Interesting 9/11 video

That's not what happened to either slavery or the draft. Draftees in the US were on average more, not less, capable of handling highly technical weaponry, and more likely to enlist for specialized training than undrafted citizens with their capabilities. And slaves are perfectly capable of handling machinery etc - at the time of the US Civil War slavery was a burgeoning and highly profitable enterprise, there was no economic barrier to expanding slavery even further in territory, or expanding the employment of slaves into the growing industrial economy of the US (and vice versa).
Capable is one thing, willing another. Of course, if one judges "capable" from formal education, one can expect that draftees, who have average education, are better than those who choose the army. And, of course, once you have to spend your time anyway, you prefer a place more appropriate to your interests and education.
Yep. Your "libertarian" ideology is much favored by the 1% in the US.
No, it is not. The 1% favour almost exactly the two big parties, with the Koch brothers as the sole exception.
They did, with alcohol. Also tobacco. The US expanded the War On Drugs to Afghanistan, with the same consequences as everywhere else (Latin America, Mexico, Vietnam and environs, etc) The supposed persecution of the poppy farmers by the Taliban was a one year wonder, best explained as a standard market manipulation.
That's long in the past. US democracy is much degenerated. The "one year wonder" was stopped by the US.
So you have learned to infer government "intentions" not by their declared laws and overt prosecutions, but by the actual consequences of their behaviors. Progress. But in that line of approach, the US government's "will" or "intention" in all these drug wars was apparently to destroy its own citizenry and economy - the US opium wars, like its cocaine wars and meth wars and cannabis wars and hallucinogen wars and alcohol wars and so forth, would be domestic and civil, not colonial. If judged by their consequences.
Cheap "you have learned to" rhetorics, posing yourself into the position of a teacher, causes more damage to you than to me. Then, you have, especially in democracies, to distinguish between declared aims and real aims. It is, also, one of the big problems of democracy that the political choices supported by the public opinion are not only stupid in general, but more stupid than what an average guy would decide after a quite short consideration of the arguments. More than the 30 sec. time span.

This extreme stupidity has to be distinguished from what the 1% want. They may err as well, nothing prevents them from believing into, say, Keynesian nonsense, but one could expect that they, instead, know very well that the Keynesian nonsense is in their own interest. But their interests are not told to the public. That for these 1% the war on drugs may be not only de facto, but intentional a civil war against the own population is a interesting idea, but I'm not sure if it is correct.
This video on 9/11 has the latest research that some of the older ones don't have.

September 11 -- The New Pearl Harbor (FULL)

It's a must-see for sincere truth-seekers.
why try to figure out what to do with the passengers when you can slam them into the side of the pentagon?
people boarded that plane, and they HAD to be killed. (they were witnesses)
the simplest answer would be to, well, fly them into the pentagon.
wow, i can just imagine somebody reading this that lost someone because of this.

RIP robin.
Maybe it was the intent to switch planes from one that was manned by an actual person to a plane that was controlled remotely.....I don't know, maybe that's what they meant.
Maybe it was the intent to switch planes from one that was manned by an actual person to a plane that was controlled remotely.....I don't know, maybe that's what they meant.

Please don't revive a dead conspiracy thread.

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My question is

Who conspired to travel about 5 years into the future to take a photo of my expected looks?


Just saying truth is stranger than fiction

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the latest research

I am continually amazed @ the number of people who don't understand the word 'research.' They are only outdone by those that misuse the word intentionally, preying upon those who do not understand the word...
I want to continue a discussion here about whether 9/11 was an inside job that's taking place on a different thread so as not to go off-topic on that thread.

Check out what it says here about the footage of the Pentagon crash that was released by the government.

September 11 -- The New Pearl Harbor (FULL)
(2:13:35 time mark)

Does this make you a little bit suspicious?