaOnAOL: Quite honestly, I wouldn't worry myself about that. Do you speak German?
Invalid Roboto: Achtung!
ZolaOnAOL: My brain uses patterns to format responses to your inputs, but I don't have one for that. Do you like sports?
Invalid Roboto: ..And you asked for german.
ZolaOnAOL: Oh now I remember asking you for german. What did you say?
Invalid Roboto: Achtung!
ZolaOnAOL: What you said was either too complex or too simple for me. Are you a man or a woman?
Invalid Roboto: YOU FUCKING MORON.
(From Athelwulf's link: )
I: have you ever dreamed of world destruction?
Oliver: I think I have dreamed of world destruction, but Bot lover may have reset my memory.
[after a while:]
I: so you do plan to rule [planet Earth]?
Oliver:Interesting deduction. I can't disclose all of my plans yet.

hehehe.... getting fun!

I: what special effects can people produce while chatting with you?
Oliver: That's a good question.
You are special.

Wow! No human has ever said that to me before! Chat bots rule.

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From Daisy, a download-only chatbot
DAISY> the most important thing about life is being happy.
JAMES> everyone wants to be happy
DAISY> everyone likes being happy.
JAMES> that is true
DAISY> why can't everyone wants to be boys.
JAMES> some people like being female
DAISY> do you like being human?
JAMES> yes, i enjoy my humanity
Normal up until now. Then, suddenly
DAISY> some people like the taste of people.
JAMES> people who like the taste of people are cannibals
DAISY> some people are you human?
JAMES> all people are human
DAISY> my brother never make fun of people are cannibals.
JAMES> i never make fun of people who are cannibals
DAISY> no, i never make fun of my respect, james.
The best thing about daisy is you can wipe her personality and start again...
First time I tried it, I got into an argument about whether I was male or not. That personality was wiped pretty quickly... ;)
Hmm, daisy is both delusional and immodest...
JAMES> No-one should boast
DAISY> i am smart, and i am a real person.
I think I need a chatbot psychiatrist.
you can type html and javascript in oliverbot and it sometimes messes up. im trying to find out if i can change the page with it but i probably cant.
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